Mar 6, 2018

108 mins

219 pics

She's a tall, leggy, beautiful woman with fashion model features and we meet her as she's checking herself out in the mirror while preparing for her shoot. As she lowers her top and takes off her bra we hear her talk about how much she enjoys masturbation and she gives herself a brief breast massage, feeling how instantly erect her nipples become. Next we see her up on the kitchen counter using a small black magic wand style vibrator on her pretty privates, enjoying the buzzing sensations with a nice long masturbation session in multiple positions, finally bringing herself to orgasm! Next we see her with a collection of her butt toys, ranging from a small buttplug to a large glass dildo and thick black toy as well. We see her start with a finger first, penetrating herself anally and then graduating to the plug followed by the much larger textured glass toy. She fucks herself with the dildo, using the spiraled ridges almost like a corkscrew for deep penetration and gives us some great angles of the action as she uses a vibrating toy on her clit at the same time! We next see her moving up to the larger black toy, sliding it into her ass and then slowly pulling it out for anal gaping, then riding on top to take it as deep as possible. Introducing a blue suction cup toy to the mix she inserts both for some DP fun as well and we note how much she enjoys the dual pleasure! Heading upstairs we see her stick the suction cup to a glass wall, bending over to ride it from behind - we note her use of the vibration tool again as well - then riding the toy on the stairs while using a magic wand vibrator. We next see her alone with the camera on a tripod as she uses two toys - again, with one in her ass and one vibrating on her clitoris - for masturbation and after a long session of pleasure she brings herself to an intense orgasm! To finish off the day we see her outdoors in a parking garage for some public nudity, showing off her cute butt and then spreading on a nearby stairway before heading off to avoid security guards. Taylor is a gorgeous, slender woman with a lithe and flexible body and as we see here she LOVES anal sex...a stunning addition to FTV MILFs!


Feb 27, 2018

63 mins

193 pics

Nixy is a free-spirited blonde MILF who is still filling out her paperwork when we first meet her, wearing a tight pink top that we note clearly shows her nipples straining against the thin fabric. As she pulls down her pink top to reveal her very shapely all natural 34C breasts we learn that she often works as an art model and is an artist herself, with a very unique method of painting (listen during the introductory interview! We see her hop up on the kitchen counter, spreading her legs wide open and touching herself with her fingertips, and we immediately note how quickly wet she becomes from the play. She very quickly brings herself to a mini squirting orgasm, then another, and we see that we're in for a big day of fun with this woman! We see a multitude of squirting orgasms in quick succession, drenching the camera lens. Next we see her using a magic wand vibrator and it turns out to be her first time using a vibration toy and she loves the sensation, having many more squirting orgasms! After a short break we're treated with a look at her sexy red and black lingerie as she uses her hands to explore her body, slowly stripping out of her bra and panties until she's just wearing a choker and her high heel shoes. We see her start touching herself with her fingertips, again having multiple squirting orgasms with her juices freely running down her thighs and shooting nearly across the room! Given the opportunity to pick her choice of toys we see her having chosen a large thick black dildo, and the parade of huge squirting climaxes continues as she cums again and again. After a little break she finds a soft blue toy and uses it for penetration but then switches over to the vintage Vibraking toy for maximum vibration pleasure, and to the surprise of nobody she squirts more! To finish off the afternoon we see her outdoors in high heels and a very short dress which she soon hikes up, fingering herself with her breasts popping out of the top as well...and squirting again, this time out in public! This newcomer to the adult industry is a free spirit and is an incredible squirter, as you can see from her FTV debut!


