Mar 3, 2020

101 mins

379 pics

We're introduced to beautiful Kylie LeBeau on an overcast day outdoors and we immediately note her stunning good looks - she has a striking exotic look to her, with a slender supermodel physique - as she shows her loose knit sweater over a tight top and dark leggings. We watch as she tugs her top down to reveal a sexy blue bra, giving us a peek at her shapely breasts and pulling her nipples, with a nice hard breast massage after which she pulls down her leggings to touch her clit with her fingertips. Next she gets on her knees and shows us how she masturbates in doggystyle position, with a finger in her butt for anal pleasure while she rubs her clit with her other hand - and we note how milky wet she gets from the sensations, bringing herself to a nice strong orgasm! Next up she uses her own personal toy, a pink vibrator which first goes on her already-erect nipples and then onto her clitoris, and she has another nice strong milky orgasm after which we have some nice up-close looks at her pretty pink privates. Heading indoors, we see her in high heels and a short black dress - no panties underneath - and perching on a stool she spreads her legs to masturbate again with her toy, enjoying yet another climax! A large penetration toy is next and we watch as she fucks herself with it while still using the vibrator, enjoying the deep penetration and 'fullness'. After changing into sexy sheer black lingerie we watch as she masturbates to another hot climax, getting all creamy again...and we enjoy a close view of her natural juices! For even more fullness she next reaches for the big black cone toy, stretching out her hole to the limit and taking it almost all the way to the base, then gaping! After that is the powerful vintage Vibraking toy, which along with the huge cone toy makes for one last orgasm. Heading outdoors to finish off the day we watch her flash her breasts one last time, before bidding us goodbye...a beautiful, enthusiastic, and incredibly orgasmic addition here on FTV MILFs!


Feb 25, 2020

59 mins

311 pics

Stunning mature blonde Sophia West meets up with us outdoors to start things off today, and immediately we note that she's just drenched in sex appeal! This charismatic stunner is almost brand new to the adult industry, making her very first modeling trip to LA and shooting with FTV to get off on the right foot. We see her tug her loose flowing clothing down to reveal those 36D breasts, gently playing with her nipples and then getting nude to give us some very hot spreads. Next we see her bathed in golden sunlight on the deck with a beautiful view of the mountains, and she lifts a leg on a boulder to slide her hands down and penetrate herself with her fingertips. Soon she's masturbating in earnest, rubbing her clitoris faster and using several fingers to fuck herself before switching over to a vibrator, bringing herself to a nice strong outdoor orgasm! Next we see her indoors in lacy white sheer lingerie with a textured glass toy in her hand, and soon she's spread open sliding it in and out of her hole - we note the wet sounds - before switching to a black magic wand toy for another orgasm! Next up is the big cone toy and she fucks herself with it while using the magic wand, and the combination has her climaxing yet again. After changing into a sexy tight white dress - we note she has no panties benath - she reaches for the powerful vintage Vibraking toy, which soon claims another 'victim' bringing her to an intense strong orgasm! To finish things off on a fun note we see her outdoors on a public hiking trail, flashing her boobs and butt right out in the open. She's super comfortable with her body and goes for a relaxing topless hike, giving a great view at that amazing bosom. She's a sultry beautiful mature blonde with an amazing body, and it's obvious she has a big career in the adult industry in her future...and today on FTV MILFs we're getting a great introduction!


