Jan 26, 2021

90 mins

244 pics

Beautiful blonde Alex is just entering the MILF stage of her life and this is her first time doing adult work, so she's excited getting in front of the camera! We learn she's a bit of an adrenaline junkie so she enjoys the excitement of flashing her pert firm breasts outdoors, and reveals her large sexy areolae. After flashing and playing a little we head back to the FTV house where we watch Alex do some dancing, moving that fit form to the music and stripping down to just her lacy sheer white panties. Her legs felt a little dry so next we see her using some coconut oil, rubbing it all over her skin as she talks about some of her early sexual history...and then using a small vibrating toy on her sensitive pink clitoris for a nice long masturbation session which brings her to a strong orgasm, and then another! We get to see her multiple orgasms from two different angles to get a great view of all the fun. Next we see her in sexy sheer purple lingerie with her nipples showing right through the thin fabric...and she shows off some of the fun toys and equipment she was ready to use today, such as a ball gag and a buttplug for kinky fun...and speaking of kinky, just wait til you see her lip tattoo! Bending over, we see her enjoying some anal pleasure with her jeweled buttplug, pushing hard to insert it in her tight hole and then reaching for the ballgag. After getting some help from the photographer to put the ballgag on, we see her spreading on the couch fingering herself with the buttplug still inside, and then adding the vintage Vibraking toy to the mix for maximum kinky pleasure - which we get to see from several different angles - getting her moaning with desire! Heading to the Christmas tree we see her admiring her reflection wearing red lingerie, licking a candy cane and then sticking her suction cup dildo to the floor to ride with her breasts bouncing...and using the magic wand vibrator as well to bring herself to another climax. We get two sexy angles of this final masturbation before she bids us goodbye, a gorgeous and very fun addition to FTV!

Sovereign II

Jan 19, 2021

90 mins

198 pics

We welcome back the absolutely lovely Sovereign to FTV as she opens the window to greet us in a candystriped bikini; it's been over 4 years and we see she's gotten even hotter since the last time we saw her...especially when she starts dancing around in her swimsuit showing off that body! Next we see her relaxing in a wicker chair on the porch in the nude, rubbing her privates with her fingertips and telling a story about her sexual history. After her story we get a nice view from between her legs as she uses a vibrating dildo to penetrate herself, sliding it in and out and pleasuring her clitoris with the tip and bringing herself to a nice orgasm. Outdoors in sexy businesslike attire with a bustier on underneath she takes off her jacket in a parking area, then heads back to the house for a little boss role-play...and then she simulates some oral, giving a blowjob to her suction cup toy while talking dirty. Next up is the very powerful vintage Vibraking toy, which quickly brings her to another orgasm...and then some more closeups as she fucks herself with her white toy, which we get to see from multiple angles as she enjoys some more powerful climaxes!

Alora II

Jan 12, 2021

49 mins

460 pics

Today's the day fans of beautiful slender Alora Jaymes have been waiting for! After over 2 years she's returned to FTV in Florida and right off the bat we're treated to that fun sexual energy she exudes, as she starts dancing to her favorite song in the living room and pulls up her dress to tease and touch herself. After the song ends she flops back on the couch and spreads her legs, and we get a close up look as she starts rubbing her hairy privates with her fingertips - and we note the wet sounds from inside as she becomes more aroused, quickly bringing herself to her first orgasm of the day. Heading outdoors in her purple bikini she finds a boat and climbs aboard, playing with herself some more and then heading to the swimming pool to relax nude on a patio chair...where she finds a vibrating toy and starts fucking herself with it! Up in the bedroom we see her showing off one of her favorite bras, then undressing to let her perky breasts out to play. Soon she's completely naked showing her flexibility with her legs up over her head as she rubbed her clitoris, enjoying the stimulation and the attention. After changing into a sheer blue dress we see her getting into some naughty fun with a magic wand vibrator, masturbating to another orgasm - this time with squirting! Driving to a public parking garage we see her enjoying the windy day by the window, letting the breeze blow on her bare skin as she reveals her breasts and we note how rock-hard her nipples have become.


