Aug 8, 2017

35 mins

253 pics

When we meet beautiful busty MILF-next-door Alice she's wearing an elegant blue dress and immediately starts showing her brazen attitude towards public nudity, lifting up her dress to rub her privates with her fingertips and letting her big natural breasts out to play with them as well! We see her massaging her boobs quite hard and note how soft yet firm they are...she truly does have the perfect MILF figure! Next we see from a tripod some video footage during a public nudity photoshoot and see just how sexy those curves of hers are. She does a little jiggling of those spectacular breasts and then shows off her butt as well, doing some anal fingering right out in public! As she spreads her legs and continues to play near a public office building we note her long labia, which she parts with her fingers as she touches herself. Next we see her back indoors, getting comfortably nude with another hard breast massage and then trying out the vintage Vibraking toy. We see her using the toy and very quickly having a quiet but squirting orgasm which drenches the chair she's on...and then another - note how her legs quiver as she climaxes - squirting again! Next we see her trying some spreads and gapes, and we get a perfect view deep inside her pink private parts as the photographer inserts multiple fingers and then gets some extreme closeups views of her gaping! At this point she needs a break but she'll soon be back for the second part of her shoot...stay tuned for more of this beautiful, all-natural, and extremely sexual MILF.


Aug 1, 2017

45 mins

270 pics

She's a leggy, cute, charismatic blonde from Eastern Europe with a tight fit body who is still very new to the adult industry...when we meet up with Angelina she's outside in a tight little top and a black skirt which she hikes up to reveal no panties on underneath; she's excited to try a little public nudity fun FTV style! We see her grow bolder as she fingers herself in public and then does some sexy dancing, bending over to let her firm fit butt show! Next we see her indoors wearing sheer black lingerie and high heels, crawling around with her butt in the air before unsnapping it, lounging completely nude and sliding her hands over her privates and teasing her breasts as well. We see her finding the magic wand vibrator, which she's never used and which surprised her with its power...she used the toy to stimulate herself, then moved to a smaller toy but doing things alone just wasn't doing the trick. Next we see the photographer lending a helping hand, fingering her hole as she used the small toy, which brought her to a small shy orgasm - her first on camera! Afterwards we see her in the shower rinsing off, showing off her butt again and then using a toy for penetration fun while letting the water run down her body. To finish things off she bids us farewell outdoors in a clip from earlier in the day, holding the camera herself as she walks around...she's a gorgeous European blonde with a slender perky body, and she has a great time sharing it with us here on FTV!


Jul 25, 2017

71 mins

272 pics

She's a beautiful, busty Asian MILF with that sexy form we all desire...when we meet Tiffany she's sipping on her cup of tea and we note how health-conscious she is, which helps keep her body in amazing shape. She lifts up her shirt to show her sexy DDD breasts, slipping off her pants as well to show off the rest of her seductive exotic body...she's in the mood for a toy and soon we see her using a toy on her clitoris with suction action, and she loves the sensation on her privates. She seems to prefer the sensation of the photographer's finger in her vagina though so we see him lending a hand as she uses the toy in conjunction, eventually bringing her to a nice strong orgasm! After a short rest we see her massaging her body, rubbing those large boobs and then slipping her fingers down between her thighs, luxuriating in a relaxing masturbation session with her fingertips as she gasped and sighed and gradually building in intensity until another nice climax. Next we see her outside doing some public nudity for her very first time...she's nervous but we note how she gets more excited as she teases and flashes! From there we see her head to the waterfall pool where she takes a relaxing refreshing dip, and we note how sexy those big breasts look as the water cascades over them. We see some interesting underwater angles as she touches herself and relaxes in the water, getting one last look at that wet slippery body before she bids us farewell...she's an incredibly beautiful and exotic MILF with a spectacular body and lots of sexual energy and is perfect for FTV MILFs!


