Oct 15, 2019

29 mins

314 pics

We're introduced to this beautiful brunette MILF Cassie Clarke in the car on her way from arriving at the airport in Portugal, and we note she's quite excited to show off her pretty privates and of course her large breasts right there in the car to the delight of other motorists. She is so excited she needs a quick pee and we watch her relieve herself near the airport runway next to the road as planes fly overhead! We next see her in the kitchen on what was actually day 2 of her shoot (day one to be seen soon!) as she relaxes in the kitchen with her coffee wearing just panties and a button-down white shirt, then later in her workout gear she stays inside while Leo goes for a seems she was in the mood for some quality alone-time and we watch as she touches herself through her stretch pants, then slides her hand inside to touch her privates before reaching for a vibrating toy! We watch as she masturbates in the bed, spreading her lips open with her fingers to tantalize her clitoris with the toy and bringing herself to a nice orgasm. Afterwards we do see her getting a run in, jogging down a gravel road and then slipping out of her pants, touching herself again and spanking that juicy butt while leaning against a rock wall! Back at the house we see her in business attire as music plays in the background, and we're given a tour of her whole body from head to toe. Today was a sexy introduction to this beautiful classy dark haired MILF and next time we'll be seeing her have even more fun here on FTV...and this time she won't be alone!


Oct 8, 2019

75 mins

253 pics

We meet Finnish blonde Kinuski outdoors on a bright sunny day and immediately we note her good looks and sexy tight fit body with tan lines and her long flowing hair, as well as her delightful accent. She talks about some of her masturbation habits and is a bit shy about it (adorably so) but from her smile we see that she truly enjoys pleasuring herself. She doesn't mind showing off, either, lifting up her top to show her pert firm all natural breasts with tan lines and slightly puffy nipples! Soon we see her on the outdoor bench with her legs spread open, using her fingertips to penetrate her pink privates - we note she generally uses her fingers rather than toys in her everyday life - bringing herself to her first orgasm of the day! Next we see her indoors completely nude, licking and sucking a curved glass toy before penetrating herself for more pleasure, getting more and more turned on and bringing herself to another natural climax! Next up is a black suction cup dildo which we see her playing with, swinging it around and sticking it to the wall for fun, then sliding it in and out of her very pretty vagina before using her fingers to stretch herself out, gaping while we note the wet sounds she makes from her arousal. She enjoys the sensation and tries sliding her hand inside, fisting herself for the first time! Continuing the kinky play she reaches for the FTV Gape Cage, stretching herself wide open and giving a look inside. Heading outdoors, we see her using some truly large toys to test her limits, fucking herself with the biggest toys available, riding on top and loving it! Next is some focus on those lovely breasts and after massaging her own she invites the cameraman to help with a more firm grip. To finish off the day we see her up on a windy mountaintop, her nipples straining against her tshirt before she flashes those shapely boobs, slipping out of her pants to show her butt too. The exhibitionist thrill turns her on and she asks for a toy, fucking herself with a purple vibrating dildo as she leans against a rocky cliff, taking herself to one last orgasm to finish off the day. She has the face and body of a movie star and looks amazing showing off her sexy desirable body, exploring her kinky desires and having fun pushing her sexual boundaries right here on FTV MILFs!