Feb 18, 2020

55 mins

263 pics

We are introduced to lovely redhead Penny Pax outdoors on a brisk Autumn day and she's all bundled up in layers of activewear, and soon we see her tugging her jogging pants down to show off that natural ginger bush! Those big heavy breasts of hers are next as she pops them out of her jacket, squeezing and massaging them and letting them drop and bounce and we note how firm and sexy they are. Next we see her in the house in a sexy red dress and black thigh high nylon stockings, and she shows us a toy she brought from's a thick glass dildo with textured beads all over and she's a fan for sure. We watch as she rubs it against her sensitive clitoris, using the bumps to drive herself wild and then sliding the toy deep inside going faster and moving to the rhythm until she has her first nice orgasm of the day! Heading back outdoors we see her relaxing nude on a patio chair, showing her long pink jelly dildo which she slides inside for more deep penetration play, spreading her legs wide open and using both hands to stuff the toy in her hole! The insects invaded and forced her back inside so we join her on a comfy chair where she continues to fuck herself with the jelly dildo, sliding it in and out and we note how wet and turned on she becomes...and then she introduces a candy striped vibrator into the mix which brings her to another stronger orgasm! Afterwards we see her using her fingertips for personal pleasure, spreading her legs back - we note her sexy thigh high stockings and high heel shoes - and fingering herself to one more climax. For a little FTV style public nudity fun we follow her into the woods on a public hiking trail, and we see her flashing those big boobs and pulling down her pants to reveal her bush again...just up the trail from several park rangers in full sight! She's a super cute and super energetic redhead with that ideal MILF form, and she loves to share herself with her fans and new friends right here on FTV Girls!


Feb 11, 2020

67 mins

337 pics

On a cloudy morning we're introduced to beautiful Karina Kaif on a sandy Florida beach as she climbs up the lifeguard tower, flipping up her pretty red dress to flash her sexy form and then getting completely nude in public! After setting up a small wind-break and putting some music on her phone we see her dancing in the sand, showing her sensual moves in a thong bikini swimsuit. Afterwards we see her interviewed at an outdoor cafe, talking a bit about herself and flashing her boobs along with some upskirt peeks while the clouds rolled in with thunder. Heading to the car to escape the rain we're treated to a nice fun car ride between her legs as she spreads and gapes a bit and talks about anatomy and herself. Arriving at the parking garage we see her flirting and flashing, pulling up her red dress to show off that hot butt! So hot in fact that the fire alarms were set off...after a quick getaway we see her playing in the elevator, sliding her hands over her tight slender body before heading out onto the streets. She had been to Florida before but not for a few years, so this was almost a new experience again for this New York based MILF. The rain had soaked the patio but she was still relaxing in her red dress with no shoes on - we note her cutely painted toenails - and the constant wet made her need to relieve herself so we're treated to a nice long peeing session. Back indoors, we see her dancing sexily to music on the radio and then hopping onto the couch to spread her legs, ready to play! She reaches for a glass dildo which she uses to penetrate herself, first vaginally and then switching over to her butt for anal pleasure as well - along with a second dildo in her vagina for double penetration! Next we see her wearing cute little cat ears, purring into the magic wand vibrator like a microphone before strolling to the bedroom and laying across it. She's a horny little kitty and is very playful, which is a great combination as we watch her showing off her butt and privates before masturbating to orgasm with the toy, experimenting with the different speeds and settings until it was just right. Heading back out on the patio we find that it's still raining quite hard, so Karina decides to do a naked rain dance to try and dry things out! It doesn't exactly work but still we're treated to a sexy sensual dance as she strips out of her skimpy underwear for us as the raindrops patter against the canopy, before she heads back indoors to dry off. Spying her through the door in the home gym we see her doing some yoga in her tight pink workout gear, stretching out to keep her shapely body trim and fit and flexible! She offers to show some of her favorite poses, including one from what she calls the 'yoga sutra', involving sensual sexy poses and teases! We note how tight and fight her butt is from her frequent workouts and yoga before she heads to the shower to clean up, bringing us along for fun...and she has a relaxing pee in the shower as well.


