Jul 12, 2016

99 mins

317 pics

We meet beautiful elegant blonde Jewel in her living room enjoying a glass of wine...she's a sexy stunner whose husband is more than willing to join her on camera here on FTV MILFs! First though we are introduced to Jewel as she undresses, showing off and squeezing her large enhanced breasts. We're treated to a breast massage while she gets completely naked, showing every inch of her healthy fit figure...she's a vegetarian and exercises almost every day to keep herself fit and trim. While she waited for her husband to join her we see her using the vintage vibrator to 'warm up', buzzing her clitoris and bringing herself to a slow sensual orgasm. After a short break she heads upstairs and continues playing, using a magic wand vibrating toy this time to put on a show for her husband. He soon joins her and jumps right into the action, sliding inside her wetness with ease! The hubby was having some difficulties 'performing' though so she changed back to toys, using the magic wand and then getting fucked when he had the gumption. We see her giving a blowjob and then getting blindfolded to enjoy a little kinky penetration, then giving up for the time being and heading outside for some public nudity. While masturbating on a public bench she looked over to see her hubby playing with himself and things quickly turned into a public blowjob scene instead! We finish off the first day with some behind the scenes video of Jewel getting changed and getting ready for her shoot, along with some candid footage taken at a restaurant. It looked like the shoot was going to end up being a bit of a dud but in the morning we see Damon show up like a superhero, providing the dick Jewel was craving! He jumps right in, licking Jewel's pussy and then sliding inside while her husband watched from the sidelines, occasionally getting in on the fun for a blowjob or fucking her for a bit. What started out as a husband-wife couple hardcore scene turned into a threesome with a stranger and Jewel looks like she couldn't be happier about it! She orgasmed on Damon's cock multiple times - note how wet her pussy got in every new position they tried - and the husband was snapping away with his camera the whole time. It's a unique and very erotic hardcore shoot that can only be found right here, on FTV MILFs!


Jul 5, 2016

59 mins

331 pics

When we meet beautiful blonde Sandy she's walking in her sexy tight skirt pulling her skin-tight top up to reveal those big bouncy breasts of hers...quite an entrance! She's a stunning, elegant woman who is maturing and is completely comfortable with her body, although she does get shy with public nudity. After we see her head inside she is given a vibrating toy, which she uses to tease her clitoris after 'warming up' with her fingers. Note how she uses the combination of penetration and vibration to bring herself to a strong orgasm, which she describes as 'not bad for a start'! Next she graduates up to a larger toy, a thick purple dildo which she uses to ride and penetrate herself. Following that we see her in bed in her sexiest lingerie, luxuriating as she moves her hands over her body and then slides her panties down before fingering and gaping herself but she's still in the mood for vibration so she's given the vintage vibrator toy. She was a little apprehensive about the power of the toy but it works its magic, almost immediately bringing her to a strong shuddering orgasm! After a brief rest she was ready for round two, and orgasmed again almost as quickly followed by a third...note how she is laughing at herself by the end, she's just unable to resist the vibrations! Next we see her back on the couch wearing just her striped shirt with no panties, and is playing with her butt...she loves playing with her privates while fingering herself anally and we are given a great view of her beautiful butt as she plays before heading out to the garage - note how hard and perky her nipples are from the cold breeze - to say goodbye. Last we see a behind-the-scenes look as she changes in the bathroom...Sandy is a beautifully exotic Eastern European woman (she hails from Hungary) with a fun sexual attitude and of course that incredible flawless body, and despite the poor weather she is enthusiastic and excited about getting naked and playing for us right here on FTV MILFs!


Jun 28, 2016

73 mins

172 pics

When we meet sexy mature Asian hottie Nikko she is running the trails in her tight jogging pants...she loves nature and loves to show off and soon is running around topless without a care in the world! Note how fearless this exotic beauty is as she flashes her butt and boobs right out in the open on the trail...maybe it's the fact that she is finally getting some sun after living up in the Pacific Northwest! After some nude jogging and posing with spreads and playing with her large 34D firm breasts, along with some very loud fighter jets doing practice maneuvers above, Nikko heads back inside for more playtime privacy. We first see her in the kitchen topless making a turkey sandwich for a little lunchtime 'instructional video', then she changes into a sexy black pencil skirt and sheer white top. Note how erect her nipples become as she massages her breasts, then spreads her legs to masturbate with her fingers before switching over to a glass toy which she uses to penetrate. We also see how wet she's becoming from the sensations, with her natural juices flowing freely down her thigh! Soon she's ready for some vibration and we see her trying the vintage vibrator, closing her eyes as she experiences the powerful toy. She loved the sensations and also used the glass toy for penetration pleasure at the same time, but it was when she had the videographer lend a hand fucking her with the glass toy that she had a very strong natural milky orgasm. Next we see her in a pink outfit ready to penetrate her butt for the first time, using her fingers first and then popping a buttplug...albeit briefly! Up next is the big pink toy, which she uses to practice her oral technique on - note her oral fixation - and then penetrates herself with it as deep as she can manage, fingering her butthole at the same time. Lastly, we see some behind-the-scenes footage during the photoshoots as well as alternate angles, before seeing Nikko showering up and saying goodbye. She's a youthful 34 year old Asian beauty and has wanted to shoot for FTV for some time, so it's great to finally get see her in front of the camera...enjoy!