Oct 1, 2019

52 mins

270 pics

This beautiful busty woman is Brianna Rose, who is fairly new to the adult industry and starts out a little nervous about showing those big perfect breasts outdoors but soon she's definitely into the swing of things here on FTV! We're introduced to her in a beautiful outdoor setting as she teases in a tight red top and black stretch pants, and soon everything is being tugged off so she can show off those magnificent breasts! We see her touching herself through her panties and then sliding them off, masturbating with her fingertips on the stone stairs. Next she hops onto a patio chair for more comfort, completely nude and spreading her legs to fuck herself with a purple vibrating toy and we notice she enjoys massaging her boobs at the same time! Heading indoors she changes into a red bra and panties with high heels, then takes her underwear off to fuck herself with a beaded glass toy enjoying the deep penetration pleasure and the sensation of the toy clinking against her clitoral piercing. Changing over to a magic wand toy we see her masturbating in full force, bringing herself to a nice orgasm! Another wardrobe change and then the vintage Vibraking toy is used, at first through her jeans but once she's used to the power we see her buzzing her clit through her panties to drive herself wild before mounting a big black dildo for a ride. Lastly we watch back outdoors as she gives those boobs some attention, oiling herself up and massaging them hard squeezing them together and looking amazing...she's a sexy busty beauty with a body made out of dreams, and it's a treat to watch her in action here on FTV MILFs!


Sep 24, 2019

69 mins

269 pics

We're introduced to mature blonde Payton Hall on a busy highway in the mountains on a windy day and soon she's busily flashing her large breasts without shame! Back at the house for more sunshine and privacy we watch as she undresses, sliding a glass toy across her nipples and then stripping down nude to fuck herself with it right there on a patio chair! We're treated to nice views of her large butt as she enjoys the penetration, then she slides a toy deep inside while rubbing her clit with her fingertips and then a vibrator, enjoying the dual sensation. Indoors we see her in a sexy lacy lingerie set with garter belt and thigh high stockings, spreading her legs and removing just her panties and shoes before fucking herself some more with a dildo, taking us right up close to the action with vagina gaping spreads. Next is a black magic wand type vibrator which she uses while laying back on the couch, enjoying the strong sensations as it (along with the glass toy inserted again) brings her to orgasm for us! After a change of wardrobe we see her testing her limits, stretching herself wide as she rides on top of the large black cone toy to see how deeply she can take it inside with the photgrapher's help...and it's deep! Last of all we watch as she reaches for the ultimate in vibration toys, the Vibraking vintage toy which provides the strong stimulation she needs for more climaxes before bidding us goodbye, a lovely mature blonde housewife perfect for FTV MILFs!


Sep 17, 2019

58 mins

267 pics

We first see gorgeous tall fit MILF Becky Bandini outdoors in a cute blue dress - we immediately note her nipples pressing against the fabric - and soon she's flashing her large firm breasts and pulling her panties aside relaxing on the patio sofa to touch her privates with her fingertips! She goes right into the fun as she reaches for a magic wand type vibrator, using the toy against her clit while still holding her panties off to the side bringing herself to multiple orgasms and then spreading her flowery pussy lips open. Next we see her indoors with a glass toy, getting completely nude (although still in her high heel shoes) and fucking herself with the toy enjoying its texture and hardness! It's apparent how turned on she is by her wetness and she rubs her clit with one hand while penetrating herself with the toy in the other and then changing into white bra and panties for some breast massage and fun. She uses a magic wand on her erect nipples and then her clit, enjoying the powerful vibration as we get up close and personal, watching her play with that toy and then riding a large black cone toy to test her penetration limits! Afterwards we see her back outdoors taking a refreshing dip in the pool, getting dripping wet and then enjoying more magic wand fun, masturbating on a deck chair until having a nice strong orgasm and hopping back in the pool. The water feels great on her skin and we're treated to another hard breast massage as she squeezes her boobs together and pours water over them...then it's one last adventure as she does some roadside public nudity flashing, showing off her sexy butt and of course those boobs as cars drive by and then bids us farewell! Becky is a stunning brunette with that ideal MILF form, and we're lucky to share the day with this lovely sexual woman on FTV!