Feb 4, 2020

61 mins

390 pics

We meet gorgeous newcomer to the adult industry Alex Zara outdoors on a warm sunny day as she slips out of her shorts to reveal a very sexy butt and also tugs off her top to unlease those perfect 34D breasts! Soon she's on the deck chair with her legs spread and rubbing her very pretty privates with her fingertips, getting turned on by the excitement of being outdoors and ending up bringing herself to a nice natural orgasm! Next we see her indoors in a pretty red dress that shows off her amazing cleavage...we see she's found a textured glass toy, and is sliding it between her boobs as if she's being tittyfucked before pulling her panties aside to penetrate herself - and we note the wet sounds from her excitement as she slides the toy inside her hole. Adding vibration to the mix she applies a vibrating dildo to her clit and keeps fucking herself with the glass toy, ending up with another strong climax. Back outdoors we see her in a sexy skimpy bikini and sunglasses, holding one of her favorite vibrating toys which also has a suction to it...we see her using it on her nipples enjoying the 'sucking' sensation, then moving to her pussy for more masturbation pleasure, orgasming yet again! Next up is a more businesswoman type look with glasses and a button-down white shirt, and we watch as she shows us another glass toy (this one with a curve) befor unbuttoning her shirt to reveal a very sexy black strappy lingerie set. She penetrates herself to a juicy wet orgasm before getting her hands on the vintage Vibraking toy which takes her by surprise with its strong sensations, and soon the Vibraking claims another 'victim' as it brings her to a very strong climax with visible contractions! Back outdoors she's in a tight sports bra top and a cute pair of shorts riding up on her butt, enjoying a windy afternoon in the sunshine next to a busy road flashing her boobs. Next she goes on a little hike on the hillside, enjoying the warm sunny day and flashing her breasts every chance she gets before bidding us farewell. Alex is a stunning woman with a great body who's sure to make a splash in the adult industry, and we're thrilled to have her coming in fresh right here on FTV MILFs!


Jan 28, 2020

74 mins

306 pics

We're introduced to beautiful Tia Bleu outdoors on the veranda in her tight workout pants - we note how amazing they look on her shapely butt right away! - and before long she's revealing her large breasts which she's quite proud of! Soon she's topless and rubbing herself through her pants before stripping down entirely nude, fulfilling the promise of that juicy booty and touching her privates with her fingertips. Next we see her on a cushioned deck chair with a purple vibrating dildo, sliding it up and down against her vagina enjoying the vibration sensation...and then heading indoors in a black and white dress for more powerful vibrator fun wtih a magic wand! Starting out buzzing her nipples, she soon has the toy up against her clit enjoying the strong vibrations before using her fingers to gape herself open and show her wetness! After changing into black bra and thong panties she steps up her vibrator game even more, busting out the super-powerful Vibraking and pleasuring herself to a strong orgasm. Heading back outdoors in a white tshirt we are treated to more views of those beautiful breasts as she squeezes and massages them hard, juggling and jiggling with both hands before sliding out of her jeans to play with her butt as well! Out in the mountains in her workout gear again, we see her flashing some more for anyone to see, walking along the public hiking trail topless and slipping her pants down for some flirty rear views as well before bidding us goodbye, a gorgeous MILF in the prime of her life enjoying herself and sharing that shapely form with us here on FTV!


Jan 21, 2020

72 mins

321 pics

Ivy Lebelle is a stunning dark haired tattooed MILF with an edgy look and a seductive voice and demeanor, and we're introduced to her on a sunny day outdoors wearing tight blue denim jeans and a white top that soon comes down to reveal her sexy 34DD breasts. We note how amazing her curves look and how eager she is to show them off -- no shyness here! Soon her pants are sliding down her thighs and we see her sitting on an outdoor chair to massage her boobs and rub her privates through her lacy blue panties, and then those panties come off so she can finger herself and tease her clitoris with her fingertips. Going indoors, we see her with a vibrating purple dildo that satisfies both her penetration and vibration cravings as she rubs and fucks herself with it as the sun pours through the window. After changing into her lacy purple bra and panties she takes her own toy, a large yellow vibrator, and kicks her legs up in the air to fuck herself with it deep bringing herself to a nice orgasm before a little gaping fun. Next is a black magic wand toy which has a strong vibration, and she enjoys the pleasurable sensations before another wardrobe change, this time into a short, cute, flower print dress. We see her using the large black cone toy for deep penetration, and it fills her up stretching out the walls of her vagina as she takes it as deep as she can. The powerful vintage Vibraking toy is next and we watch her try it out, holding it directly onto her sensitive clitoris as she fucks herself with the cone at the same time for double intense pleasure! Going back outdoors, we see her enjoying a little public nudity fun as she slides down her stretchy yoga pants and pulls her big boobs out of her bra as well while hiking around on an exposed trail! A little mountainside flashing and teasing finishes off the day and she bids us goodbye, soaking up the sunshine with a smile...a beautiful, seductive, and just plain HOT woman to enjoy spending time with here on FTV!