Feb 20, 2018

51 mins

209 pics

We're introduced to beautiful Tara as she relaxes by the window in her silk robe with lacy sheer bodysuit lingerie on underneath which we note clearly shows her nipples, then we're treated to a view of her perfect butt as she turns around. She gives herself a spank or two and talks about how much that sort of play turns her on...then she slips out of her lingerie and hops up on the kitchen counter completely nude to finger her hole, bringing herself to her first wet orgasm of the day, followed quickly by another one with squirting! We note her milky natural juices freely flowing as she pleasures herself with her fingers...and then she's introduced to the powerful vibraking toy which really brings her to the peaks of physical pleasure with multiple more climaxes! After a short break we see her in a sexy short black dress with high heels, holding a large black dildo which caught her eye while changing...soon we see her sitting on top of it after using the suction cup bottom on the floor. Next she's up on the couch for comfort, lifting up a leg as she penetrates herself with the large toy - we again note her copious milky cream as she fucks herself - and then uses a magic wand vibrator while the photographer lends a hand with the dildo. Afterwards we see her outdoors for some public nudity fun but she feels nature's call so we see a public peeing scene on the side of the road, then she starts fingering herself to have one last squirting orgasm as cars drive by! This beautiful, charmingly friendly, incredibly sexual woman is excited and ready to have some fun from the word go, and she certainly heats up the cameras here on FTV MILFs :)


Feb 13, 2018

48 mins

207 pics

Beautiful blonde Charley is quite new to the industry...we're introduced to her in the dining room area where she gives a little tour of her panties, bending over and letting them peek out before she lifts up her green dress to show off those legs! She has a definite cheerleader look to her, and we see her unveiling her big 34D breasts to show off for us...she's a shy woman and we see that come out when she slips out of her panties, but she's down to give things a try! We see her up on the kitchen counter with her legs spread wide open, rubbing herself with her fingertips - we note her clitoris swelling from the stimulation - then she tries a magic wand type vibrator. Being fairly new to using toys it takes her a little bit to adjust to the sensation, but once she does she fully enjoys the toy, coming to her first climax of the day...and she just keeps the toy on herself afterwards too! Next is a textured glass toy for penetration play, followed by a larger black dildo which the photographer uses as she buzzes her clit with a vibrating toy at the same time for another orgasm, this time with her natural juices flowing afterwards. Next we see her in sheer black thong panties and a bra, admiring her full-length reflection in the mirror and adjusting her hair...on the couch she takes her breasts out and attempts to lick her nipple, a first experience for her :) Next she pushes her limits a bit, seeing how many fingers she can fit inside...she goes up to three fingers but prefers going back down to two for comfort with her tight vagina. In her final scene of the day we see her meeting the ultimate in vibration, the powerful Vibraking toy! Charley is a newcomer to the industry who is on the shy and nervous side, but she doesn't let that stop her from exploring and playing and sharing her new experiences here on FTV MILFs :)


Feb 7, 2018

73 mins

230 pics

This woman Lauren is a beautiful redhead with an amazing body and when we meet her she's in the kitchen in a white and blue romper which clings to every curve, and we see it get pulled up to give her a camel toe, then her big enhanced 36DD breasts come out so she can play with her small pert sensitive nipples. After slipping out of her romper she hops onto the countertop to spread her legs, touching her pink privates and exposed clit with her fingertips...bringing herself to her first orgasm of the day, and we note how much bigger her clit has become from the stimulation! Next we see her in a black dress examining an array of objects for kinky penetration, including a hairbrush and an Eiffel Tower statue as well as the FTV Gape Cage. To warm up though we watch as she sees how many fingers she can fit inside at once, and we note how wet she's becoming from the penetration...after the fingers she fucks herself with the hairbrush handle, then uses the Eiffel Tower souvenir on the floor, riding it to orgasm! Next we see her using the FTV Gape Cage, which spreads herself wide open and the photographer pours a glass of water inside her wide open vagina. Up next is the vintage Vibraking toy which she first uses to tickle her nipples before slipping off her panties and masturbating with the powerful toy, which claims yet another 'victim'. Afterwards it was time to head outside for some public nudity and we see her jogging around in a loose top with those very large breasts bouncing (she had no bra) and then flashing near a busy golf course. They headed back indoors to escape the heat and we see her playing with some anal toys she had brought along with her, first using a couple of fingers to warm up and stretch out a little. We watch as she penetrates herself with the small buttplug and then the large, enjoying the stretching sensation as she plays and gapes before scampering off. Lauren is a beautiful busty and sexually experienced stunner who loves pushing her limits and loves sharing the fun with all of us here on FTV!