Jun 21, 2016

56 mins

199 pics

Southern blonde Laura looks beautiful in her little black dress but is hoping her man shows up soon when we meet her in the kitchen! She's a beautiful charming MILF who knows she's got a tight fit body and loves to show it off, as we see her bending over to flash her panties and then spreading her dress open to flash her perky natural breasts with very erect nipples. When he showed up finally, a bit late, he made up for his tardiness by bringing a couple of presents...he had a black hand cover type thing that she was underwhelmed by, but then he presented her with the vintage vibrator which she was VERY excited about! After using the toy to pleasure herself we see how turned on she is, basically grabbing the guy by the collar to pull him into the bedroom where she pushes him on the bed and starts working him with her hands and mouth for a nice sensual blowjob. He returned the pleasure with some oral, tickling and teasing her pretty pink privates before sliding his cock inside - note how wet she already is - and giving her the penetration she was craving. As he fucks her hole she gets more and more turned on - note how she gasps when he pulls her hair - and is brought to a nice strong orgasm! The two of them fucked in all their favorite positions until finally he climaxed inside her, which she let drip out for a 'creampie' finish. Excited and giddy from the afterglow, we next see Laura highkicking and twirling, showing some of her old cheerleading skills in an impromptu extra scene, along with some bonus footage of the two lovers in the shower together chatting and helping each other clean up. This is a hardcore shoot that may have turned into something more, as the chemistry between Donnie and this beautiful North Carolina blonde Laura was strong and it certainly showed in the way they made love in another red hot FTV MILFs shoot!


Jun 14, 2016

85 mins

227 pics

When we're introduced to Portia she's jogging on the sand in her tight workout pants, her long dark hair flowing in the breeze. She's a fit sporty mature woman from California so she's quite used to running on the keeps her body in great shape as you can see. It's quite chilly out so when she flashes her breasts we note how incredibly erect her nipples are! Soon it's too cold out to continue so she heads inside, where we see her getting a little more comfortable. After slipping out of her bra and taking off her shoes she sits on the stairs, spreading her legs and rubbing her clit to get herself all wet. Note how she drips as she rubs herself faster and faster, squeezing her breast and pleasuring herself until she brings herself to a nice natural orgasm. Next she finds a long double-ended dildo and, after using as nunchuks for a minute, starts playing with the toy and ends up sucking it and penetrating herself with the other end of it simultaneously! She also tries folding the toy in half and double penetrating herself, taking both ends at once in her vagina...note how tight the fit is but she's able to manage it! She wanted to try some vibration so next we see her with the vintage vibrator, which quickly brings her to multiple orgasms...before she even slips her panties all the way off! Note how puffy and wet her pink privates become the more she cums...she lost count of how many orgasms she had, but was guessing five or six at the very least! After that workout it was time to cool down a little with some yoga type stretches in her exercise gear, and we note how flexible this beautiful brunette really is, particularly when she strips nude and continues posing, getting those long athletic legs in the air spread wide open. Next she wants to go back to the Vibraking, incorporating penetration as well with the FTV big ten toy with the help of the cameraman. Next we see her setting up a camera and recording herself as she gets changed into some lingerie, then heading outdoors for a little more public nudity fun! She flashes her breasts on a stairway out in the open, then goes for a topless walk along the railroad tracks as she bids us goodbye. After this we see quite a bit of 'behind the scenes' footage, alternate angles of the yoga stretching, and even the moment when the gopro fell off the ceiling mount and hit Portia on the shoulder! She's a beautiful, fit, healthy MILF who is enjoying her body as she matures and is having a blast showing it off here on FTV...and, of course, having a multitude of orgasms!