Jul 20, 2017

52 mins

287 pics

She's a fit mature woman in her late 30's with a tight sexy body and an unbelievable sex drive...we first find Blaten walking around in the sunshine wearing a navy blue skirt which flips up as she twirls around for fun, showing that she has no panties on underneath! After spinning a bit and flashing a few passersby we see her sitting on a public bench with her legs spread, rubbing herself and penetrating her pussy with her fingertips and ends up bringing herself to an orgasm right out in public! Next we see her indoors trying out a toy she brought along, one that provides vibration as well as a 'suction' sensation and was nearing orgasm when she felt a strong need to pee, heading outdoors to the patio...we next see her outside there masturbating to another orgasm using her toy. The feeling that she needed to pee was still there but it didn't manifest into squirting or anything, but we note how intense her orgasm was from playing outdoors! Afterwards we see her in the shower, getting her tight fit form wet and glistening and playing with a waterproof toy at the same time...after she's out of the shower it's orgasm time and she has a little one-woman contest to see how many orgasms she can have before her pizza is done cooking! Lastly we see her playing with a beaded glass toy, penetrating herself and using the texture to pleasure her clitoris before bidding us farewell. Blaten is a beautiful fit blonde with an amazing body, and she loves sharing all of it with us here on FTV!


Jul 11, 2017

62 mins

462 pics

She's a stunning, short haired beauty from Seattle with a captivating smile and spectacular curves...she is an ex-FTV model who went by Maria and is back 10 years later looking even hotter if that's possible! When we meet up with her (she goes by Ryan Keely now) she's relaxing in her purple bra and panties in the sunshine, sliding her hands over those hips and her large breasts as she flashes that charismatic grin. We see her playing with her boobs as the camera clicks in a photoshoot and videoshoot combo, and we note how much she enjoys touching herself all over until bringing herself to a nice natural orgasm! She describes it as being 'too easy' to make her cum and talks about her sexual preferences a bit. Next we see her coming down the stairs in a silky, elegant black robe which she lets slip down a bit, taking out her 36F breasts for a nice hard massage and we note how much she loves licking her own nipples. She brought her own glass toy along which she's had for 10 years now and she penetrates herself with it while spreading herself open, bringing herself to another strong orgasm! Next we see her outside by the pool in a skimpy bikini, splashing water with her high heels...she loves getting her heels in the water and even takes baths in her shoes sometimes for kinky fun. Braving the cold water we see her jump in, splashing around having a blast - note she's still wearing her high heels! - showing how erect her nipples get from the chilly temperatures. Back indoors we next see her playing with a pink vibrating toy while lying on her back, and it brings her quickly to another strong climax...or two...or three! Next it's time for some public play and she heads out to an office park next to a busy road, flashing that butt but they were getting too much attention from the police so they snuck into the office building before bidding us farewell. This incredibly sexual, stunningly beautiful woman loves to play and share and she knocks it out of the park today right here on FTV MILFs!


Jul 4, 2017

77 mins

301 pics

She's a sexy, natural MILF with a woman-next-door look and a love of lacy lingerie...when we meet Stevie she's already in lacy black panties and thigh high sheer nylon stockings, slipping out of what little clothing she had on to sensually touch herself as she sat back in the comfy chair. She's extremely sexual and as she uses her own spit as lube we see her getting more and more turned on, rubbing her clit while fingering herself anally at the same time and bringing herself to an orgasm! Next she uses a large vibrating rabbit toy, using it for penetration and vibration fun and we see her figure out how to prop it up with her foot so the toy does all the work and she can lay there enjoying the sensations, bringing her to more orgasms! Next we see her in a blue robe and vintage white lingerie discovering the VibraKing toy, turning it on and using it to buzz her nipples to test the strength. The toy works its magic, bringing her to the strongest orgasm yet, and she discusses afterwards the feelings the toy was generating all over her body. Next it's time for kinky fun using the FTV Gape Cage - note she's the first FTVMILfs model to use the toy - and inserts it to spread open and giving us a super closeup view of her most private parts...and afterwards she uses her fingers to continue the gaping party! Next we see her outside in a public area, slipping off her clothes and fingering herself until she has yet another orgasm from the excitement! To finish off the day we see her at the grill, making a little veggie dog BBQ...and she does it naked, using the tongs to turn the meat and showing off those perky breasts one last time for us. She's a 'Renaissance Woman' who shows her huge personality as well as her super sexy body for us, right here on FTV MILFs!