Sep 10, 2019

94 mins

314 pics

We're introduced to lovely blonde MILF Vanessa Cage out in the mountains on a cloudy day and right away we note those big bouncy boobs of hers, along with a truly incredible butt! We see her flashing her boobs (she's not too shy about public nudity) as she goes hiking through the flowers, squeezing them together and sliding her tight pink pants down to reveal that's a warm sunny day, perfect for a little show by the rocky hillside as she clambers up with her pants down and top up! Back at the house, she enjoys the privacy and refreshing breeze of the yard as she changes into a sexy bikini and then slips it off to finger herself, touching her privates with her fingertips with her legs spread on a patio chair! Indoors, we see her using a purple vibrating toy on her clit buzzing herself and getting more and more turned on, until she has a nice strong natural orgasm. Another outfit change later she's in lacy sheer blue lingerie, which matches her small toy which she inserts while using a magic wand at the same time for more orgasmic pleasure! After changing yet again, this time into a sexy red dress, she unzips it and uses the powerful Vibraking vintage toy on her nipples as well as on her clit for one more climax before saying goodbye...a gorgeous, sensual, sexual blonde with a spectacular body here on FTV!


Sep 3, 2019

83 mins

322 pics

Meet Lilian, a beautiful brunette who is fairly new to the industry (this is her very first solo shoot) and is excited to show what she's got! She has a lovely and desirable MILF-next-door look and a great body, and right away we see her showing it off here on FTV as we meet up with her outdoors, lifting up her top to reveal those large shapely firm 34G breasts and going for a topless hike in public! She flashes by a roadside for some more public nudity as well before heading back to the house, getting naked in the yard and giving us a tour of her body with a hard breast massage, sliding her hands down to play with her long labia and penetrate herself with her fingertips too, giving us a close up look as she gapes her vagina open. Indoors, she reaches for the beaded glass toy for penetration, using her fingertip on her clit at the same time and then a magic wand vibrator as we watch her fuck herself to orgasm! Next up is the large black cone toy which is nearly as long as her forearm, and we see her first take it between her tits before using it for penetration, riding on top of it and taking it deeper and deeper to test her limits and then using a large magic wand while riding the cone for a strong climax. The final toy of the day is the most powerful, the vintage Vibraking toy which we see her use through her jeans first and then on her nipples - note the wet spot on her panties from her arousal - before buzzing her puffy pussy to another strong orgasm to finish things off! Lilian is gorgeous with a spectacular body and she is happy to share it here today with us.


Aug 27, 2019

73 mins

266 pics

Sexy busty blonde stunner Jayna looks amazing in her low scoop neck dress outdoors, especially when she pulls down the top to reveal those amazing big firm full breasts! We see her on an outdoor bench spreading her legs, removing her panties and touching herself with her fingertips while still wearing her high heel shoes...desiring more privacy she goes indoors and finds a toy which provides both penetration and vibration pleasure for that horny hole! She trades it in for a larger beaded glass toy for deep penetration, sliding it in and out of herself by the fireplace. Next she heads to the bedroom in black lacy bra and panties, and we see her fucking herself with the glass toy while also using a small magic wand for clit stimulation, a combination which brings her to a nice strong natural orgasm. Back outside later, we watch as she gives those large breasts a nice hard massage, squeezing them together and enjoying the sunshine on her skin. We see her lounging on a deck chair, laying back wearing only her sunglasses and using a large black dildo for deep hard penetration with her legs spread wide open! Wanting pure vibration action she reaches next for the vintage Vibraking toy, buzzing it drectly against her clitoris and moaning with ecstasy as the powerful toy brings her to more strong orgasms to finish off the day before she says her goodbyes out in the sunshine, a gorgeous fun and extremely sexual blonde with that desirable form here on FTV MILFs!