Jun 7, 2016

62 mins

311 pics

Jayme is a beautiful redheaded ex-FTVGirls model who has learned a lot about herself and her body and wanted to come back to FTV to share it! When we meet Jayme she's on the computer checking out her old FTVGirls update, taking a stroll down memory's been nearly 10 years since she shot and it's quite a shock for her to see herself so young. As she relates some stories about her first shoot we notice how beautiful this woman is, especially with her top opened up to give a peek at those large firm breasts. When she watches some of her old videos and gets to a part where she's naked and masturbating the memories are flooding back and soon she's taking off her bra to massage those firm still-perky breasts and sliding out of her tight jeans to recreate a little history. Next we see her crawling naked into bed to explore her body, rubbing her pretty pink private parts with her fingers and then using her own personal toy to vibrate her sensitive clitoris, bringing herself to a nice sensual orgasm followed by some gaping - we note how wet she has gotten as she spreads open - and then it's time to use her glass toy, sucking and licking it to get it wet and then penetrates herself deep. Next we see her in a sexy black dress and high heels, treating us to views of that perfect form as she lifts up the we see some foot fetish fun as she rubs her pretty feet together, sliding her hands over her toes to rub her feet and giving us an upskirt look at the same time. Next we see her using the powerful vintage vibrator which brought her to a quiet orgasm after which she uses the toy on her nipples to get them hard. This leads into some breast play as she gives herself a slow hard breast massage, after which she got kinky with a hooked toy to pull her sensitive clit backwards, isolating it. Putting her jeans back on she heads outside, letting her breasts peek out from her black bra as she plays with her nipples in public. Jayme is an absolutely beautiful woman who might be 10 years out from her first FTV shoot but still looks every bit as amazing, and it's a treat to see her come back and share her sensual energy with us here on FTV MILFs!


May 31, 2016

56 mins

264 pics

This curvy, blue eyed, and very sexual blonde Summer Brielle is a well known pornstar who wanted to celebrate her maturity by showing off for a site like FTV MILFs. We are introduced to her as she relaxes in the bedroom with a glass toy, rubbing it over her body and licking the tip. After talking a little about some of her early sexual experiences she starts penetrating herself - note how small and tight her privates are, even after doing work as a porn actress for years - quickly bringing herself to orgasm. She gapes a little, showing how puffy her clitoris has become from the attention and then does some teasing, giving herself a hard breast massage and then meeting the powerful Vibraking, which brought her to another strong squeaking orgasm. Next we see her playing with the long blue toy, penetrating herself to see how deep she could take it inside. Afterwards we're treated so some relaxing breast and butt massage with some warm oil before heading outside, flashing her large breasts in public. Despite her nervousness about public nudity she is game to flash, teasing with her boobs and pulling her jeans down to show off her butt too, playing outside to finish off the day. After saying goodbye we see her in the car, still topless. This was a shorter shoot than usual but you get to experience the sexual exploration of a beautiful, friendly, mature pornstar having fun...FTV style!


May 31, 2016

101 mins

225 pics

She's a gorgeous, slender brunette MILF with a great approachable personality and a stunning body, and she's here for a full day of pleasure! Beautiful Eva is going through her suitcases when we meet up with her, and we notice immediately that her nipples are pretty much permanently erect, straining against the thin fabric of her shirt! She loves playing with her large augmented breasts and sensitive nipples, so we are treated to an impromptu hard breast massage with nipple pulling before she starts pulling out her lingerie and showing it off for us. Slipping out of her jeans and panties we note how long those smooth slender legs are, and how shapely and firm her mature body is. Eva is nearly tattoo-free but has a clitoral hood piercing which she loves (it's something her husband wanted her to do), fingering her private parts a little and pulling on her piercing for the pleasurable sensations it creates, as well as pulling on her long labia. We see her getting into her black lacy lingerie and when she's informed a guy is going to be showing up to shoot she seems pretty excited, and says she thinks her husband will love hearing about that! Next we see her by the fireplace getting 'warmed up' in more ways than one, touching her breasts and rubbing her vagina through her panties slowly and firmly. Switching from her fingers to a smooth glass toy she begins tapping it against her clit piercing making it clink, then starts rubbing and penetrating herself with the curved tip. Next she's presented with the vintage vibrating toy, as she's a fan of intense appears to be right up her alley, soon bringing her to a strong loud squirting orgasm, and then another while simultaneously fucking herself with the glass toy! After that she was very turned on and ready for the guy to show up but he was late in traffic so she took the opportunity to rest and have a little lunch. When he finally showed up we see Eva with the GoPro camera forcing him to get on his knees and lick her slit, taking charge of him as a little 'punishment' for being so tardy! She lifts up her skirt and has him lick her vagina from behind, giving him directions and hten rewarding his efforts with some oral attention of her own. Next we see some foot fetish as she makes him take her shoes off, licking and sucking her toes as he fingers her hole. Finally she allows him to penetrate her, sliding into her doggystyle...she leads him into every position she wants to be fucked and he's more than willing to go along for the ride! We see some behind-the-scenes footage as the videographer leaves the room too and the pair keep going at it, with the guy turning into a 'human vibrator' as he licks her pussy. Finally she allows him to cum, shooting his load all over those big boobs of hers in a huge release! Afterwards the two of them are still so turned on by each other they head into the shower together to wash up and get right back to it, with more fucking and oral fun despite their sore muscles! Eva is a beautiful mature brunette with an amazing body who loves to take charge, and she definitely gets what she wants here on FTV MILFs...enjoy this hot hardcore shoot!