Jun 27, 2017

65 mins

343 pics

She's a gorgeous MILF clocking in at 48 years young with a real woman-next-door type feeling about her, and of course those huge 34DDD breasts always cause a stir! When we meet up with Mindi Mink she's out on the street walking in the sunshine, and is excited (and nervous) about doing her very first public shoot. As she unbuttons her top she lets those huge perfect boobs out to play and we note how truly large they are especially in comparison to her small waist! After doing some flashing in public, she feels the need to pee so we see her doing it right out in public! We next see her inside for a little more privacy, slipping out of her clothing and playing with her soft hairy bush before spreading her legs, touching herself with her fingertips while rubbing her butthole and growing more and more turned on until bringing herself to a nice natural orgasm...and then after only a few moments' rest, another one! Next we see her playing with her bush some more to relax, and using coconut oil to 'style' her pubic hairs. We then see her getting kinky with a banana, simulating oral sex on it - we note her oral fixation - before penetrating herself with the fruit, still wearing her high heels...and the banana brings her to yet another orgasm. After some spreads she bids us farewell, showing off those incredible breasts one last time...a beautiful mature MILF with a supremely sexual spirit, right here on FTV!


Jun 20, 2017

62 mins

214 pics

She's a beautiful mature redhead from Florida with huge natural breasts who has been featured on a number of sites as well as doing webcam work but seemed just perfect for FTV MILFs! It was a last-minute sort of shoot which worked out well all around...we start off seeing her in a tight blue top teasing with her huge natural 34G breasts out in public, and she's not too shy about lifting up her top and pulling them out of her bra to flash! The photographer dared her to take her panties off and soon we see her on a public bench rubbing herself right out in the open. We next see her indoors discovering a special vibrating toy which also has a suction feature to simulate cunnilingus...we see her trying it out, pleasuring herself until it brings her to a strong orgasm! After a short break we next see her playing with a glass toy, rubbing it against her nipples and taking it between those large soft natural breasts. She penetrates herself with the toy, getting deeper and faster - we note the buildup of milky juices in her hole - before adding a magic wand type vibrator to the mix! The combination brings her to another powerful orgasm...afterwards it's time to concentrate on those breasts as she pours oil all over them, giving herself a hard breast massage. Back inside it's time to meet the Vibraking, and its powerful pulses bring her to yet another nice orgasm! She bids us goodbye and we take our leave from this lovely sensual curvy woman and her naturally stunning body, another great addition to FTV MILFs :)


Jun 6, 2017

107 mins

298 pics

She's a gorgeous brunette MILF who loves the outdoors and loves to explore her own body...when we meet Helena she's outside enjoying the sunshine, wearing her workout gear as she goes for her usual morning nature-walk. We see her flashing her perky breasts and then slipping her shorts down over her butt cheeks as she walks through the sun-kissed grasses...she's a bit of a free-spirited artistic minded naturist and loves just being in her own skin out in public whether anyone is watching or not, and we see her totally nude by the public trail touching herself with her fingers! Next she heads inside for a bit more privacy, using a textured glass toy to penetrate herself as she tickles her clitoris with her fingertips, bringing herself to orgasm and then using her vaginal muscles to hold the toy gripped inside hands-free. After that she adds vibration to the mix, penetrating herself with a vibrating black toy which brings her to more giggling orgasms, and we note how milky wet her privates have become! Next it's time to get a bit kinky with some veggie penetration and we see her stuffing herself with a large thick ear of corn...then she's in the mood for anal pleasure and we see her starting off fingering her ass, then moving up to a black dildo for deep penetration. When she's had enough it's time for a rest, then we see her in white lingerie and high heels as she picks up the mighty Vibraking toy, but first she does a sensual striptease just for fun, rubbing her nipples to erect attention and then spreading on a chair to play. We see her using the strong toy on her nipples first, then she touches it lightly to her clitoris and we see how intense her reaction is - note her butthole winking as her vagina contracts - and then she uses it for anal pleasure as well! After all that intense sensation she felt the need to relax so we see her getting a warm oil massage that turns into her being fingered, being brought to yet another orgasm! Helena is a beautiful woman inside and out who loves to laugh and loves to explore herself sexually, making her just perfect for FTV MILFs...enjoy! :)