Jan 5, 2021

55 mins

508 pics

In Florida we meet lovely mature first-timer Venezuelan Juliett Russo in the bedroom as she lights a few candles, parading in her new sexy red lingerie set before she strips down and crawls onto the bed - giving us a nice look at that round butt in the process! - and penetrating herself with a small purple toy which quickly brings her to her first orgasm of the day. Heading to the rainy rooftop in her bikini she finds a jacuzzi, and is soon hopping inside for a luxurious dip. After the hot tub we see her lying on a patio sofa, stretching out nude and reaching for a large nearby dildo which she uses to rub all over herself! Soon she's sliding it inside her pussy, fucking herself with the veiny toy as a helicopter flies right overhead. In the living room we see her in a sheer lacy flowery negligee that clings to her curves as she dances to some Latin music, slipping off bit by bit until she's busy dancing around completely nude so we can see that body in action! Heading to the public parking garage in her tight stretchy green top we see her enjoying a refreshing breeze, and of course taking the opportunity to flash those big boobs and her sexy butt at the same time as cars drive nearby. Outside relaxing at a table with the photographer she talks a bit about herself and we learn she's brand new to the adult industry - she's just a natural in front of the camera! Hopping in the car we get a between-the-legs view as she touches and fingers herself with no panties on, despite some of the stares she got from other people driving. When they arrive at the beach it's wet and rainy but she doesn't mind too much, flashing her breasts and slipping off her bikini bottoms to get naked in the lighthouse tower...and even splashing around in the ocean for a minute, despite the chilly windy weather! Heading home afterwards we see her rinsing the sand and salt off in the shower before shaving her legs, and we're treated to one last look at those sexy curves before she heads off...a beautiful mature Venezuelan perfect for FTV MILFs!

Silvia III

Dec 29, 2020

85 mins

265 pics

We're thrilled to welcome back the beautiful Silvia Saige for a third time to the site! It's been several years since the last time we saw this ravishing redhead and she has somehow gotten even hotter. Our first look at her here today is in the FTV house as she dances seductively to some of her favorite music, and wow that slender fit body of hers looks absolutely stunning. After the dance we see her lounging on a chair completely nude - apart from her high heel shoes - reaching back to slide her hand over her body and to slip a finger or two inside her wet hole, and we enjoy the action from several hot angles! Next she reaches for the vintage Vibraking toy, sliding its powerful tip over her breasts and then onto her sensitive clitoris bringing herself to a leg-shaking orgasm! After changing into a skimpy fancy swimsuit with chain details she heads out to the pool to relax, sitting in the shallow water to splash around and cool off and giving herself a nice hard breast massage too! Back in the chair we see her using her small (but powerful!) travel vibrator, buzzing her clit and sliding the small toy in and out of her hole...and then inserting it in her ass for anal pleasure while she fucks herself with a larger yellow vibrating dildo! Next she's changed into a little leather minidress to play a little pool, knocking the balls around and getting her breasts out before sticking a suction cup dildo down and giving it a footjob with her soles and toes! She also licks and sucks it, then spreads her legs on top of the pool table to fuck herself as we note how creamy she becomes down there...and she brings herself to another nice climax which we enjoy from several angles. Back outdoors we see her pink panties sliding down her legs as she uses yet another large toy, a white vibrator with a clit stimulator attached...enjoying one last orgasm to finish off the day of shooting. It's a super-sexy return for one of our favorite models here on FTV MILFs, and Silvia couldn't be happier to spend the day having fun with us again!


Dec 22, 2020

74 mins

229 pics

This beautiful blonde Jenna is a leggy stunner with an incredible butt that she loves to show off! She slips out of her cute dress out in the backyard by the pool and soon is spreading her legs on a couch, touching herself with her fingertips before using a large glass dildo for oral and then penetration play from multiple angles. We note how wet and creamy her privates become as she fucks herself with the toy, bringing herself to a squirting orgasm! Next she grabs the powerful vintage Vibraking toy and buzzes her clit while fingering herself, taking herself to another strong climax - again from multiple angles to enjoy. Next we see her in a flight attendant fantasy, looking amazing in the little uniform - with no top! - as she strolls around an airplane giving it a 'once-over'! She sits on the airplane stairs and spreads her legs, touching and fingering her hole and getting dripping wet with cream as she gets more turned on...and then cumming again with another hot squirting orgasm! Next we see her by the car in a very sexy swimsuit, dancing to the music and twirling to show off all of that body. Getting more intimate she sits inside the car next for more comfort, slipping the swimsuit aside to get access to her vagina and masturbating with a green vibrating toy for one last sexy orgasm before she bids us goodbye...a gorgeous fun and sultry blonde to enjoy here on FTV MILFs!