Jan 14, 2020

66 mins

298 pics

We meet high-energy blonde MILF Meegan Hart relaxing at an outdoor table in the sunshine, and we immediately note her charismatic charm and open friendly nature. She's a newcomer to the industry and looks beautiful in her gray dress with no bra or panties on underneath...and soon we're getting some upskirt peeks at her privates! She spreads her legs and starts touching herself with her fingertips, and we can see that she's already quite wet. She's got her all-natural 34DDD breasts out and is ready to get into the fun with toys, starting out with a textured glass dildo which she uses for penetration play, starting with the smaller end first and then quickly changing to the larger end which filled her up nicely. We see her fuck herself for a few minutes before heading indoors for a little more privacy, then changing to a purple vibrating toy before upgrading to a more powerful magic wand toy which she starts grinding her hips against, moaning and getting incredibly turned on. She needs a helping hand to really climax, though, so we see the photographer inserting a finger and helping her to a strong gasping orgasm with visible contractions. After a wardrobe change into a red lacy top and blue jeans, she's handed a huge black cone toy which about as long as her forearm! She rides the toy and grinds against it but misses the vibration sensation so she is handed the powerful Vibraking vintage toy, buzzing her clitoris and taking the cone toy in her vagina for another nice orgasm. Next we see her outdoors completely nude by the swimming pool, and gave an eyeful to a lucky neighbor! We see those 34DDD naturals again as she gives them a hard massage, squeezing them together and bouncing them all over the place. The boob play continues on a public hiking trail as she lets the girls out to bounce around despite all the cars driving nearby, spinning around topless with that infectious laugh before bidding us goodbye...enjoy this beautiful, naturally happy and sexy MILF right here on FTV!


Jan 7, 2020

78 mins

416 pics

Sexy fresh faced beautiful Ella Knox meets up with the FTV photographer outside of the house and soon she's lifting up her white tshirt to reveal those incredible DD's! She knows her big breasts are a crowd-pleaser and loves to show them off as we can see. Next her top is off and her shorts are gone and she's relaxing on a patio chair, spreading her thighs and touching herself through her panties...and then pulling them aside to finger herself, penetrating with her fingertips! Next we see her with a purple vibrating dildo, penetrating herself with it for dual pleasure - we note her milky juices - and then she heads inside for a little more privacy to play some more. We watch as she uses a glass ball toy, using the smaller end first to penetrate herself deep and then the larger end to test her limits as we are taken up close and personal. The glass toy continues next along with a small magic wand type vibrator, and we see her fucking herself and stimulating her clitoris at the same time until she brings herself to a strong orgasm followed by a little hard breast massage! After that 'warm up' she's ready for the large black cone toy, and we watch as she penetrates herself with it to stretch out her vagina, then using the powerful vibraking toy for a strong vibration session, and then combining the two for ultimate pleasure! Heading back outside afterwards, we see her by the pool giving those big boobs plenty of attention with a massage, shaking them around and playing in the sunshine. A little hike around on the public trail is on the books to finish off the day and she's looking sexy in her shorts and white shirt which make it easy to do plenty of flashing, showing off those big breasts and her butt too one last time in the great outdoors before bidding us goodbye, a gorgeous woman with a fun flirty attractive personality here on FTV.