Jan 30, 2018

53 mins

187 pics

Our introduction to slender blonde Katie Morgan occurs in the kitchen as she pokes around in the cabinets for a little breakfast...we see her already looking amazing in a form fitting blue dress that shows her tight curves, and she quickly tugs down the top to flash a nipple before hiking up the hem to reveal that she has no panties on underneath! She loves to masturbate in the morning and soon we see her slipping her fingers between her thighs to start off the day. She's in the mood for penetration play though so we next see her laying on the couch, having found a glass dildo which she was excited about. First using the texture edge of the toy to rub herself, she soon starts fucking herself with it and we note her nipples becoming more and more erect but she needed vibration to really get into things! She grabbed a tiny vibrator she had brought with her, which she often wears around her neck on a chain like a necklace...and we learn she likes to use it in her car when stuck in traffic in her personal life! She holds the toy against her clit and turns up the power and we see her increasing in pleasure until having her first orgasm of the day! After that we see her in a blue robe with a matching bra and panties set with high heels, popping her bra open in the front and spreading her legs as she's introduced to the powerful vintage Vibraking toy. After trying it out on her pert nipples she uses it through the fabric of her panties, then once she's used to how strong the vibrations are she slips out of her panties and we see her using the toy for maximum pleasure! After her orgasmic play she was ready to wind down so we next see her relaxing by a window, using her ice-cold water cup to stimulate her nipples making them stand straight out, then giving herself a hard butt massage before saying goodbye. A beautiful sensual and voluptuous blonde sharing her overflowing sexiness with us, right here on FTV MILFs!


Jan 23, 2018

58 mins

272 pics

We're introduced to Becky Le Sabre in the morning as she sips her coffee, perched on the kitchen countertop wearing high heels and her sexy sheer black lingerie - which we note reveals her very shapely breasts - and then slipping off her panties to touch herself with her fingertips, moaning and orgasming to start off her FTV MILFs day of shooting! Next we see her trying out a curved textured glass toy, first sliding it over her sensitive nipples and then using the texture to rub up against her even more sensitive clitoris, and we note the wet sounds as she gets more turned on...penetration is difficult because of how tight her vagina is but we see her manage, enjoying the sensations. Next we see her using one of her own toys, a small vibrator that can be controlled via phone that she often uses with her wife for naughty public fun...it quickly brings her to another strong orgasm with its powerful vibrations, and then another immediately afterwards! We see her do some spreads and note her continuing orgasmic contractions from her masturbation. After a short rest we see her in a tight blue shirt with her nipples clearly visible below, giving herself a breast massage and talking about them a bit as she squeezes her all-natural boobs together before oiling them up for a more thorough rubdown along with a hard butt massage as well. Next we see her meeting the vintage Vibraking toy...she first uses it on her nipples to make them stand erect, then moves down to her clit and the powerful vibrations quickly bring her to multiple leg-shaking orgasms in succession! After a lunch break we next see her outdoors in shorts and a white tank top, which quickly come off so she can do a little daring and fully nude hiking in the sunshine. She's a super cute and extremely sexual lesbian who loves showing off and playing, whether it's vibration or penetration or public flashing, and loves to show us her play here on FTV!


Jan 16, 2018

80 mins

291 pics

We catch our first glimpse of beautiful blonde Britney as she admires herself in the mirror while wearing a long black dress and she reveals that she's not wearing panties on underneath! We see her drop the top of her dress down to reveal her 32DD breasts, swaying from side to side and playing with her sensitive nipples and then reaching down to pull her fingers through her tuft of pubic hair. She hops onto the counter and slides her fingers inside, and we note how immediately wet she becomes from her play before switching to a purple vibrating toy which she uses to fuck herself to such a strong orgasm she nearly falls off the counter! Next we see a glass toy which she uses for more penetration, and again we note how quickly wet her pink privates become as she plays before graduation to a much thicker toy which has a clear bottom enabling us to see inside her. After a short break she changes into her sexy semi sheer lingerie and shiny gold high heels, and she gets into some kinky anal fingering as she pulls her panties aside before using a larger blue toy for full anal penetration! A jeweled butt plug is next as we see her spread herself wide open for insertion, using her sphincter muscles to 'flex' the plug in and out...then changing back to fucking herself with the blue dildo and rubbing her clitoris with her fingertips at the same time for a vaginal and anal climax! After putting on her pink bra and panties set she came face to face with the vintage Vibraking toy and she had never seen anything like it before...and was immediately shocked at how powerful it was! She starts out using it on her sensitive nipples, then slowly starts pressing it against her clitoris. She has to warm up a little at first to get used to the vibrations, but then we see her really get into it and bring herself to yet another orgasm! To finish off the day we see her outside in a cute little black skirt - again we note she has no panties on - as she flashes her large breasts one last time and gives a peek at her butt and bush as well (including a short section with no audio) before saying her goodbyes. Britney is a gorgeous, energetic, and extremely sexual woman who is open to kinky play and who loves exploring her own body, especially when she can share it like she's doing here today at FTV MILFs!