May 24, 2016

101 mins

191 pics

When we first see Nikki she's already got her perky boobs out as she walks around in her tight blue dress! Note how pert and erect her nipples are, not only from the chilly air but from the excitement of flashing in public...and she shows off her butt too, spanking herself. We see her playing with herself in public, looking around to make sure nobody sees her. Finding a big wicker chair she sits and spreads her legs, rubbing more and more - still quite in the public eye - but then got scared off by a few passersby. After getting changed by the roadside it's time for yoga back at the house, and we see those strong thick legs stretching as Nikki goes through her poses to the beat of her techno music, slowly shedding her clothing until she's working out in the nude. She did some squat jumps up the stairs to show how she keeps her butt in such amazing shape, nearly falling once or twice in the process! After cooling down a little from her exercises it was time to play...we see her using her own tiny vibrator as she talks about what turns her on - note how visibly wet she gets down there - and soon she's buzzed her way to her first orgasm of the day! It was time to graduate upwards in size though, and as it happens this was her first time trying a full-sized vibrating toy. We see her try the glass beaded toy which she enjoys, using her natural juices as lubrication for easy it was time for pure power with the Vibraking, which ended up being just a little too much. We see her move back to the more familiar small toy she brought with her, and when the videographer left the room she brought herself to multiple orgasms in quick succession. To cool down a little she puts some oil on her butt, reaching back to give herself a hard butt massage and then inviting the videographer to lend a hand, which we see from his perspective using a head-mounted camera. Nikki is an adorably cute, extremely flirtatious, fun MILF with a great body and a ton of sexual energy as she shows her stuff and heats up the camera right here on FTV!


May 17, 2016

43 mins

189 pics

Today we're treated to beautiful MILF Raquel Devine fresh from being divorced, going out on a casual date with a guy pal from her gym. We begin out on the water as Raquel and her friend are sharing a refreshing glass of bubbly and chitchatting, and we already see the sparks sounds like Raquel isn't into having a new relationship right away and just wants to have some fun, and this guy is definitely up for that! We see immediately how big and firm her breasts are as the guy spends some time rubbing and licking them, teasing her nipples until they were erect as he slid his hand into her pants. We see Raquel take his cock out of his pants, licking and sucking him until they decide they need to head back to the house RIGHT NOW to take care of business! Back indoors the two kiss passionately just inside the door, then make their way to the kitchen where it's all about blowjobs as Raquel hops the guy onto the counter, sinking to her knees to suck his dick and lick his balls to drive him crazy. Next it's his turn to head down south, spreading Raquel's legs to lick and eat her pussy out making her moan and gasp with pleasure. After riding him harder and harder she brings him up to the bedroom where we see a POV view of what it's like to be sucked off by this horny mature honey...she uses both hands, deepthroating his cock and using every part of her mouth and lips and tongue to pleasure him. Soon he was back inside her after taking charge and throwing her to the bed, fucking her hole and making her scream in ecstasy! Raquel uses all the skills and tricks she's learned over the years, grinding her pussy on the guy and letting him know just where and how she liked to be fucked...she's holding onto the sheets as he penetrates her - note how wet her pussy is getting - and he thrusts faster and faster until finally shooting his load of cum all over her tight stomach! Raquel is a beautiful busty mature MILF who knows what she wants and is finally in a place where she can explore her desires...and we get to watch, right here on FTV MILFs ;)


May 17, 2016

73 mins

231 pics

She's a sultry, seductive raven-haired beauty who wanted to shoot for FTV years ago but the opportunity never quite came together...but now as a mature woman she decided to finally come aboard! When we meet up with Starri she's relaxing outside near a fountain enjoying her coffee, and soon she's flashing those big breasts with her nipples quite erect in the crisp morning air. Note how she immediately begins enjoying the sensation of the breeze on her bare breasts as well as the excitement of public nudity...a natural for FTV! The cold air made her have to pee, though, but when she tries she gets a little camera-shy and can't go, though we do get a nice view of her tight firm fit butt. Next we see her in a sexy black belted dress in some video footage taken during her photoshoot...after that are some upskirt shots as she spreads her legs, examining and admiring her pretty (and slightly puffy) private parts, touching herself gently and starting to finger her hole before moving back to her boobs, pulling her nipples and squeezing them together for a nice hard breast massage. Relaxing on the couch we see her pretty feet as she takes off her shoes...they were tight enough that they left lines on the tops of her feet and she does a little foot fetish focus, talking about having her toes sucked and rubbing her feet a little. After that she's ready for some play so she meets the vintage Vibraking, and once she gets used to the power it quickly brings her to a strong natural orgasm, and then almost immediately another one, and then she goes right back in for a third orgasm! After washing up a little it was time to get kinky as she grabs the paper towel holder for some insertions, riding on top of it - note how wet and creamy her vagina is making the towel rod - and even picking it up off the floor using her vagina muscles! After a salad for lunch we see her doing some Yoga poses and exercises, stripping nude to show every inch of her graceful form. After that she wanted to go right back to the Vibraking because she wanted to cum even more from its power! She was anticipating the sensations this time and quickly climaxed with a strong milky orgasm- we can see how instantly wet she got as well - and then another in quick succession! After some extreme closeups of her wet privates as she gently rubbed her vagina with oil, relaxing after her many orgasms. To close things out we see her packing up, then some behind-the-scenes footage getting dressed and after her yoga session. Starri is a beautiful, busty, sensual MILF who is comfortable with her own body and very comfortable having orgasms on camera, especially when the Vibraking is involved...right here on FTV MILFs!