Dec 15, 2020

64 mins

291 pics

We're introduced to lovely Olivia on a bright sunny day outdoors as she comes strolling down the sidewalk in a tight red dress, and immediately we note how sexy and fit her slender body is! They got in a little trouble with some security while shooting outdoors so we next see Olivia getting changed in the car and then heading back to the house...inside in a sexy little blue dress she introduces us to some of her favorite toys which she brought to the shoot, then we see her dancing to her music letting her skirt ride up and showing off all of that desirable body. Afterwards she spreads her legs to touch and finger her hole, sliding inside and we note the wet sounds from within as she penetrates. She even gets into some naughty fun masturbating to orgasm in the front passenger seat of the car, leaving the toy all creamy with cum! After more masturbation fun in the backyard on a patio chair we see her sexy dark privates up close as she rubs herself with her fingertips, then using a dildo to fuck herself from several different angles...and we get right up close to the action to see her vagina taking every inch deep inside. She enjoys one last strong orgasm with the Vibraking toy and bids us goodbye, a gorgeous woman with an amazing body and an irresistable charm here on FTV!


Dec 8, 2020

58 mins

558 pics

We meet the lovely Gabrielle at the airport as she flies in to Portugal and is met by the FTV photographer, and we immediately note her fun energy and sultry good looks, and of course that sexy body as she spreads her legs to give an upskirt peek at her pink panties! Getting into the car we see her shooting some selfie video (sideways), flashing her large breasts and giving more looks upskirt at those cute sheer panties...then she pulls them off and starts playing with her privates, using her fingertips for pleasure! Arriving at the house we see her in the bedroom unpacking and relaxing, introducing us to some of the toys from her bag before getting some sleep. When she awakens to a cup of coffee she's ready for action, but first she luxuriates in bed sliding her hands into her panties and playing with herself...which we watch in naughty voyeur fashion. Heading outdoors we see her going for a jog on a public road, letting those big juicy boobies bounce right out of her sport top! She uses a cold bottle of water to cool down, pressing the glass against her breasts and enjoying the breeze on her skin. Next it's time for a business lunch scene and we see her in a very short skirt with heels, and she bends over giving a perfect look at that butt! To enjoy the sunny day we see Gabriella setting up to enjoy a fun picnic, pulling a dildo out of the basket...which she then licks and deepthroats! Soon she's got her legs spread on the picnic bench, fucking herself with the toy as cars drive by until she has a nice public orgasm! Back at the house we're treated to a fun twerking demonstration in the bedroom as she shakes that perfect butt, slipping out of her tight leggings and getting doggystyle on the bed to really get into the fun. In doing so she finds her toy and soon is fucking herself with it as she bends over...and then sticking it to the mirrored door to suck it and use the soles of her feet to play with it, simulating a footjob! Back outside in a skimpy bikini we see her eating some melon, enjoying the juice as it flows down onto her sweet and juicy! This is a delicious and sensual ending to a fun shoot with this naughty brunette, a fun addition from Portugal here on FTV MILFs.


Dec 1, 2020

113 mins

291 pics

She's a beautiful woman with a glamorous look and our first introduction to Mia here is dancing in front of the mirror, and wow that body is just a showstopper immediately! She loves shaking her butt around and we get a perfect view as she bends over, shaking her booty to the music before heading to the glass table, sticking a suction cup dildo on it and showing her oral technique. Spreading her legs - she's wearing her sexy black strappy high heel shoes - we next see her enjoying some penetration play with the dildo, sliding it in and out of her hole and stimulating her clitoris with her fingertips as well as the vibraking toy...and we see it from multiple angles thanks to Lia. Next we're treated to more close-up views of the Vibraking fun, and we note how creamy she becomes with the powerful toy up against her pink swollen clit as it brings her to her first orgasm of the day. Heading to the bathroom we see her curling her hair in the mirror in her sexy sheer bra and panties, talking a little about her sexual preferences...and then she changes into a pair of fishnet stockings to show off those super-cute feet of hers! Her long legs look amazing in the fishnets as she slides her hands over them on the piano bench, then plays with her feet massaging and rubbing them for you foot-lovers. We see some nice close up looks at her privates as she slides her fingers through her labia, and we notes the wetness from her juices on her fingertips which she licks. Out in the back yard area we see her relaxing in a patio chair, legs spread as she fingers herself and uses a couple of vibrating toys to fuck herself as well as stimulate her clit...and to finish off the day we see her on a rooftop enjoying a sunset in a very sexy slinky blue dress. Mia is a knockout with that fit cute shapely body and she's kindly sharing it here on FTV!