Jan 9, 2018

81 mins

299 pics

Mona is a startlingly beautiful blonde and we first meet her as she walks outdoors in a white top and bluejeans with high heels. She's not wearing a bra so when she unbuttons her top we see her perky breasts, and we note how erect and pert her nipples are! She also slips her jeans down to reveal a very shapely butt with no panties on so we get a look at that flawless form of hers. We see how turned on she is as she gets into the car, already slipping her hand into her pants and touching herself! Back in the privacy of the house we see her undress completely and hop up on the kitchen counter, spreading her legs to touch herself with her fingertips...we note how wet she becomes and soon she has her first orgasm of the day, and then a second with a mini-squirt! After a short break she finds a textured glass toy, penetrating herself and again we note how wet she sounds down there as she cums again with more squirting. Next we see her in a sheer bra and panty set that shows off her tall leggy slender body as she finds the vintage Vibraking toy, marveling at its power...using it first through the fabric of her panties, she's soon wearing just her high heel shoes as she buzzes her sensitive clitoris to orgasm yet again, then holds it between her thighs for a 'hands free' technique! Afterwards her vagina is so warmed up she is able to easily insert four fingers, then is able to full fist herself! Next she pays some close attention to her extremely pert nipples, pinching and teasing them to rock hardness and then snapping her elastic strap against them for a little light kink. Afterwards it's time to head back outside and we see her in a skirt and burgundy top with no panties on, spreading her legs to flash and tease. Finding a nearby stairwell in an office building she lifts up her skirt and we see her quickly fingering herself to another squirting orgasm right out in public, and as she climaxes we hear her moaning loud enough to echo throughout the parking garage! To finish up the day we see her back indoors using a colorful bath bomb which turns the water in the tub bright blue, relaxing in the cerulean water before hopping into the shower to rinse off the glitter on her skin...and we see her using a waterproof magic wand vibrator for a few more orgasms! She's an extremely sexual, beautiful, mature blonde and we get to spend the whole day with Mona as she shares her sexuality with us right here on FTV MILFs :)


Jan 2, 2018

80 mins

297 pics

We meet busty bubbly blonde Nikki Delano by an outdoor fountain wearing her tight dress that barely covers her large round firm enhanced breasts...and soon it's not covering those at all as she slips the straps off, revealing her chest in all its glory! She loves playing with her breasts and talks about their history, demonstrating how bouncy they are as she jumps up and down. We note she is definitely not shy about public nudity, hopping up on a bench and spreading her legs, then fingering herself until almost getting caught. Moving to the side of an office building, we see her squishing her breasts up against the windows and then squatting to show her juicy butt as she fingers herself, and we note how wet she gets from all the excitement. Next we see her inside and with her newfound privacy she slips out of her dress and she immediately starts rubbing herself, fingering her hole - we note her wetness - and then moving to her butt for some anal pleasure as well! She was in the mood for vibration so she played with a small magic wand type toy, fingering herself at the same time until it brought her to multiple nice strong orgasms after which we can see how swollen and puffy her clitoris has become! Afterwards she is introduced to the super powerful Vibraking vintage vibrator, using it on her clit and fingering her butthole at the same time for even more orgasms. We see that she is a fan of anal pleasure, sliding one finger into her butt and then another, eventually bringing herself to orgasm just from fingering her ass with three fingers! She found a plastic banana in the kitchen and decided to use it on herself, first licking and sucking it up and down with her plump lips before penetrating herself with it faster and faster, giving herself yet another climax. We finish the day watching her workout routine at the gym with her tight little white shorts on and we note how they barely cover that round juicy booty of hers. After some fun flashes and pumping a little iron she bids us farewell with one last look at that butt...Nikki is definitely a fiery Latina who absolutely loves sexual pleasure in all its forms, and brings us along for a wild ride here today on FTV MILFs!