May 10, 2016

59 mins

318 pics

She's a stunning leggy redheaded ex-FTVGirls model with some of the most perfect natural boobs to ever grace the site, returning after 6 years to show her more mature and even more beautiful look! We meet up with Jayden as she walks past some shops wearing her short skirt, a blue shirt and high heeled shoes enjoying the sunshine...she's hesitant to flash in public though, having gotten in trouble for that in the past! She's happy to flash her nipples in the car though, giving us our first look at her perfect breasts. Back at the condo she gets changed out of her 'job interview' clothes, kicking her long legs in the air and slipping off her black panties, then spending some time squeezing and talking about her large natural D (or sometimes DD) cup breasts. Next it was time for some vagina play...Jayden started out rubbing her privates with her fingers but was in the mood for some penetration so she found a glass toy, licking and sucking it before sliding it inside. She started out slowly, teasing herself and then getting faster, using the textured side of the dildo to pleasure her clitoris until bringing herself to a nice strong natural orgasm, her first of the day. Afterwards she changed into her white lacy lingerie, and it was time to get a little kinky with a curved vaginal hook toy...Jayden used the toy to rub her clit and tease her vagina, barely penetrating inside - note how wet she's getting from the teasing - using the ball at the end of the hook to stimulate the sensitive hole. She follows that up with a sexy striptease, slowly removing her lingerie until she's walking off wearing just her thigh high nylon stockings. After changing into a silky blue nightshirt with lacy sleeves she continues the tease, showing every inch of that amazing body and then pulling out her own personal glass toy to lick and penetrate herself with! It's a slightly smaller glass toy - she tends to enjoy the penetration more when it's focused near the opening of her vagina - and she uses it to quickly bring herself to another orgasm right there on the staircase. We next see her in tight little jogging shorts and a white short tshirt that shows her nipples clearly through the thin fabric, then stripping down on the bed looking incredible with that long flowing red hair. Putting her shorts back on she heads outside to do a little jogging, braving the public exposure enough to flash those perfect boobs one last time before saying goodbye. It may have been over 6 years but she looks just as hot (if not hotter, being more mature and comfortable in her own skin) now as her very first update...enjoy this tall, gorgeous, incredibly sexy and glamorous redhead as she takes us into her world, right here on FTV MILFs! ;)


May 3, 2016

85 mins

270 pics

She's a curvy, personable babe from France and the first thing we notice is that she's got a lovely pair of 36D natural breasts! When we meet Natasha she's exploring the house, checking out some of the bric-a-brac including a big thick candle that she insists she could fit in her vagina! She uses it to 'massage' her boobs, rolling it over her chest for fun and showing how firm and resilient her breasts are. After some play she takes off her shirt and presses her boobs against the glass table, bouncing them up and down...and they're hypnotizing! We see how she keeps her pubic hair trimmed but natural as she touches herself, pulling back her hood to show her pink private parts with a large pronounced clitoris. Next she lays back on the couch to masturbate using her fingers, rubbing faster and faster and bringing herself to a nice quiet natural orgasm - and notice she smells her fingers afterwards; she loves the mild natural smell of her vagina - and then shows her swollen pink clitoris up close. Next we see her on the floor warming her toes by the fireplace, wearing just a jacket with no pants or panties, then using the soft blanket to rub her boobs - note how erect her nipples become - before fingering herself, working up from three fingers to four and then pushing to fit basically her entire fist inside! After a short rest she brought our her own personal glass toy she had brought, sliding it inside and then fucking herself with it fast and hard, before graduating to a long double-sided dildo! She also grabbed a larger glass toy, confident that she could manage the thicker girth in her vagina now that she had been 'warmed up' a bit. She wasn't wrong, sliding the thick glass toy slowly inside layer by layer...the toy was hollow so we were able to see her cervix deep inside, almost like a speculum. Next it's time for the double-sided toy, which she starts out rolling with her feet like bread dough and then penetrates herself with it to see how deep she can take it. She starts out slow and then speeds up, and we notice how wet she gets down there from the penetration...she simulates oral and rubs her clit with the toy, then masturbates with it some more bringing herself to another orgasm, stronger this time, with the toy quite deep inside. After changing into her blue lingerie she was introduced to the Vibraking, sliding it all over her body to get an idea of the power and then pulling her panties aside to stimulate her clit with it...quickly she was orgasming again, her clit getting even more swollen from all the attention! Next of course it's time for some breast worship, as she tickles her nipples and gives herself a nice hard breast massage with warm oil, and she enjoys 'clapping' her big boobs together to hear the soft wet slapping noise they make. To finish off the day we see her head outside, flashing those magnificent breasts in public in the cold and drizzle...afterwards we conclude with some GoPro footage of her getting ready in the bathroom, getting changed and playing with her boobs and brushing her teeth. She's a curvy natural beauty with a magnificent mature body that she's understandably proud of and comfortable with, and she's letting us all into her private world here on FTV!