Nov 24, 2020

102 mins

212 pics

Beautiful Samantha comes through the front door with her luggage fresh from the airport, and she tells the photographer about a peeping tom she saw outside the house...well, someone acting like one for the shoot at least ;)! She slips on a cheerleader outfit for some Halloween fun, and does a sexy dance to her music stripping down out of the skirt and top til she's completely nude shaking that juicy butt. Next up is some oral fun with a clear dildo which she deepthroats, working it with her hand and lips and tongue before spreading her legs on the couch to touch herself with her fingertips..and then working herself up to almost a full fisting! She's in the mood for even more penetration though so we see her fucking herself with the clear dildo and using the powerful vintage Vibraking toy at the same time for maximum pleasure...bringing herself to a nice strong orgasm. She continues the play, getting doggystyle and then fucking herself even harder until she has another climax, this time with squirting! Changing into crotchless strappy red panties we see some up close looks as she spreads and gapes, then fucks herself with a pink vibrating toy which also provides clitoral stimulation as well, and we note her milky juices flowing from the pleasure. To cool down we see her in the nude out in the back yard showing off those big perfect naturals, squeezing them together and playing with her nipples and giving herself a nice oiled-up breast massage. The end of the day comes as we see her fisting that wet hole one last time, sliding her entire hand in and out before saying goodbye to us, a lovely and very sexual woman with that perfect desirable body here on FTV.


Nov 17, 2020

106 mins

275 pics

It's been several years since the last time we saw beautiful Lexi on the site, and wow she is looking hotter than ever if that's possible! Our first glimpse of her here today is in a cute white dress as she dances her way out onto the back patio, slipping out of her clothes and showing off that big juicy booty. Soon she's completely nude and bouncing around, enjoying the music and celebrating her incredible curves at the same time! After her dance we see her on an outdoor chair, spreading her hole open and sliding more and more fingers inside til she's nearly fisting herself. She was in the mood for more, though, and soon she gets her pink vibrating toy in the mix as well and bringing herself to a nice strong orgasm! Inside on the living room couch she introduces one of her favorite personal toys, a large dildo that's just the right size for her to tittyfuck herself with, and wow those breasts look amazing as she slides her toy up and down between them...and even better as she rides on top, taking it deep inside! Soon she's fucking herself with the toy and rubbing her clit with her other hand, bringing herself to a nice strong orgasm...which we get to see from two different angles. Heading to the pool table we see her knocking a few balls around, bending over with that super sexy butt peeking out from under her skirt...and then climbing up on top of the table doggystyle wearing just her high heel shoes! Grabbing a black vibrating toy we see her masturbating on top of the table, using her fingers to penetrate herself and cumming again with a strong eye-rolling orgasm. Next she changes gears, heading outdoors to show how she stays fit and we see her jogging in her workout gear in a park...with a toy inserted the whole time! After one more masturbation session in the passenger seat of the photographer's car she has to run to catch her flight out...but it's an amazing return to FTV with this gorgeous busty and vivacious MILF, enjoy!


Nov 10, 2020

98 mins

248 pics

Get ready for things to get en fuego as beautiful long-haired Colombian babe Andreina pays us a visit here on FTV! She is a newcomer to the adult industry and is seriously heating up the camera as we meet her in the house, dancing to the music in a pale purple dress that she lifts up to reveal her sheer and very sexy thong panties. This Latina beauty has an incredible body and she loves to share it with the world, she's a natural in front of the camera! Gazing into her reflection in the mirror she slips her fingers inside, feeling her desire - we note the sounds of her wetness as she fingers herself - and then shakes that booty to the music again. Next she sticks a suction cup dildo to the mirror, practicing her oral sex technique - note how she uses her long hair! - before stripping completely nude and giving us a great view of that perfect butt. Laying back on the couch she reaches for the pink dildo as well as a magic wand vibrator, spreading her legs open - still wearing her high heels - and fucking herself with the toy as she buzzes her sensitive clitoris with the vibrator to orgasm! For even stronger vibration she reaches for the vintage Vibraking toy, buzzing herself to another climax as she rides on top of a black dildo on the piano bench. After a lunch break we see her outside in a cute bikini top and sexy denim cutoff shorts, spanking herself to make her juicy butt jiggle and then going for a ride on the swing. Going inside and sliding out of her little panties she fingers herself some more, moving her hand faster and bringing herself to another orgasm...and then enjoying a much stronger one with the Vibraking, and then another! More ass worship is next as she shakes that butt around, climbing up on the pool table and twerking and then rubbing her asshole while buzzing her clit with the Vibraking to a doggystyle climax. This is one spicy, beautiful Latina and it's a treat to watch Andreina in action as she enjoys a truly orgasmic day here on FTV MILFs!