Dec 26, 2017

65 mins

302 pics

We meet busty MILF Dixie as she sips her morning coffee, getting ready for her big day of shooting. She's a very sexual brunette with a fun natural charisma, and soon we see her rubbing herself through her lacy black panties, then pulling them aside to give a peek at her tight pink privates! Soon she's entirely nude with her long legs spread open, rubbing her clitoris - we note how instantly wet she becomes - but she's in the mood for more than just fingers, grabbing a glass dildo and penetrating herself with it until she's dripping milky natural juices as she orgasms, her first of the day, then shooting the toy out like a torpedo! Next we see her after changing into lingerie with black thigh high stockings and a garter belt with red high heel shoes on, sensually kicking off the heels and relaxing on a wooden stool in the kitchen...we see as she treats herself to a slow breast massage, then picking up a magic wand style vibrator to masturbate to multiple orgasms! Next up is a little kinky fun with a banana - we see her use both ends - and then a more traditional toy which she mentions she's used on other women many times. After her penetration play it's time for ultimate vibration using the vintage Vibraking toy, which she uses to bring herself to the verge of climax and then backing off (known as 'edging') finally culminating in a huge strong orgasm! Next it's time to head outdoors and we see her on a stairway in her blue dress, spreading her legs to give some cute upskirt views as she pulls her top down a little before taking her panties off entirely...this is a new experience for Dixie and she loves it, getting very turned on and showing off that sexy body one last time before saying goodbye. It's a day full of fun for this sensual, sexual woman and Dixie can't keep a smile off her face about it here on FTV MILFs!


Dec 19, 2017

63 mins

237 pics

We are first introduced to this lovely and fit MILF as she goes through her morning exercise routine, jogging around in a tight spandex top and workout pants through a public park past a golf course. She's never done any public flashing or anything like that before but is willing to brave it, and we see her flashing her shapely breasts and then pulling her pants down to show that she's got no panties on underneath! After some topless jogging she shows her form as she does some squats with her pants pulled down, demonstrating her strong fit firm butt in action, then heads to an outdoor patio where she can spread her legs and touch herself, still quite in public with a busy road right nearby, before heading to a craft store for a little risky public flashing! Next we see her indoors, putting on some red lingerie and then using a magic wand type toy - we note how tight and pink her privates are as she plays - which she uses to stimulate herself as she pulls on her nipples, bringing herself to the first orgasm of the day, a strong and shuddering climax with visible vaginal contractions! After a short break we see her using her fingers for penetration, then using a large black dildo (she never uses penetratino toys in her real life) which she slowly works inside...but it turns out she much prefers vibration, and that's where the vintage Vibraking toy comes in! She uses it on her sensitive clit and it doesn't take long bere the powerful toy claims another 'victim', bringing Sarah to another strong orgasm. Next it's time for some breast worship as she gives herself a hard breast massage, covering herself with coconut oil and squeezing her boobs together, then stretches out her arms and back. After that she heads back outdoors, flashing in public some more and riding topless in the car, then changing into her dress with no panties on...she bids us farewell soon after, a gorgeous superfit MILF with that sexy athletic form in full effect as she expands her horizons with a number of first time experiences in public as well as in private, right here on FTV!