Dec 31, 2019

59 mins

565 pics

We're introduced to beautiful Havana Bleu outdoors on the veranda in her tight workout pants - we note how amazing they look on her shapely butt right away! - and before long she's revealing her large breasts which she's quite proud of! Soon she's topless and rubbing herself through her pants before stripping down entirely nude, fulfilling the promise of that juicy booty and touching her privates with her fingertips. Next we see her on a cushioned deck chair with a purple vibrating dildo, sliding it up and down against her vagina enjoying the vibration sensation...and then heading indoors in a black and white dress for more powerful vibrator fun wtih a magic wand! Starting out buzzing her nipples, she soon has the toy up against her clit enjoying the strong vibrations before using her fingers to gape herself open and show her wetness! After changing into black bra and thong panties she steps up her vibrator game even more, busting out the super-powerful Vibraking and pleasuring herself to a strong orgasm. Heading back outdoors in a white tshirt we are treated to more views of those beautiful breasts as she squeezes and massages them hard, juggling and jiggling with both hands before sliding out of her jeans to play with her butt as well! Out in the mountains in her workout gear again, we see her flashing some more for anyone to see, walking along the public hiking trail topless and slipping her pants down for some flirty rear views as well before bidding us goodbye, a gorgeous MILF in the prime of her life enjoying herself and sharing that shapely form with us here on FTV!


Dec 24, 2019

77 mins

267 pics

Beautiful blonde Brittany Andrews meets us on a bright sunny morning by the swimming pool out back of the FTV house, introducing herself and we immediately recognize how open and fun and easygoing she is to talk to. Soon those big amazing firm DD breasts come out of her bra to play and she obviously loves playing with them, luxuriating and 'purring' as she does! She's a natural born teaser and loves driving men wild, pinching her nipples and playing and swinging her boobs right in the camera. Next she takes a medium sized vibration and penetration toy and puts it to work, sliding it between her breasts and buzzing her clit and fucking herself with it til she has her first orgasm of the day! Next we see her in tight black pants and a frilly white top which is open in the front to reveal some cleavage...and makes it easy to show off those big boobs for a hard breast massage. Grabbing a glass toy indoors she slides it between her boobs and across her vagina, then penetrates herself with it going deeper with each stroke, using her free hand to rub her clitoris as well until it's a hard pebble! In her thigh high stockings we see her pulling her thong panties aside, slapping her privates with a large pink dildo and then fucking herself with it, working it with her hips and moaning as the pleasure mounts. Next up is the vintage Vibraking vibrator, and she uses it directly on the side of her clit and soon is having a gasping moaning leg-shaking orgasm from the powerful stimulation! To finish off the day we see her enjoying the windy afternoon on a hike on a public trail, letting her breasts out in the sunshine for a little public nudity fun. Brittany is an adult industry woman to the core, and we see just how much she enjoys teasing and tantalizing and of course experiencing pure pleasure right here on FTV!


Dec 17, 2019

57 mins

487 pics

We meet the lovely Tiffany Cane at a busy, noisy outdoor cafe sitting with the Florida guest photographer, and immediately we note those sparkling attractive eyes of hers as well as her dazzling smile...she introduces herself and we get a look at her lovely smile as well as some upskirt peeks, and she has no panties on! Next we see her in the car enroute to the next location, pulling her dress up (no panties on beneath still) and masturbating in the passenger seat using her fingertips to pleasure herself as the rain poured against the windshield, slipping between her lips and rubbing her clitoris! Back at the FTV house we see her in another beautiful dress and high heels dancing, teasing with those big breasts and slipping out of her clothing before getting on the couch nude - we note she still has her high heel shoes on - and fucking herself with a lightup vibrator shaped like a banana, penetrating her tight pink hole! Next she's in the bedroom in blue lingerie, rolling around on the bed and using a large purple vibrating toy for penetration play to orgasm before taking a well-deserved nap! When she wakes up we see her out on the patio relaxing naked in the outdoors, then hopping into the jacuzzi for a soak as she uses a toy for more well as using a waterproof toy for underwater pleasure and then peeing right there on the roof! Venturing back outdoors afterwards we see her in a flowing blue dress that makes it easy to flash her boobs for some public nudity, then heading to the beach to get completely naked on the sand, showing off her tan lines! We see her rolling arund in the sand playing around and looking amazing as she bids us goodbye...a gorgeous woman with a stunning figure and a ton of sex appeal, showing it all off for us here on FTV!