Nov 3, 2020

69 mins

329 pics

Our first look at stunning Sommer is on a bright sunny day as she comes walking through the door in a cute pink dress and heels, and we immediately note her beautiful smile and of course that incredible body with a little side-boob peek! It was incredibly hot outdoors so she heads into the house, grabbing two of her own toys and introducing us to 'Pinky' and 'The Brain' as she relaxes nude on the couch. Climbing up on top of the couch we see her practicing her oral on The Brain, licking the toy up and down and deepthroating it before sliding it inside herself, fucking her hole and then using a magic wand vibrator to have multiple squirting orgasms, soaking the couch! Next up is a little nude billiards, climbing up on the table giving us a perfect view of her amazing butt as she sinks a few balls...and then fucking herself with the large end of the cue stick! This gets her in the mood for more masturbation with the magic wand, enjoying another strong orgasm with squirting. After a naked lunch break we see her relaxing in a wicker chair, spreading her thighs and using her fingertips to gently rub oil into her privates, sliding between her labia and touching herself...and then using a thick vibrating dildo to fuck herself hard to more squirting climax pleasure! To cool down we see her doing some bottomless yoga, stretching out and then grabbing the yoga ball with built-in dildo to ride for more penetration play...and she goes for a bouncy ride, which we see from two different angles before saying her goodbyes, a gorgeous and energetic MILF with an outstanding body here on FTV!


Oct 27, 2020

96 mins

276 pics

We first see beautiful Florida babe Leah on a wooden staircase as she shimmies out of her thong panties, and wow we immediately note how amazing her butt is! We watch her gently massage her 34B breasts and then spread her legs to use the vintage Vibraking toy to buzz her clitoris, bringing herself to a nice orgasm to start off the day of shooting. Next is a sensual dance in the kitchen in her white dress, stripping down and shaking that perfect ass for the camera. After dancing we see her up on the countertop with a suction cup dildo, showing her blowjob technique as she simulates some oral on the toy before riding on top and using a magic wand vibrator at the same time. Heading outdoors we see her in cute little shorts and a thin white top jogging around - note her nipples clearly visible through the fabric of her shirt - and stretching out in the desert. She has a 'surprise' in store for us so we next see her back in the house out of the heat, fingering her hole - note the wet sounds from inside - and then sliding as many fingers inside as she could until she was nearly fisting! Next up to continue the penetration fun we see her using the enormous FTV Destroyer toy, sliding it in as much as possible and she gets impressively deep with it and then gaping open! A sultry scene in the bathroom is next as she relaxes on a bench, peeling out of her panties and sticking a suction cup dildo to the shower wall to back her vagina up onto...and we get to see from multiple different angles. She feels like playing a little game so we see her finish off the day playing some billiards, showing off that sexy peach of a butt one last time as she leans up against the table...and then hopping up onto the felt to masturbate with her fingertips for one last orgasm before bidding us goodbye, a gorgeous addition to FTV and a body you will not forget.