Aug 20, 2019

74 mins

335 pics

Lovely busty Tyler Faith comes our way from the East Coast and we're certainly glad she made the trip! We meet up with Tyler as she hikes around in the mountains in a tight pink dress that makes it easy to flash her big firm round breasts on the trail, regardless of whether any other hikers can see! She's definitely not shy about public nudity as she walks around with her boobs out, but it gets a bit hot so she heads indoors to cool off and to have some more privacy. Soon she's got her legs spread open showing she has no panties on, touching her privates with her fingers to drive herself wild and then reaching for a vibrating purple toy that she can also use for penetration fun. Buzzing her nipples and clitoris first with the tip, we watch as she gets more and more turned on and then trades it in for something stronger, the black magic wand toy, which she uses to masturbate to orgasm! We're treated to a changing room scene watching as she tries on some clothes, settling on a tight yellow dress that looks amazing on her buxom form...she plays with her boobs, massaging and squeezing them and again we note how big and firm and round they are! After changing into a sheer black robe she reaches for the large black cone toy and we watch as she fucks herself with it, stretching her hole to its limits as she rides on top to get it deep inside. Heading back outside to enjoy the sunshine again, we see her relaxing on a lawnchair playing with the glass toy, fucking herself with it and sliding it between her boobs before bidding us farewell...for now. She's a beautiful, busty, super fun blonde with tons of charisma and looks, and she's showing it all off for us here today on FTV MILFs!


Aug 13, 2019

77 mins

336 pics

This update from a guest photographer brings us gorgeous mature redhead Andi James, and we meet her at a busy outdoor mall in Florida. She introduces herself at an outdoor cafe and we are treated to some downblouse teases to start things off on a naughty note! We see her walking around on the streets in a yellow dress which makes it easy to flash upskirts in public, and then back to a rental house for more privacy (with fun in the elevator too). She loves playing with herself and we see her fingering her privates on a sidewalk wall in public, giving peeks at her butt and her large breasts, then heading among the palm trees for more panty-less fun with fingering! Back in the bedroom we see her in blue lingerie showing her feet up close and then masturbating with a large magic wand vibrator, before heading out onto the patio (with an unfortunate loud and annoying background drone noise) to fuck herself with a dildo while inserting a buttplug for anal pleasure as well! We finish off her day of shooting with a drive around the city as she lifts up her legs with, again, no panties on...we see Andi fingering and rubbing herself with her boobs out while they drive, putting on a nice show for any other drivers on the road! She's a beautiful, sexual, sensual redhead MILF with a great body and a fun personality, perfect for FTV.


Aug 6, 2019

79 mins

350 pics

Beautiful Honey is new to the adult industry and actually is making her very first solo shoot here today...we meet her on a chilly morning as she relaxes outdoors in a beanie with her coffee, then she braves the nippy temperatures by lifting up her top to show off those big ehnahced breasts! After doing a little flashing she heads indoors for more warmth, unbuttoning her top to play with her boobs, massaging and squeezing them together and slipping a hand into her pants and then kneeling on a chair and fingering her vagina as well as her ass! A purple toy is next as she fucks herself on that chair, sliding it in and out and squeezing her boobs with her feet in the air bringing herself to orgasm. Next we see her in a sexy tight red dress, bringing out the beaded glass toy which she slides between her breasts and then uses for pure penetration pleasure on the couch - note how milky wet her juices are getting - and then getting a magic wand vibrator involved as well while she fucks herself to another climax. A cute blue bra and panties set is next, and we see her slip out of those and into a lacy white nightie before getting naked and riding on top of the big black cone toy, then using the powerful Vibraking toy for another strong orgasm. We see her finish off the day as she heads outdoors into the woods, slipping out of her clothes to flash that fit spankable butt one more time as well as those big boobs, and we note how erect her nipples are getting from the chilly breeze. A little roadside flashing finishes off this hot update before she bids us goodbye, a fun and very pretty blonde just making her way into the adult industry here on FTV!


Jul 30, 2019

64 mins

252 pics

We meet cute busty blonde Sarah Vandella as she walks around on a cliffside in a tight top and denim shorts, and she introduces herself just before pulling up her top to reveal those big round breasts! We see her enjoying the sunshine on her skin and pulling down her shorts and panties to flash her privates as she heads back to the FTV house to relax in the back yard, giving herself a hard breast massage and then stripping completely nude, touching herself with her fingertips before fucking herself with a dildo! Going indoors we see her using a glass toy for more penetration play, then changing into lacy thigh high stockings and buzzing her clit with a magic wand toy until she had another nice orgasm. Next she puts on a sexy black thong and thigh high nylon stockings with a blue dress, and she finishes off the day with the powerful Vibraking toy for one last orgasm before bidding us goodbye in the yard with one last flash...a beautiful and adventurous blonde perfect for FTV MILFs!