May 30, 2017

74 mins

334 pics

Gorgeous blonde Blake Morgan has wanted to shoot for FTV MILFs for some time and is excited to finally have the opportunity...when we meet her she's standing outside in a short sexy white dress ready to do a little public nudity play, for which she's simultaneously nervous and excited. There's a busy freeway nearby but Blake loves showing off her big enhanced breasts, flashing and enjoying the excitement and danger! We see her fingering herself against an office building, admiring her own reflection in the window - we note how easy it would be for anyone working in the building to see! - and she is so turned on by the excitement that she brings herself to orgasm using her fingers, then walks completely nude to the car in the sunshine! After a close call with people nearby we next see her indoors for more privacy, continuing her play session with her own magic wand type vibrator and after a brief interruption by a delivery guy, she brings herself to multiple orgasms one after the other and then penetrates herself with the toy itself...just before a pizza delivery guy rang the doorbell for yet another near-miss! After a food-break we see her trying a glass toy for the first time, penetrating herself with the thin tapered end and then the much thicker end after her vagina is 'warmed up' and after switching to a doggystyle position it brings her to another quick orgasm. She wanted to try the powerful Vibraking toy, which quickly brought her to even more orgasms - this time with squirting - after which she needed a cool down break, using ice directly on her privates. To cool off and refresh we see Blake in a bikini relaxing in a waterfall type grotto pool, splashing water on herself and enjoying the splashing water. To finish off the day we see her outdoors again, this time in a black top and tight jeans - note how easy the top makes it to flash her pert breasts - before signing off...she's a beautiful and extremely sexual blonde and after a long wait is finally able to share it all with us right here on FTV!


May 23, 2017

38 mins

177 pics

We first meet beautiful blonde mature Alana as she comes walking into the living room wearing her black leather jacket and pink top and blue jeans with high heels, the kind of thing she loves to wear in her everyday life. She's a lovely blonde from New York who wanted to be on FTV MILFs in a boy-girl hardcore shoot and finally the schedules worked out! We see her head out to the balcony to wait for his arrival and she didn't have long before Codey showed up and wrapped her up in his arms, kissing her passionately right then and there. They head indoors and start undressing each other and she lets him know that since he made her wait he was definitely going to have to make it up to her! We see her taking his cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob, licking him up and down, sucking his balls and using her hands to pleasure him as well before climbing on top and taking him in her warm wet hole! We see him giving her plenty of oral attention as well, licking her slit and tickling her clit with his tongue...she wanted him in every position she could take him in and we see every second of it, including Alana being on her hands and knees on the stairway getting fucked doggystyle downhill! After the living room we see the two of them move to the shower, enjoying the warm spray of water as they fuck against the tiled walls...the action gets faster and faster until Codey shoots his load right into her mouth! Afterwards we see these two lovers enjoying the shower, relaxing in the afterglow and playing in the water before Alana heads outside to bid us farewell...she had been looking forward to shooting here on FTV MILFs and had a great afternoon with Codey, satisfying her every desire!


May 16, 2017

56 mins

353 pics

This gorgeous brunette MILF is from Germany, visiting the USA for the first time and having a blast...being European she is quite comfortable being nude in public, and has no hesitation before flashing those large round firm breasts and spreading her legs to give upskirt looks at her shaved privates until quite a close call with security! Next we see her, still in public, spreading her legs wide and masturbating right on a bench, rubbing herself with her fingertips in the sunshine and then penetrating herself in both holes with her fingers for vaginal as well as anal pleasure. Next we see her indoors, slipping out of her red checkered dress and wearing just her high heeled boots as she masturbates to orgasm with her fingers - we note how pink and wet her privates become from the stimulation - before trying her hand at some vibrating toys. We next see Texas in black and white lingerie and white heels as she tries the vintage Vibraking toy, which she thinks is funny at first but we soon see her trying it out and bringing herself to multiple strong leg shaking orgasms! Next we see her getting into some kinky anal fun, starting with her fingers and working her way up to a vibrating toy which she uses for anal penetration while stimulating her clitoris with another toy for another orgasm! She finishes off the day with a nice relaxing hard breast massage where we see her squeezing and cupping her perfect firm breasts, before walking off satisfied. Enjoy this stunning and sexual German beauty as she explores her body and shares it with us in her first US modeling session, right here on FTV MILFs :)