Oct 20, 2020

36 mins

372 pics

We're introduced to sexy Ally Cooper here as she tries on her new bra and panties in the bedroom, and we see just how sexy that body of hers is...and how amazing she feels in her new underwear, her sexual energy is irresistable! She has those large firm full 32DD breasts and a super cute butt, which she is very understandably proud of...and we get to see every inch here today. Soon she slips out of the panties and spreads on the bed, using her fingertips to rub her clitoris...just like she had been doing in a public dressing room earlier when she tried on those panties, but this time there's nobody to interrupt her as she brings herself to orgasm! Out on the deck overlooking a public street we see her nude on a stool, spreading her legs and fucking her hairy pussy with a glass dildo as the breeze cools her skin. Heading out to a boat in the yard we see her nude in the captain's chair, fantasizing about driving it around on the water naked! Speaking of water, she takes a quick skinny dip in the pool to cool off a little on such a hot day, then we see her relieving herself with a quick pee session on a spiral staircase. Back indoors we see some kinky play with ping pong balls as she stuffs three of them inside her hole and then pops them out! Finally it's time to head to the beach and we see her walking on the sand, stripping down naked and putting on her sexy green bikini before splashing around in the waves and flashing those big boobs one last time. To finish things off we see her rinsing off in the shower back at the house, enjoying the water as it cleans the sand from her skin for a relaxing finish to a fun day of shooting here for FTV MILFs with this busty, beautiful woman.


Oct 13, 2020

60 mins

457 pics

Stunning petite Spencer comes walking up in her sexy sheer red dress in a public park and gives us our first look at her perfect pair to start off this hot shoot in Florida, and we immediately note her beauty as well as her adventurous spirit! We see her climbing a tall wooden tower for a nice view, and she gives a nice view of those perfectly-shaped breasts and her cute fit butt too. Next we see her in the car enroute to the next location and she takes the opportunity to rub her very pretty privates with her fingertips...getting to the house she runs to the alleyway to relieve herself with a quick pee session, then heads up to the rooftop in her bikini to soak up some sunshine. Slipping out of her bikini bottoms we see her shaking that very shapely booty, then playing with her labia before using a vibrating toy on her privates...and then trading up to a larger magic wand vibrator bringing herself to a strong orgasm! To avoid the rain she heads indoors, changing into her workout gear and heading to the gym to do some squats, keeping that butt in shape. By the time her workout was done the rains had stopped, so we next see her in her red dress back out in public flashing those perfect boobs by the river...and then heading over towards the beach, hiking up her dress and showing off her body - with no panties on! After walking around on the sand we see her rinsing off in an outdoor shower, as cars drive by just a few yards away! As the day draws to a close we see her walking the beach in her swimsuit, doing cartwheels at the water's edge and enjoying the feeling of the cool ocean air on her skin before bidding us farewell...a lovely, fit, petite, and incredibly sexual MILF just entering her prime of life!


Oct 6, 2020

74 mins

252 pics

Beautiful elegant redhead Crystal Taylor starts things off with a bang, putting on some music and dancing to the rhythm in her tight white dress and high heels...and soon we see her stripping down to just those high heel shoes as she keeps on dancing! That beautiful flexible form of hers looks outstanding as she dances nude, spreading her legs wide and lifting her foot straight up above her head. Next we see her lounging on the couch, spreading her legs wide and sliding a glass toy in and out of her glistening wet hole...and then using a powerful magic wand vibrator on her clitoris at the same time, penetrating herself faster and deeper until having a strong squirting orgasm! After changing into her sultry black fishnet stockings, we see this beauty by the piano showing off those amazing legs and cute feet...stretching out her toes and playing with them inside her stockings, a foot-lover's dream. After a little oral warmup we see her showing her flexibility off again, this time doing the splits on top of the large pink suction cup toy...and then riding on top before fucking herself to another creamy orgasm with it! Heading outside to relieve herself we see her enjoying a little peeing session right into a potted plant...and then it's inside for a little lunch as she talks about some of her wild sexual history. Heading to the couch for another masturbation session we see her fucking herself with a gyrating vibrating white toy which pleasures her clit, and she brings herself to another nice climax to finish up the day for FTV.


Sep 29, 2020

114 mins

327 pics

Beautiful Megan is barely into the realm of MILFiness but she feels she has a mature look for her age and wanted to explore that, so she's here on FTV MILFs! We meet her outdoors as she walks around in her cute red dress, enjoying the warm breeze until security came rolling up and requested she stop flashing her butt. Heading back to the house and changing into sexy lavender bra and panties, we see her having some fun dancing to some 80's music, shaking that perfect butt and swinging her long dark hair around. Afterwards we see her enjoying some vibration pleasure, using a powerful magic wand vibrator and buzzing herself to a strong shaking orgasm! Next we see some oral play with a toy as she shows her slow, seductive blowjob technique. More vibration play with the magic wand is next along with deep penetration by her dildo, bringing this beauty to another strong climax, followed by a breast massage as she tweaks her perpetually-erect nipples...and then putting on a pair of nipple clamps - which connect to clamps on her labia - for kinky pleasure! After a topless lunch break (where we hear about some of her early sexual adventures) we see her with a thick glass toy, fucking herself deep and using her fingers to rub her clit bringing herself to yet another orgasm. Heading outdoors by the pool in a blue bikini we see her spraying down a floaty toy, filling up the middle with water and sitting in it for a cool refreshing 'chair'! Her bikini bottoms come off and then we see her sloshing around, using a vibrator with suction action for some fun orgasmic sensations to finish off the day of shooting. She's a gorgeous young woman who is able to show her more mature side, an unusual but welcome addition here on FTV MILFs!