Apr 26, 2016

63 mins

202 pics

She's a beautiful blonde mature woman with a nearly flawless body, and the kind of sexual energy you might read about but rarely get to see "in the wild"! She's been working in the adult industry for over 13 years now and usually with that kind of track record a woman tends to slow down a little or become a little jaded, but not Ashley, she's still full of jazz and loves to share her body with the world. We see her first in a sheer striped skirt in public, giving a few tantalizing glimpses of her nice round bubble butt as a sort of hint of the fun to come, then see her indoors stripping the rest of the way down to be totally nude and comfortable on the couch. She grabs a nearby glass toy and starts pleasuring herself, switching up to the vintage vibrator to really go to town! Hearing the commotion, Brad wanders in and lends a hand before unzipping and giving Ashley the real thing to play's a hot hardcore rendezvous and Ashley ends up orgasming multiple times, maybe even as many as 25 (!!!) according to her! Note how wet she is "down there" as she is penetrated; this is one woman who truly loves sex in all its forms. After cleaning up from a facial and changing into a red shawl for more teases we see her head outside to get some fresh air, pulling her top down to reveal her large bouncy breasts and then going for a topless jog down a quite busy path! She seemed a little nervous still about public nudity but got her nerve up to do topless cartwheels as traffic drove right past. Enjoy this seasoned veteran of the adult industry exploring her body and her sexual pleasure...whether it be hardcore sex or soft casual teases Ashley looks amazing and is a perfect fit here on FTV MILFs!


Apr 19, 2016

63 mins

230 pics

We meet this busty blonde MILF as she goes out on the trail for her morning jog, flashing her big triple-D's in the cool morning breeze! She is very fit and definitely not shy in public as she runs topless, then heads back indoors for a nice hard breast massage while wearing knee-high black socks. She masturbates with her fingers while playing with her breasts, then tries out a purple vibrating toy which quickly brings her to her first orgasm of the day...which wasn't even in the plans! We next see her graduating in size in a big way, trying out the Monster toy which she sticks to the floor and rides deep cowgirl style...much deeper than she had expected to manage. Next we see her in jeans and a loose top as she stretches out, talking about her experience as a married camgirl and model (having only been in the adult industry for about a month), rubbing her feet and showing her toes. Heading upstairs she grabs a couple of plugs of different size, inserting one in her vagina and one in her butt at the same time for some DP style shooting, then moving on to kinkier fun with a speculum showing deep inside to her cervix! She touches her cervix with the end of a sppon, making her pink parts pulse and quiver before using the vintage Vibraking toy which quickly brings her to a huge squirting strong orgasm. Note the strong vaginal orgasmic contractions as she climaxes multiple times with the toy before trying on a few different dresses and outfits, then heading outside to say goodbye as she flashes and teases in a public parking lot. Parker is a beautiful blonde busty MILF who is trying all kinds of firsts here as she explores the world of adult entertainment, and is a perfect fit for FTV MILFs with that fit firm sexy mature body and fun open sexual attitude!