Jul 23, 2019

72 mins

292 pics

Holly Lace is a lovely married natural-bodied MILF who doesn't have much experience in the adult industry, but she does have a woman-next-door look and a fantastic body, and that special something that makes her perfect for FTV! We meet her on the deck of the FTV house, looking out over the trees in a frilly yellow top and tight jeans...both of which come off quickly to reveal her firm full natural breasts and a very sexy butt too! It's a little chilly outdoors so we see her head inside to play with her outfit, giving herself a cameltoe and spanking her own ass before undressing completely and spreading her legs, penetrating her pretty pink privates with her fingertips. Reaching into the bag of toys she pulls out a beaded glass dildo, fucking herself forwards and backwards and we note how naturally amazing she looks in every position! Needing a little vibration as well, we see her use the cordless magic wand on her clit while fucking herself with the glass toy (even inserting the vibrator head inside!) and soon is brought to a nice orgasm. Next is some more intense play with the large black cone, pushing it deeper and deeper inside and then riding on top to stretch her limits. To finish things off we see her head back outdoors for some kinky first-time panty stuffing, making her underwear disappear inside her vagina and then walking around, feeling the sensation of the fabric moving within her, then tugging them back out before doing a little hillside flashing and saying goodbye...a fun and lovely MILF new to the industry but a natural in front of the FTV camera!


Jul 16, 2019

77 mins

404 pics

We're introduced to lovely blonde Lisey Sweet on the side of a rocky hill and we immediately note those perky nipples pressing against the thin fabric of her tshirt. She isn't very shy about public nudity and very shortly we see her pulling her top up to reveal those nice firm natural breasts and then pulling her pants down to show off that shapely juicy ass! She plays in the outdoor sunshine a bit and then we see her on an extremely windy roadside, unleashing her boobs and butt once again as the wind buffets against her. Back at the house in the yard we see her 'defrosting' in the sun, bending over to give a nice long look at her jiggly round perfect booty before changing into a bright orange swimsuit. It's a nice day to soak up the sun so we see Lisey peeling out of her bathing suit and spraying herself with sunscreen oil, rubbing it into her skin and taking the opportunity to sensually massage her boobs and butt too. Next we see her lounging on a patio chair wearing only her hat and sunglasses, spreading her legs to use a vibrating penetration toy to tease and pleasure her clit to her first orgasm of the day! Afterwards it's time to head indoors and we see her in sheer lingerie trying out the black cordless magic wand toy, spreading her legs and buzzing herself until the waves of pleasure lead to another nice climax. Afterwards it's penetration time so she reaches for a beaded glass toy, sliding it in and out - note the wet sounds from within - and then inserting the Gape Cage which spreads her wide open. She even gets water poured directly into her vagina with the gape cage inserted, then squirts it out again and enjoying the kinky sensation. For the final toy of the day she is handed the powerful Vibraking toy, which she uses directly on her pussy for one last strong moaning orgasm before bidding us farewell...a fun, naughty MILF with an irresistable body ready to share it all here on FTV!