Indica II

Sep 22, 2020

95 mins

320 pics

Beautiful blonde busty teen MILF Indica is back by popular demand! We find her in the living room on the couch squeezing those amazing big breasts together, putting on a very sensual show as the music plays. Her curves look even sexier than in her first FTV MILFs shoot and we see her putting them to work, shaking that big round booty before reintroducing herself properly with some penetration play, sliding her fingertips inside her vagina as we hear the wetness. We see her moving to her glass toys next, though, sliding in two at once...and then a third! After the triple penetration we see her transitioning to a vibrating toy with a small amount of suction, which is enough to drive her sensitive clitoris to a creamy climax. Heading outdoors we see her showing some lactation skills, squirting some breast milk into a jar and then fucking herself with everything she can get her hands on, including a whiffle ball bat and a toy football which she is ALMOST able to get inside! Back indoors we see her giving a flirtatious look in the mirror, then wrapping herself with latex tape for kinky constriction! Sticking a suction cup toy on the mirror so she can watch herself she demonstrates her blowjob style on the toy, staring into her own eyes and deepthroating it with gusto. Desiring some anal pleasure she slides a pink jeweled buttplug inside, showing off those desirable curves before spreading her legs on the floor to fuck herself deep wtih a large pink dildo...and then it's time to get messy! We see her in the shower in white lingerie, squirting herself with milk from a baster...first into her mouth and then onto her panties and on her pink pussy as we go up close. She even squirts it inside her hole, letting it flow out onto the tile before relieving herself for a kinky peeing session. Cleaning up in the shower we watch as she lathers herself up, luxuriating in the water sliding her hands over her breasts and slipping her fingers inside...which leads to some naughty near-fisting! Grabbing a toy she finishes up her day of shooting with an intimate penetration session, sliding the vibrator in and out of her's a very fun day of shooting with a member favorite; this gorgeous young MILF really heats up the camera.


Sep 15, 2020

97 mins

546 pics

Outdoors we meet petite MILF Maria Jade in a flowery outfit...we see her tossing a few darts, then stripping down to show off that tight spankable butt before hopping onto the hammock and pulling her thong up between her lips for a cameltoe. After that we see her demonstrating some of her skills on the dancing pole, swinging around and lifting herself looks like she's had some practice! Heading to the swimming pool we see her getting all wet, splashing around and rubbing her privates while squirting water out and then licking and fucking a big cucumber before showering off to get the sand from her skin, and using a glass toy for penetration play while she's at it. Up in the bedroom she pulls her white bra down, showing those perky breasts and hopping on the bed to pull her panties aside as well. We note her tight slender fit body, and it's clear she spends time keeping herself in great shape...and touching herself with her fingertips, we see her masturbating to her first orgasm of the day, with a mini-squirt! Showing off her purple lingerie we see her in the bedroom dancing around to a little Benatar, then laying back to bust out a magic wand vibrator which she uses on her vagina as welkl as her butt! She's in the mood for some anal play so we see her from a tripod camera grabbing a buttplug from the end table, inserting it and using the magic wand while the cameraman comes in close to take still shots. In the car we have a nice upskirt view of her red panties as Maria and the photographer drive through the rain, and to have a little fun those panties soon slide aside so she can use her fingers and a magic wand toy for some masturbation fun! Arriving at a parking garage, she has some fun with upskirts as she rubs herself out in the open for anyone to see...including showing off her flexibility by getting a leg up above her head as she fingers herself! After a naughty stroll down the public street flashing and playing, we see her on the rooftop listening to electronic music and dancing to the rhythm and even enjoying a quick pee. We finish off with some bonus footage from another angle of the magic wand play in the bedroom from earlier...Maria is a hot and very horny MILF nympho enjoying a rainy Florida day here on FTV!


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