Apr 12, 2016

85 mins

247 pics

She's a gorgeous ex-FTV model (she is now a solo & girl/girl porn actress who goes by the name Celeste Star) who is back after over 10 years and she still looks incredible! When we first meet Michelle she's in the bathroom putting on her makeup getting ready for the shoot and talking about her experiences shooting for FTV in the past. This turns into a little breast play as she tweaks her nipples, getting them hard and pulling on them for fun. Next she strips down nude and gives herself a quite aggressive full-body lotion massage, rubbing it all into her skin from head to toe. She takes a little more time doing her feet in particular for a little foot fetish style fun, then heads outside for some fresh air. She has no panties on under her skirt and has fun flashing and rubbing her private parts...including upskirt action while works cleaned the office building windows nearby. Throwing caution to the wind she pulled up her dress and gave the workers some full body flashing as they cheered and whistled! Next she found a stairway, spreading her legs and rubbing her vagina with her fingers - notice how wet her privates get as she rubs herself in public - and spanks herself to get her butt cheeks all rosy pink. After a little light lunch and some water she hops on the couch and gets 'down to business', spreading and rubbing her private parts - note the pulsating reaction of her vagina to the attention - and treating us to some dirty talk as well. We see her unusual masturbation style with one thumb in her vagina and the other hand rubbing her clitoris faster and faster, bringing herself to her first orgasm of the day. Next she tries the glass ball toy on for size, taking the three largest balls and then using her vagina muscles to 'shoot' the toy out with a little mini-squirt! You can see how milky and wet her privates get from the hard bulbous toy as she penetrates herself with several squirts. She fucks herself with the glass toy harder and harder while rubbing her clit, bringing herself to a milky squirting orgasm that gets the couch wet and then spreading herself wide for some vagina gaping closeups. After a bit of a rest she puts on her music and does some dancing, showing her grace as she does an impromptu striptease dance. Next she's back on the couch wearing her glasses and a pink bra and panties, and is ready to use the Vibraking vintage vibrator...she had used it on FTV Girls many years ago but was getting reacquainted to the powerful sensations, bringing herself to squeaking strong orgasms! Afterwards we see her making herself cum even more just by touching her vagina since it was so sensitive! Afterwards she shows something else she likes, which is having her butthole teased with a tongue or a light fingertip...we see her spread her legs open to tease herself anally, touching herself and then doing some anal 'winking' to finish off her shoot. Last we see a second angle of her Vibraking masturbation and had been quite awhile since we've seen this beautiful sexual woman but she has returned with a vengeance, a little older and wiser and just as excited as ever to share her sexuality and energy with all of us, right here on FTV!


Apr 5, 2016

67 mins

242 pics

She's a jaw-droppingly beautiful, busty, sultry pornstar MILF with poise and self-assurance galore...and is of course extremely sexual! We begin by seeing Reena in a flowing dress and heels near a fountain, strolling around and then sitting to take out her large breasts and we notice how comfortable she is with her body. She flashes and fingers herself at the fountain, bringing herself to orgasm with her fingers already! We get to experience how giggly and silly she becomes after climax, shaking her breasts and spanking herself in public right next to an office building. Back inside we see her relaxing and sipping a glass of wine looking elegant and seductive in a sheer gown. This leads her to slip off her panties for some more self-pleasure...after a nice hard breast massage! After some fingering she brings in her personal toy which brings her to multiple strong gasping orgasms in a row. We notice her fun bubbly personality "coming" through after her masturbation as she talks her favorite toy. Next we see some vagina spread closeups - notice how wet she has become from her play - before she takes a little break to get her breath back. When we see Reena again she is playing with the glass ball toy, licking it and having fun simulating oral sex and using the toy as an airplane, before penetrating herself with it as deep as she could take. Going faster with the toy we notice how dripping wet her vagina gets and soon she's experiencing yet another orgasm before licking the toy clean. Next she wants to dance, enjoying the post-orgasm glow as she puts on music and moving to the song in her sheer top. After a song or two she deploys the Vibraking, enjoying its powerful vibrations as she presses it against her clitoris. We see her have multiple strong orgasms from this toy with strong vaginal contractions, and she is barely able to hold on to the toy through the orgasmic waves! We see how incredibly wet and puffy her private parts have become as she touches herself afterwards, trying to recover a little. Next it's relaxation time and for Reena that means pouring warm oil on herself for a hard breast and butt massage, rubbing it all over her skin to keep soft and supple. It was beautiful weather outside so she wanted to go for a hike out on the trail, walking around in her tight stretchy shorts flashing her breasts and butt for fun in the sunshine while bicycle riders zoomed by! She needs to pee after walking around and does so in public, doing it right off the trail and then gets dressed to hike around some more. After another hard breast massage she takes her shorts off entirely to enjoy the breeze before going for a topless jog before saying goodbye back at the house. An established pornstar, she is truly a sexual dynamo who loves to explore and play and share, showing her real personality right here on FTV!