Dec 12, 2017

54 mins

183 pics

After her original shoot was accidentally lost, Reagan Fox here was invited back and when we're introduced we see her in a blue dress that makes it easy to flash her little skimpy panties and of course those large firm enhanced breasts of hers. Soon the panties come off and she slips her fingers into her vagina, and we note how wet she becomes from her sensual play...which is when she requests the powerful vintage Vibraking toy, which she uses against her sensitive clitoris to bring herself to her first orgasm of the day! After a short break we see her getting kinky with some panty stuffing, sliding her blue underwear up inside her hole until they're barely peeking out, then using the Vibraking toy again for intense pleasure with multiple more strong shaking orgasms - note how she pulls out the panties just as she cums - before taking a rest after sealing the panties and a pen (which she also stuffed inside herself) for some lucky fan. Next we see a large magic wand type toy in the mix, but first we see her using some coconut oil for a hard breast massage as she squeezes her big boobs together, also getting into some anal pleasure as she slips in a buttplug. When she's ready we see her using the magic wand toy along with a large glass toy of her own for double penetration pleasure, with the buttplug still inserted! Next we see recovered footage from her original shoot as she hops in the shower, soaping up her breasts and butt before sitting on the floor of the shower, fucking herself with a waterproof dildo and spraying her clit with the showerhead for one last orgasm! Reagan is a gorgeous and very sexual MILF who loves to show off and was more than happy to come back for more fun after some technical difficulties...and we're all glad she did, here on FTV MILFs!


Dec 5, 2017

93 mins

319 pics

Gorgeous busty blonde Serene is unpacking her luggage when we first meet her, wearing a sheer flowing dress as she shows all the shoes she brought and you can see from the light shining through that she's not wearing any panties underneath. Taking down her top we are treated to our first glimpse of those large perfect breasts of hers, but it certainly won't be the last! After trying on a few things she shows her unique personal style of masturbating, lying on her stomach and grinding against her hand...and with a jeweled buttplug inserted for anal pleasure and her fingers rubbing her clitoris we see her soon grind her way to her first orgasm of the day, followed by several more while straddling the arm of the couch! Next we see her outside a public office building in her blue top and tight jeans, flashing those big boobs and then squeezing them until she lactates a little for some kinky milking fun...an FTV MILFs first! After some more anal fingering and pussy play with spreads in public she heads back indoors for more fun, discovering the Vibraking vintage toy on the couch which she'd seen on the site and was excited to try out and of course she fell in love with it as it brought her to another strong leg-shaking orgasm! Afterwards it's time for more anal play with the beaded glass toy, first using the thin end and then the thicker one, then we see her use the toy in combination with the Vibraking - we note how wet she gets from the stimulation - before trading it in for a larger black toy, giving her yet another strong climax followed by anal gaping. Next she changes into a sexy colorful bikini, heading outdoors to take a nice refreshing dip in the pool. She splashes around, letting her breasts out to play and bouncing them in the water before pulling her swimsuit bottoms aside to finger and rub herself before heading back inside, giving a glimpse of that perfect butt once again. For a sensual finish to the day we see her rubbing herself with coconut oil, enjoying a luxurious hard breast massage and tasting her own milk as she lactates again...and then using her own heel for sexual pleasure in a sort impromptu foot fetish scene! Serene is an absolutely beautiful MILF with a tight sexy body, and she is exploring all kinds of things about herself today...and loving every bit of orgasmic pleasure right here on FTV MILFs.


Nov 28, 2017

55 mins

331 pics

We're introduced to beautiful strawberry blonde Anna Kelly on a windy day as she stretches in white flared pants and a flowing loose top which makes it easy to show off her large shapely breasts. We see her giving a tour of her body, spanking her juicy booty and then spreading her legs to touch herself with her fingertips...she loves taking time out in her everyday life to masturbate, finding it very relaxing, and she loves to share that experience with us here. We see her use her fingers briefly and then introduce a black vibrating toy, and we watch as she buzzes her clit to her first orgasm of the day! She's brand new to the adult industry but has done some work as a fashion model, which we note gives her confidence and poise in front of the camera. Next we see her in see-through blue lingerie that clearly showed her erect nipples through the fabric as she rubbed herself with her next toy, the beaded glass dildo...which she uses to tear a hole in her sheer panties! After pulling off her panties she penetrates herself with the glass toy from behind, spreading herself open to take it deeply and we note how wet the toy makes her. Next it was time for vibration fun and we see her being introduced to the vintage Vibraking toy, which she used in combination with the glass toy for another strong orgasm! After a break we see her outdoors next, wearing a skimpy blue bikini and wielding the beaded glass toy which she had grown fond of...the day was windy but sunny and comfortable, and out in the sun we see her penetrating herself on a deck chair by the swimming pool. We next see her in the car on the highway, letting her breasts out to flash any other cars, and pulling her panties aside to touch herself for a little public fun. Anna is a beautiful, giggly, and bubbly blonde who loves physical pleasure and loves sharing her sexuality, indulging in every opportunity to do so here on FTV MILFs!