Jul 9, 2019

44 mins

432 pics

We meet beautiful Sophia Jade in Portugal, on a trip after going to the Paris Fashion Week, as she luxuriously wakes up in bed and stretches out, sliding her hands over her lithe body and pulling off her sheer nightgown to expose her crotchless thong panties for a little morningtime pleasure as well as a hard breast massage. Over a cup of coffee she introduces herself and we learn about the book she's writing, which is all about masturbation! She's here on FTV to explore and share her sexuality and, perhaps, to do a little 'research' for her book! We see her next in a 1970's style with vintage fashion in an old car, pulling up her hem to be able to touch herself with her fingertips right there in the driver's seat until she has a nice natural orgasm in public while cars and bicycles drive right by. Next it's off to the beach where we see Sophia in a USA swimsuit, dancing and playing at the ocean's edge in the sand before heading to find her towel, sitting on a hillside and pulling her breasts out of her top, then exposing her privates in order to slip her fingers inside and masturbate to another public orgasm! Next it's time for some tourist activities, and we see her exploring the grounds of an old palace - and of course taking every opportunity to flash her butt! - before pulling up her skirt to masturbate again and we note how wet she becomes from the public outdoor fun! Next we're treated to an excerpt from the book she's reading, which describes the main character cracking eggs using her butt...and since there's a bowl of eggs nearby, Sophia decides to try it for herself! It takes some doing as it's a bit slippery but she manages to use a quail egg as an anal toy, inserting it and rubbing her clit at the same time for a kinky literary finale to this sexy guest shoot on FTV.


Jul 2, 2019

94 mins

299 pics

Gorgeous Amber Chase here was on FTV quite some time ago, and today we meet up with her at a lovely public viewpoint overlooking a scenic mountainside. She takes the opportunity to do a little flashing (she loves public nudity), revealing those big 30G breasts and giving us some upskirt views as well, stripping down to just her lacy black thong panties! She does a little basking in the sun on the rocky mountainside, relaxing and slipping her panties off to touch her privates with her fingertips. It's a fun day for a nude hike and she wanders around on the path showing that sexy MILF form out in the open for anyone to see, before heading back to the house for some more privacy. We see her play with her boobs, tweaking and pinching her nipples and giving herself a hard breast massage by the swimming pool and then relaxing on a patio chair to masturbate with her fingertips! Inside the house she uses a glass toy, teasing and fucking her tight pink hole with it while wearing just her high heel shoes, bringing herself to a nice natural orgasm. Next we see her graduate to a larger black cone toy which she rides, enjoying the spreading sensation in her vagina before moving to a small magic wand vibrating toy, buzzing her clit and also penetrating herself with the head! Those large breasts get plenty of attention of course with another massage, this time with oil, and then to finish off her shoot she reaches for the mighty Vibraking toy to enjoy more orgasmic pleasure! This beautiful bubbly blonde is FTV material through and through, and it's a definite treat having her shoot here today.


Jun 25, 2019

71 mins

277 pics

We meet up with beautiful petite 4'11" Latina MILF Liv as she scampers up in the outdoors, looking out at the view of LA from a hillside viewpoint and letting that tight perfect butt jiggle in her stretchy yoga pants. Despite the motorcycles and cars driving past we see her unzip her top to flash her pert firm 32C breasts and we note how erect her nipples are! The pants come down next to give us a little peek at her shapely fit butt as the wind whipped past. It's a little hard to hear her conversation while the wind is blowing so hard on the hillside but we admire her looks for sure! Returning to the peace and calm of the back yard we see her stretching out showing her tight athletic form, then slipping out of her pants and spreading her legs to pull her cotton panties aside and pleasure herself with her fingertips, moaning softly and bringin herself to a nice natural orgasm in the outdoors! Next we see her in the kitchen in a lacy pink bra and panties set with a purple toy, which she uses for both penetration and vibration pleasure, fucking herself with it - we note the wet sounds it makes as she gets excited - and bringing herself to another strong climax. A large black cone toy is next which we watch her get slippery wet as she sucks and slurps it, then she rides on top taking it to her limits and getting all creamy with her natural juices as she takes it in and out of her hole before getting a vibrator into the mix as well for multiple more orgasms! For a kinky experiment we see her inserting the FTV gape cage, spreading herself wide and using a magic wand on her clitoris at the same time for ultimate pleasure...cumming with the cage inside her with visible contractions! Last of all she reaches for the vintage Vibraking toy, buzzing her privates while being penetrated by a dildo at the same time until she has one last screaming climax to finish off the day! This gorgeous petite Latina is excited and flirty and fun, and she loves to show off that tight sexy athletic body...getting kinky and spending a great day shooting here on FTV MILFs!