Mar 29, 2016

120 mins

297 pics

Easily the most extreme model we've seen on FTV MILFs, we meet naughty Alysha as she relaxes in her lingerie after a long day...she has large soft full breasts which she loves to play with, giving herself a hard breast massage and licking her own nipples as she squeezes them together. She brought a collection of enormous toys with her and the long thick dildo which she considers a 'warm-up' toy is one which most women would POSSIBLY be able to manage after a day of playing! It's truly amazing to see this beautiful busty MILF lick and suck the toy and then easily penetrate herself deeply with it...afterwards she can already fist herself, starting with three fingers and then four, then fitting her thumb to complete the fist. She gives herself a 'true' fisting too, balling up her hand instead of merely penetrating with the fingers and palm! After a little gaping she finds the vintage vibrator, playing with it which brings her to a strong orgasm fairly quickly. Going for more, she achieves multiple orgasms with squirting! After a shower we see Alysha in the bedroom for some anal play, using a large buttplug and then switching up to a much larger glass toy with several knots which she uses to penetrate herself, using her sphincter muscles to push the toy out, followed by some anal gaping and spreading. The next morning we see her outside in a skirt and wedges, pulling her breasts out of her top as she sits on a stairway by an office building showing some upskirt views, rubbing her pussy and then using a toy for some public penetration. After some gaping and masturbation she is chased off by security, after which we see her finding a quiet corner to pee in. Back indoors she lined up her toys showing the range of styles and sizes, stretching herself out with her fingers before using a large toy that she has to use both hands to hold on to! Switching to a blue toy with a huge fist-sized head, she penetrates herself again and again which widens up her vagina to the point where she can easily fist...and can nearly fist herself with both hands at once! Next she graduates to 'the big one', a huge thick black dildo larger than both fists intertwined which she lubes up and takes inside herself. Teaching the photographer how to fist her, she is man-fisted deep and hard which brings her to a huge squirting orgasm. Next up we see Alysha in semi-sheer lingerie using the double-ended dildo for some double penetration anally and vaginally! After washing up some veggies and a wine bottle to make them safe she has some fun with them, penetrating herself deep with a long cucumber which pushes her vaginal wall so that it's visible through her asshole, then stuffs the wine bottle...the large end! In the final big kinky scene she stretches her ass out with her fingers, doing some anal gaping, fucks herself anally with a large dildo and then shows off her rosebud! It's a truly extreme, kinky first for FTV as she prolapses herself and then allows her rosebud back inside, showing her elasticity and resilience. Finally she heads outside for a goodbye with her large breasts out to finish up this amazing of kink and extreme content, this one is for you as this beautiful sexual sensual busty blonde shares some of her unique capabilites and fetishes for a truly extreme FTV MILFs experience!


Mar 22, 2016

38 mins

134 pics

She's a beautiful, busty, mature and extremely sexual woman and loves staying fit and healthy, so when we first meet Cytherea she's stretching and doing yoga by the pool in little pink shorts and a tight stretchy bra. She plays with her large full firm breasts but her workout is interrupted by a guy by the name of Alex coming up the hill behind the house. Apparently his car had broken down so he was looking for a phone, but got distracted when he saw this sexy woman half-nude working out. He helped her stretch out and soon she was helping him out of his pants, admiring the size of his 'equipment'. Her yoga session transformed into an all out hardcore sex scene - note how wet Cytherea got as she was penetrated - and soon she was getting fucked to multiple squirting orgasms. The two of them roamed around near the pool fucking everywhere they could, with Cytherea cumming faster and harder each time until her legs were shaking and she was gasping for breath. It's a hot hardcore sex shoot and you squirting-lovers out there will have a field day with this beautiful horny MILF!


Mar 22, 2016

57 mins

205 pics

Right away this busty blonde is into the thick of things when we meet her, lounging in bed wearing her high heels and lacy semi-sheer lingerie using a pink toy to pleasure herself. She starts out by licking the toy sensually, rubbing her privates through her panties before slipping them off and penetrating herself, rubbing her clitoris faster and faster to reach her first orgasm of the day. She was so turned on she forgot to remove her bra! Afterwards we see a nice hard breast massage of those big enhanced breasts as she talks about how much she loves to play with them...this MILF is very vocal as she worships her own boobs, licking her nipples and undressing. Next we see Jeanie in an attractive black suit, opening the front to give a glimpse of her breasts as she takes some sexy selfies for her fans on social media...the suit comes off as do her high heel shoes before she tries out the infamous Vibraking, which quickly brings her to another even stronger orgasm! She's not done yet though, she goes back for another climax - note how wet she is getting down there whe nshe fingers herself afterwards, tasting her own natural juices. Up next is the big purple suction cup toy which she sticks to a glass table and rides deep, although her vagina is so tight it keeps lifting the toy right off the table! Heading outside, she does some public flashing until a security guard makes her leave, after which she gets completely nude at a gas station in front of everyone, making a woman in a car behind her quite upset! Back at the house her clothes come off again as she shows her butt for some anal play, fingering herself and then saying goodbye. This is a very sensual and sexual MILF who has really learned the ins and outs of her body, and she's nice enough to share her body and her erotic energy here on FTV!


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