May 9, 2017

59 mins

171 pics

She's a classically beautiful mature woman and when we meet her, Jamie Foster is in a flowery orange dress getting ready to do a little public nudity fun for us. She's quite new to the industry and we note her nervousness, but the excitement of being semi-naked in public turns her on as well and soon we see her rubbing her privates with her legs spread open. Note how wet she gets as she tells some sexy public stories from her past...she was in the mood to head inside and find some toys but before going in we see her strolling around, showing off her lack of panties and enjoying the sunshine and we note how erect her nipples get in the cool breeze. The cold breeze makes her have to pee and she relieves herself right there in public in a gazebo. Next we see her indoors, trying out the Vibraking for the first time (and loving it), buzzing her clitoris and bringing herself to orgasm! Next she uses a glass toy, sliding it inside herself slowly and then getting faster as her natural juices start to flow. Next she was in the mood for some anal play, grabbing a butt plug and attempting to insert it but it was just a little too much to handle so we next see the cameraman 'lending a hand', fingering her ass while she moaned and vibrated her clit with a toy to another orgasm! Finally to finish things up we see her spend some alone time as the camera is left on a tripod as she plays with her own magic wand vibrating toy, having several more climaxes before stepping out into the rain to flash those breasts one last time. She's a beautiful mature woman who is experiencing plenty of 'firsts' in this update, and she's excited to share them with all of us right here on FTV MILFs!


May 2, 2017

59 mins

232 pics

She's a gorgeous, voluptuous blonde with permanently erect nipples and a supermodel's poise and confidence...we meet Alena as she walks around in public in her tight short blue dress, already flashing her large breasts! Hearing a few too many people nearby she and the cameraman head indoors where we see her relaxing on the couch, spreading her legs to buzz her privates with a magic wand vibrator and penetrating herself at the same time with a curved glass toy to hit her g-spot. Next she levels up to a larger pink dildo, sliding it inside herself as she stimulates her clitoris to orgasm, then licks her own juices from her fingers. Next we see her in a super sexy red bra and panties on the balcony as it rains, pouring coconut oil on her skin and giving herself a nice long hard breast massage...we note how much she loves dirty talk as she gets turned on! Next we see her nude on the couch with a few of her favorite toys, preparing for some anal pleasure. She starts out fingering her ass and then moves up to the curved glass toy, penetrating herself slowly and then getting faster as she uses a magic wand vibrator at the same time - noting how juicy her privates are getting from all the attention - and then fingering herself some more. She wanted even more anal penetration though so we next see her sizing up to a larger thicker pink dildo, getting a nice workout on her ass. The cameraman sets up a tripod and leaves Alena to experience the Vibraking, and it turned out to be a bit too much strength for her clitoris, and she had to stop...but not until after having another orgasm! She had to tap out and we next see her dressed in her jeans to say goodbye, getting a few last flashes in while walking around the public parking lot. It's a treat seeing this sexy, sultry, busty blonde showing her sexuality here on FTV MILFs!