Rachel II

Dec 10, 2019

56 mins

325 pics

Gorgeous sultry blonde Rachel was a hit with our members when she made her solo update last year and was invited back for more fun, this time with a friend! We see her on her own first, revealing that amazing busty body to refresh our memories and spreading her legs open to touch her privates with her fingertips to 'warm up', and we note those long soft labia. Next we see her meeting up with her man for a hike in the warm sunshine, walking around on a public hillside trail arm in arm and taking every opportunity to make out! Soon things get hot & heavy as Rachel drops to her knees with her breasts out, grabbing the guy's dick and sucking him off right there on the hillside in the sun for anyone to see! Heading back to the house for a refreshing dip we see the two of them in the swimming pool continuing the kiss party, with Rachel's tiny skimpy bikini slipping aside to let her boobs out as she gives a blowjob and gets tittyfucked too, moving her way up and down on the guy's cock as he leans against the wall of the pool. She gets very turned on by the oral and climbs on top, then spreads her legs to get fucked doggystyle poolside in a few of her favorite positions! They want a little more privacy and elbow room so to speak so they head indoors where the guy continues fucking her horny wet hairy hole, making those boobs bounce as he slides in and out. From missionary to cowgirl to doggystyle this beautiful blonde looks amazing as she gets fucked deeper and deeper, ending up taking a load of cum inside for a big creampie. It was a fun sexy day of pleasure and Rachel looks beautiful and happy as she bids us farewell here on FTV MILFs, satisfied and ready to relax!


Dec 3, 2019

68 mins

277 pics

We meet sexy curvy cutie Maddy O'Reilly outside the house on a bright sunny day and immediately we note how charming and friendly and charismatic she is as she reveals her firm 32C breasts with pierced nipples, then tugs off her panties to reveal that incredible round juicy butt. Next we see her relaxing nude on a deck chair by the swimming pool, playing with her own boobs and sliding her hands over her thighs to touch her pink privates...still wearing her high heel shoes! We watch as she uses a purple vibrator on her erect nipples and then directly on her clit, buzzing herself until she's driven wild with pleasure and then heading indoors for more fun. She finds a curved, textured glass toy and takes her time, slowly and sensually penetrating herself with it, getting quite creamy as it touched against her g-spot to bring herself to orgasm. Adding a magic wand type vibrator to the mix we see how much she enjoys having both penetration and vibration at once, bringing herself to several more climaxes in quick succession! Next is a huge black cone toy which she squats on top of, lowering herself onto it inch by inch and enjoying the feeling of being filled up. A little refreshing dip in the pool is next, with some wet breast play and splashing and some peeks at that perfect butt before going back indoors and using the powerful Vibraking toy...the vintage vibrator works its magic, bringing her to her strongest orgasm yet! Heading outdoors in her stretchy workout gear we see her flashing her boobs and butt on the trails with cars and pedestrians nearby. To finish off the day on a fun note we see her at a nearby farm, petting a horse before bidding us goodbye. Maddie is an absolute stunner with a fun magnetic personality and of course that irresistable curvy MILF form, perfect for FTV as she enjoys her day of shooting!


Nov 26, 2019

87 mins

399 pics

We meet beautiful dark haired and sultry Russian beauty Crystal Rush as she wanders through a public parking garage with her dress tugged down, revealing those big beautiful boobs with a smile...we note right off the bat her lack of shyness, she's definitely into the idea of public nudity as she meets up with the guest photographer in Florida! She stands in front of a red wall and lifts up that flowing dress, pulling her panties aside and touching her pussy and round juicy ass, then spreads her legs in the elevator - we note her vagina control as she pulsates her hole - and then we see her at an outdoor cafe, letting her breasts out for anyone to see in the busy courtyard! Next we see her on the beach in her flowing dress, flashing again and walking to the water with her boobs out before doing a little interview at another outdoor restaurant with a drink. Afterwards we see her in the car spreading her legs, pulling her panties aside to pleasure herself with her fingertips! Heading to the bedroom we see her in sexy bra and panties, bending over and sliding a buttplug in her ass for anal pleasure before adding penetration with a large thick dildo as well! A very sexy dancing scene is next as she shows her moves in a bikini with matching collar, then relaxes on the deck sofa soaking up some sunshine and using a magic wand vibrating toy to pleasure herself, pulling her bikini bottoms aside and masturbating to multiple strong orgasms with the powerful toy! Next up we're treated to some fun in a department store changing room that she shot herself, dancing and showing off in several sexy outfits. To finish off this hot day of shooting we see her in a very skimpy thong bikini, wandering up public streets towards the beach, flashing her boobs and privates again as she bids us goodbye...a gorgeous, busty, super sexual MILF who loves being nude in public and loves showing off for FTV!