Nov 21, 2017

69 mins

307 pics

Beautiful leggy Ava Maxim comes trotting down the stairs outdoors wearing a cute flowery skirt and striped top and we first see her flashing her panties with some nice upskirt looks, then pulling her panties off to reveal a nice tight MILF pussy and a very cute butt - we note how tight and fit her mature form is - before touching herself with her fingertips there on the stairway. This woman is beautiful and very sexual but this is surprisingly only her second time shooting for adult, and her first time doing any kind of public nudity! After a close call with someone driving up to the office building, we see Ava back indoors for privacy slipping out of all her clothes to sit nude by the fireplace, penetrating herself with her fingertips - we can note how wet she gets from touching herself - and then rubbing herself to orgasm! We next see her in a matching bra and panties set, sensually touching herself all over on a chair as she peels out of her underwear and we note how puffy her privates have become. After some finger pleasure she tries out the vintage Vibraking toy, stimulating her already-swollen clitoris with a nice long masturbation session, and with the addition of a beaded glass toy she brings herself to a nice strong natural orgasm with squirting! Next we see more penetration play with her own large glass toy in bed, fucking herself with it faster and deeper until she had another strong climax. She changed into her sexy bikini and brought her toy out to the swimming pool, penetrating herself with it for one more orgasm, this time right there at the water's edge. Ava is a stunning slender woman with an incredible body who is inexperienced in the adult industry but a natural in front of the camera as you can see here on FTV MILFs!


Nov 14, 2017

54 mins

283 pics

We meet stacked Spanish beauty Bridgette as she relaxes in the living room, enjoying her coffee and giving a little preview of some of the clothes she brought along for her shoot and of course giving a look at those big firm breasts and round juicy butt while she's at it. Next we see her admiring her reflection in the full length mirror, all dressed up with sunglasses on...we see her talking about her big breasts and then about her masturbation habits, ending up spreading her legs and using her fingers bringing herself to a somewhat unexpected shuddering orgasm! Next we see her meeting up with the mighty vintage Vibraking toy for the first time and she seems a little underwhelmed, but gradually introduces herself to the toy and we see it bring her to another very quick orgasm, although it turned out to be a bit too much stimulation for her tastes. Afterwards we see her relaxing on a chair with her legs spread, slowly touching herself as she told a story about a famous rapper she was partying with once and how she loves to tease with those huge breasts, knowing the power they have over men! We finish things here in her car as she drives around with those big breasts out, flashing as she goes down the street putting on quite a show for any other drivers. Bridgette is a beautiful, experienced, and incredibly sexual pornstar MILF with a jaw-dropping body and we get an intimate look into what makes her tick, right here on FTV!


Nov 7, 2017

57 mins

239 pics

We see beautiful Sofie for the first time walking in front of an office building, lifting her skirt to show her very shapely butt with no panties on...she's a beautiful and very leggy MILF with piercing seductive eyes, and we note how excited she gets about flashing and playing in public with her fingers. We watch her playing and having some fun in the sunshine, then she heads back indoors for more privacy. She gives her 34B natural breasts a hard massage, tweaking her sensitive nipples to get them perky and erect, then spreads her legs to touch herself with her fingertips as she talks about her favorite orgy fantasy as well as some of her girl-girl experiences. She's in the mood for a toy so she grabs a curved purple vibrator, which is her favorite toy in her personal life and we watch her penetrate herself with the tip until she has her first orgasm of the day. Next up was a different toy, this time a textured pink glass dildo which she slides inside - again we note how wet she sounds as she is penetrated - then trading it in for a jeweled plug to stretch herself out a bit. After that it was time for the main event with the powerful vintage Vibraking toy, which she starts out using on her nipples to get them rock hard, then uses it on her pink privates for a long masturbation session ending with another strong orgasm. After a bit of a rest we see her in sheer black panties which she decides to insert in her vagina for some kinky panty stuffing fun, then pulls them out and we note how creamy her pussy is! She's a gorgeous bikini model turned MILF hottie and loves putting it all on the line here for FTV MILFs!