Apr 25, 2017

51 mins

258 pics

We meet this redheaded beauty Kendra James as she washes her hands in the kitchen sink, and immediately we notice how charismatic and charming she is with an open fun personality and of course that amazing body of hers! She's also a tremendous tease, letting her round firm breasts peek out of her top and slipping her jeans down just for a moment to give a glimpse of her panties. We learn that she's a good friend of Kobe who was shot for FTV some months ago, and that the two of them have had sex many times! Next she slips off her blue jeans to stretch out her long smooth legs, relaxing on the couch - we note again how sensual and seductive she is as she talks about some sexual fantasies - before using her fingers to penetrate herself and using a magic wand type vibrator to a loud moaning orgasm that people walking past the house surely heard! Next we see her after an outfit change, walking into the kitchen wearing a sheer black bra and panties set with bright red high heel shoes. She brought her own glass toy with her and we see her penetrating herself, spreading her legs wide open to go deep...but she really wanted more vibration, so it was time to bring out the vintage Vibraking toy. It's almost a joke to her at first but as soon as she starts vibrating her clitoris we note an immediate reaction, quickly bringing her to an incredibly strong orgasm with moans that almost reach a scream! She goes from orgasm to orgasm, the pitch of her moans getting higher and higher each time until she's had as much as she can handle. Lastly we see her walking outdoors in a bright red dress and black high heels, giving upskirt peeks in public and then getting more daring, touching herself with her fingers on a bench before having to leave after almost getting caught...she bids us goodbye and walks off, a stunning and extremely sensual redhead who loves to play and loves to tease, a woman just right for FTV MILFs ;)


Apr 18, 2017

60 mins

279 pics

She's a beautiful MILF who usually shoots more BDSM/kink type content when she models, but today Agatha is all about getting back to the roots of her sexuality here on FTV! We see her first outdoors in a short and very bright red dress - note those long smooth legs - and despite a little nervousness she starts flashing, letting her breasts out in public. After a little too much attention from passersby she heads back indoors, pulling off her dress to play. We see her lounging in a chair, using a pink vibration toy to buzz her clit as well as penetrate herself, spreading her legs and masturbing until she brings herself to a strong natural orgasm! Next she's introduced to the vintage Vibraking toy, and the powerful toy quickly brings her to another, even stronger climax...she follows this with more play in the bathroom, this time with squirting as she uses the pink toy on her privates followed by some anal fingering. Next we see her in black sheer lingerie, finding a large suction cup dildo stuck to the floor and riding it and grinding her privates up against it as well. Afterwards we see her doing some dancing, and it gets her so turned on she starts fingering herself right there in the middle of the song! To finish off the day she gave herself a hard breast massage with coconut oil, and we note how firm and round her augmented breasts are...she had to leave for a date soon after but had a wonderful day of shooting and of orgasmic fun right here on FTV ;)


Apr 11, 2017

56 mins

209 pics

She's a super stacked dark haired exotic looking MILF and when we meet her she's outdoors on a bright sunny morning wearing a silky green jumpsuit. She hasn't done many shoots and is still quite new to the industry but you wouldn't guess it from looking at her; she's confident and gorgeous and has that sexy voluptuous MILF body! We see her flashing those big enhanced breasts, showing off her pierced nipples, talking about how much she enjoys having them played with. Next she slips out of her jumpsuit getting totally nude (avoiding a nearby jogger) and we see her change into her tight spandex jogging outfit and also giving us a look at her feet as she puts on her sneakers (with no socks). She led the photographer up to a scenic windy overlook with a gorgeous view and pulled up her top, jogging around with her large breasts hanging out in a very public area! The cold and wind were bit much so we next see her back safely indoors, peeling out of her workout gear and laying back on a cushion to try out the Vibraking toy. She enjoyed the powerful vibrations and it very quickly took her to a strong squirting orgasm! Next she tries the toy in a different way, buzzing her nipple piercing to feel the vibrations through her breasts but it seemed to work better on her privates, so she moved it back to her clit and enjoyed another squirting orgasm that just about drenched the camera. Afterwards she retrieves her own (very large) toy, her very favorite dildo which she needs help inserting, so the cameraman lends a hand...the toy was just a bit on the large side for her mood though so after a little bit of play we see her move to anal pleasure instead, using a curved metal toy. All the anal play got her so turned on she just had to reach for the Vibraking one more time, bringing herself to yet another super strong squirting orgasm, getting it all over her own face! Before leaving to go on a date we see her head outdoors one last time in a very short skirt next to a busy street, flashing her breasts again as she says goodbye. Raven is a gorgeous mature woman with a sexy sensual curvy body who enjoys plenty of kinky play in her personal life so she brings that in a big way showing off for all of us right here on FTV MILFs!