Nov 19, 2019

60 mins

294 pics

It's a beautiful day out when we first meet lovely natural redhead Sonia from New York, relaxing outdoors in her jeans and a tight purple top which clings to her shapely breasts...and she lifts it up to give an even better look, flashing those cute pert erect nipples among the forested mountainside! She's a gorgeous woman with a sexy curvy desirable body and we're given the grand tour of it as she relaxes by the swimming pool in her panties, touching herself through the fabric and pulling them aside to masturbate. We note her attractive pink privates as she rubs her clit, then busts out a vibrating toy to really get down to some fun til she has a strong wet orgasm! Afterwards we see her indoors in sexy lacy black lingerie, spreading her legs and fucking herself with a rainbow colored dildo that resembles a unicorn horn...and then using the vibrating toy at the same time! Next up is a flowing purple dress as she buzzes her nipples with a vibrating toy, then we watch her spread her legs again for more masturbation fun with both penetration and vibration, including the powerful vintage Vibraking toy for one last orgasm! Sonia is a beautiful redhead MILF with creamy fair skin and a body any guy would desire, and she's showing it all off here today on FTV MILFs.


Nov 12, 2019

50 mins

683 pics

The very beautiful and elegant Eve is returning to Portugal with the guest photographer and again is having a blast! This leggy stunner starts things off in a short dress and chunky heels, making it easy to show off her panties with some upskirt peeks and even pulling her panties aside to show her pink pussy! She's acting the tourist with a camera as she takes snapshots of the beautiful architecture but she's the most beautiful of all as she walks around on the streets, flashing some public nudity and having fun. Next we see her in a sexy red dress as she hops on a train, spreading her legs and playing with her privates (and exposing those sexy 34D breasts) while a stranger looks on in looks like she certainly made that guy's day! Once she arrives in a quiet part of town we see her dropping her dress around her shoulders, exposing her breasts and slipping out of her panties to fuck herself with a glass dildo forwards and then bending over for some doggystyle fun too, and we note the wet sounds as she brings herself to orgasm! It's a beautiful sunny day and next we watch as she rides a bicycle in a flowing dress with more upskirt peeks, and then parking near a bench for explicit spreads and even some kinky bottle fucking in the beautiful outdoor setting. After a jog we watch her undress outside, slipping out of her workout gear to play before heading indoors for an intimate tea-for-two scene and we're treated to POV style fun as Eve gets naughty with her favorite toy, penetrating herself again as she talks dirty. Eve is a gorgeous sultry and very naughty MILF with a great look and incredible body, and it's a pleasure to see her back here on FTV MILFs!


Nov 5, 2019

64 mins

349 pics

Linzee is a vision of loveliness as we're introduced to her outside the FTV house, looking sexy in a red flowery dress that she pulls down to reveal those large full heavy breasts! She has a purple vibrating toy which she first uses on her nipples, buzzing them and them moving down to pleasure her clitoris before sitting on the bench for more explicit nude play, vibrating and penetrating her vagina for orgasmic pleasure. Going indoors, we see her in sexy leopard print lingerie with a glass toy which she holds between her breasts, then rubs her vagina through her panties before fucking herself! We notice her breasts popping out of her bra as she pounds her hole, but we learn that she's really in the mood for more vibration. The magic wand toy is up next and we watch as she spreads her legs, using the toy on her clitoris for another hot climax...and then another wardrobe change into a tight blue dress and high heels as she spreads on a stair with an even larger magic wand before the powerful Vibraking toy! It drives her wild with those strong sensations until she cums yet again before she heads back outdoors to cool down...we see her taking a dip in the pool wearing only her white top which turns basically see-through as she reveals those breasts again soaking wet, massaging and squeezing them and licking ner nipples before saying her goodbyes on the city street, a gorgeous MILF with that sexy pair to rock the house for FTV!