Jun 18, 2019

75 mins

389 pics

We meet up with beautiful ex-FTV Girl Dolly on a windy and somewhat chilly day outdoors, flashing her perky boobies on the side of the road where other drivers can see as they cruise by...and she certainly doesn't mind the attention with those perfect 34D natural breasts of hers! Her butt looks amazing as well and we learn she goes to the gym 5 days a week to keep fit and trim. Back at the house we see her continuing to enjoy the sunshine, lifting up her top to show her erect nipples and slipping out of her stretchy yoga pants to show off that perfect butt with spreads before relaxing nearly nude on a patio chair, using her fingertips to pleasure herself. Heading indoors, we see her in sexy sheer black and blue lingerie as she slips off her high heel shoes and spreads on the couch to penetrate herself with a beaded glass toy as well as using a vibrator to stimulate her clitoris to her first orgasm of the day! She follows that up with even more vibration pleasure, bringing herself to climax again and again as she fucks herself with the wider end of the glass toy and buzzes her clit with a magic wand at the same time. Next, we see her in tight jeans and a frilly top as she discovers the vintage Vibraking toy, using it on her nipples and then through her pants - and nearly orgasming again! She pulls off her pants and slides her panties over to fuck herself with the glass toy while using the Vibraking and we see an intensely strong climax! It's a pleasure to see Dolly back on FTV after a few years, more comfortable and experienced in her own body and ready to share her sexuality with us :)


Jun 11, 2019

67 mins

345 pics

It's a cloudy overcast day outside but Sharon is bringing the heat all by herself! She's a beautiful busty MILF with an exotic look to her, and we're introduced in a public park outdoors as she reveals those big natural breasts and squeezes them together for us. She gives a peek at her cute butt as well, revealing her sexy form for any lucky hikers who happen to be nearby or drivers on the road! After the public nudity fun she heads to the back yard and we see her completely nude on a patio chair, spreading her legs and touching herself with her fingertips...and of course she gives those big boobs plenty of attention and a hard massage too! We watch her rubbing her clitoris, then penetrating herself with her fingers until she has her first orgasm of the day! Inside the house we see her pulling up the hem of a dress as she takes a glass toy inside, fucking herself deep with the textured toy and then using a magic wand type toy for vibration pleasure and another natural orgasm, with squirting! Deeper penetration is next with a large black dildo which she tittyfucks first, then takes deep inside herself to stretch out, before reaching for the big kinky cone toy...which goes inside as she uses a large magic wand on her clit for double pleasure! She finishes off the day with the powerful vintage Vibraking toy for one more squirting orgasm, then bids us goodbye...a gorgeous natural woman with insane curves and a fun kinky attitude here on FTV MILFs!


Jun 4, 2019

75 mins

377 pics

We're introduced to lovely blonde Maxim Law outdoors on a sunny day, and it doesn't take long before she's revealing those big natural 32D breasts, then we see her turn around to reveal a naughty surprise...a buttplug already inserted in her ass! She introduces herself back at the house and starts massaging those boobs, undressing completely to give us a look at every inch of her nude body. Next we see her enjoying herself on a patio chair, spreading her legs open and fucking herself with a penetration plus vibration toy...heading indoors, we see her with a larger toy in her butt and a black magic wand type vibrator on her clitoris, enjoying the double pleasure. Next is an even larger black cone, and she enjoys the deep anal pleasure as she penetrates herself with it, pushing it deep inside and buzzing herself to another orgasm! Up next is even more vibration pleasure with the vintage Vibraking toy, taking the cone all the way inside (basically the size of a fist!) and orgasming yet again as she stimulates her clit before heading back outside for one last boob flash to bid us farewell...Maxim is a gorgeous busty natural MILF who is a big fan of anal, and she loves showing her talents here on FTV!


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