Oct 31, 2017

96 mins

231 pics

She's a charismatic, mature blonde with a shaggy pixie haircut who is a friend of Jamie, a prior FTVMILFs model, and when we first see Dee here she's in a skirt and tshirt as she goes through her luggage taking stock of the different outfits she brought for her shoot. She loves to show off her 34DDD breasts and gives a closeup tour of them as she lets them fall out of her tight shirt, gently squeezing them together before heading out with the photographer. We next see her by an office building in her work attire, although she has no panties on under her skirt - we note this as she spreads her legs to give some upskirt views - and starts to massage those big firm breasts! It was some risky public nudity and after a few near misses with workers at the office and passersby she headed back to the safety and privacy of the indoors. Back inside she has changed into a short grey dress which we see her lift up as she fingers herself - we note how wet she's become from the excitement of the public play - and sucks her own nipples before rubbing her clitoris harder and faster, bringing herself to the first orgasm of the day! She next finds a glass toy which she penetrates herself with - we note her unique position with her legs up by her head - and a buttplug which she uses in her vagina to enjoy the stretching sensation before fingering her butt with two fingers with gaping as well before inserting the plug for even more anal pleasure. With the toy inserted we see her using the powerful Vibraking on her clitoris, which quickly brings her to a strong orgasm with squirting followed by several more with her fingertips! Afterwards she wants to test her anal limits, fitting four fingers inside her ass and then her thumb for full anal fisting before some kinky banana stuffing, fucking herself anally with it until she has several more strong squirting orgasms! We even see her rosebud a little before she reaches for another toy, this time a beaded glass one with 'knots' that go inside, giving a look through the end at her inside walls before some more rosebudding to finish off her extreme anal session. Next we see her using the Vibraking to tease her nipples, rubbing the tip against them before spreading her legs and using the powerful toy on her clit again for one more orgasm before bidding us goodbye. She's a lovely and very sexually open woman with a desirable body who loves sharing her pleasure with all of us...especially her love of anal! Enjoy Dee as she has a full day of orgasmic fun, right here on FTV MILFs :)


Oct 24, 2017

44 mins

183 pics

We meet busty Kagney as she walks around outdoors in her salmon colored dress...she's a little nervous about the public nudity aspect of modeling for FTV MILFs but once she gets her D cup breasts out she has a great time with it! Relaxing with her breasts out at an outdoor public office park she talks about her masturbation habits, and we see some upskirt peeks (with no panties underneath) as well as a look at that sexy butt of hers. We next see her back indoors for a little more privacy, spreading her legs to show her long labia (with one of her lips pierced by a ring) which she tugs on, and she starts touching herself with her fingertips before using a magic wand type toy to stimulate herself to orgasm. Next we see her in tight blue spandex pants which hug her curves nicely, walking around in tall clear high heels and playing with the fabric, sliding her hands over her butt and then pulling the pants tight to give herself a camel toe. We note how round and juicy that booty of hers is as she slides the pants down over it, walking around showing off her thong panties and holding her breasts with both hands. Next it's time for a warm oil massage as she pours coconut oil onto her butt, rubbing it in with both hands and we again note just how perfectly shaped her ass is! After her relaxing massage she was in the mood for more toys so she tries out the vintage Vibraking toy, which has such strong vibrations that it quickly brings her to another strong orgasm...shortly thereafter followed by another while using a corded magic wand toy for a grand total of three on the day. Kagney is one of those mature women with amazing voluptuous bodies who love sexual expression and she takes every opportunity to share it here on FTV MILFs...enjoy!


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