Oct 29, 2019

59 mins

314 pics

This beautiful 29 year old MILF is FTVGirls alumnus Trinity St Clair and she's looking amazing when we meet her outside in the sunshine, and we immediately note how naturally sexy she is and how beautiful her smile is. After introducing herself we see her relaxing on a deck chair, taking off her clothes to rub those enhanced boobs and slipping her fingers between her pussy lips feeling her own wetness...we watch her rubbing her clitoris with her fingertips for her first orgasm of the day, then she reaches for a purple vibrating toy to pleasure her nipples and sliding it over her vagina and into her hole! Next is a wardrobe change into an elegant sheer red dress with thigh high nylon stockings and a garter belt, and we see her spreading her legs with no panties on to use a magic wand toy on her clit for more fun, and we note how wet she becomes down there! After that we see her in a beautiful yellow dress - note still no panties! - and we watch her sitting on the stairs using the powerful Vibraking vintage toy for even more orgasmic pleasure, then heading outdoors again for public nudity fun in the mountains! We see her hiking the trail in her tight workout gear, flashing her boobs in the sunshine and then heading to the highway for a little roadside flashing as she says her goodbyes. Trinity is a jaw-droppingly beautiful woman with a fun personality just dripping with sexual energy, and it's a treat having her here on FTV to share it with us!

Cassie II

Oct 22, 2019

42 mins

556 pics

We meet Cassie and Leo as they head through the airport towards the photographer hand-in-hand and soon we note how excited Cassie is to arrive in Portugal and shoot for FTV, squatting down in the parking lot to flash her panties with an upskirt peek! This real-life couple loves to play and Cassie loves being an exhibitionist, and we hear them chat about that a little bit over a cup of coffee in an outdoor cafe. Next, we're back at the house and watch as Cassie prepares a little food with a zucchini (or courgette, as it's known there) but before she cuts it up we see her sucking it and using the veggie to pleasure herself as her man watches! It's a date night for this couple and we see them relaxing on the patio enjoying a glass of wine, making out as they waited for their taxi...and we see Leo slipping his hand under Cassie's dress to tease and play with that pussy, then using a jeweled vibrating toy just how she likes, bringing her to a nice orgasm right there in the outdoors! Next we see them get into even more explicit action as Leo takes Cassie's dress off, revealing those big firm breasts and sliding his hands down between her thighs to feel her wetness before they exchange oral, with Cassie sucking his cock and Leo licking her pussy until she stopped him, keeping him on the edge of excitement! We see her bend over the table and get fucked doggystyle, trying to keep things 'quiet' so the neighbors (and maybe the taxi driver) wouldn't overhear, with Leo ending up cumming inside her for a creampie. Afterwards we see him lounging in the sunshine soaking up the rays and Cassie comes outside in a sexy black dress with sheer panties, stockings, and garter belt to 'distract' him from his relaxation and convince him to come inside and help with the housework. We see her teasing and playing, then sitting on Leo's face and giving him instructions so he could lick her privates through her panties for a kinky domination/submission oral scenario. To finish off the day of shooting we see her in the kitchen doing housework, washing dishes and putting on a tease as Leo slides his hands over her panties and butt, then she stops him from going any further, forcing him back and teasing him mercilessly fingering her pussy - we note the wet sounds from her excitement of having power over him - as he shot some photos like a voyeur, watching her penetrate herself and then climb on the counter to rub her clit for one last orgasm! Today is a special treat as we see the sexual dynamic between this real-life couple of Cassie and Leo as they share their pleasure with us here on FTV MILFs!


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