Apr 4, 2017

55 mins

218 pics

Kate is a beautiful mature blonde at 29 years old, and we meet up with her as she wears her bra and panties applying just a little bit of makeup. She's brand new to the industry and is excited to try things out here at FTV. She was also excited to shoot out in public but due to inclement weather this shoot started out indoors...we see her slip out of her black bra and panties - note how superfit and tight that body of hers is, thanks to her frequent workouts - to show off that sexy nude form, in particular that perfect butt of hers. Next we see her lying on the couch using her fingers to pleasure herself, getting quite turned on but she was in the mood for a a fan of both vibration and penetration she was given the purple vibrating dildo, which she used on herself as a bit of a tease (she enjoys building up to orgasm rather than going for it right away) and then after turning up the vibration setting she has a strong natural climax! After a bit of a rest she was given the powerful Vibraking toy to takes her a minute or two to warm up to the sensations but then it brings her to another super strong orgasm - note the milky juices after - and then she uses a blue suction cup dildo on the floor for more penetration play! Next we see her using one of her own toys for both penetration and vibration pleasure, which brings her to another strong orgasm. Afterwards it was time for some kinky play with anal penetration using her fingers as well as some markers, before venturing outside as the weather finally cleared enough. We see her pulling off her top to play with her breasts, and we note how erect her nipples are in the cool air...this is where she says goodbye but it was a pleasure spending time with this beautiful mature first-timer, right here on FTV MILFs!


Mar 31, 2017

68 mins

169 pics

We meet up with lovely blonde Danielle Maye on a windy afternoon in Essex (near London in the UK)...she's been modeling for about 8 years or so but this will be her first time on FTV MILFs. She's a good friend of FTVm model Lexi who recommended her so she's here at a short trial shoot to see how she does! We see an introductory interview with the remote photographer, just chatting about this and that and sneaking the camera under the table to show that she's got no panties on. Next we see her out in the woods, enjoying the sunshine as she pulls up her skirt to show those sexy thigh high stockings and garter belt along with her striped bra and panties. She strips down, pulling up her dress to show off that curvy sexy body - note how she's not shy about being nude in the woods, even when a random bystander walks by and gets a good peek at her nakedness - but it was quite muddy out so she next headed back inside to lay on the bed and have a bit of an interview. We see her talking about being naked in public and the thought of it excites her; she starts sliding her hands all over her body and lifting up her dress to reveal her breasts. She talks about something she saw in porn that was new to her, basically panty-stuffing and as it turns out she wanted to give it a try! She pulls off her stockings and panties, stuffing the stocking inside and enjoying the sensation so much she starts rubbing her clitoris with the stocking still stuffed halfway into her hole, and is so turned on by it that she ends up masturbating to orgasm! She's a lovely horny mature UK woman who wanted to share her sensuality with us in this short mini-update for us here on FTV MILFs!


Mar 28, 2017

89 mins

124 pics

We meet lovely slender exotic beauty Heather as she munches on candy, twirling around in her short white skirt giving just a peek at her cute butt underneath - we notice she's not wearing any panties - and she talks about kissing her new friend who is standing nearby! She's eager to get things started after experiencing how well he kisses, and we see him come up behind to grab those big breasts as he kisses her neck making her moan with anticipation and pleasure. Moving to the stairway they get partway upstairs as they kiss, and next we see Heather dropping down to give him a deep and wet oral experience. Next we see them entering the bedroom where she bends over the mattress, having her pussy and butt licked and fingered from behind...she finds the vintage Vibraking toy and as he penetrates her for the first time she is already using the toy, buzzing her clit for the ultimate in vibration experience and quickly bringing her to her first orgasm of the day! We note how blown away the guy is by that incredibly tight fit sexy body of hers as he fucks her forwards and backwards, finally pulling out to cum all over that taut athletic stomach. In the afterglow the two of them relax in bed, gently caressing and talking before hopping into the shower together. They start kissing and relaxing in the hot steamy water and soon she had his cock hard and between her breasts and in her mouth again! The two of them play around in an impromptu shoot before she gets down on her knees and sucks out another load of cum onto over her face, finishing off a marathon afternoon of sex. These two may have been strangers before but there is a very real chemistry between them and it's obvious from their very first kiss as they share a steamy, intimate afternoon together...right here on FTV MILFs!


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