Jan 15, 2019

52 mins

262 pics

She's an absolutely stunning woman with an incredible body and we're treated to a whole day with the lovely Ryan Ryans here! We're introduced to this blonde knockout in the kitchen wearing a blue button-down shirt and jeans...and right away we note her amazing smile and those piercing eyes! She would be at home on a fashion catwalk as she unbuttons her top, revealing her perfect 34C cup breasts and squeezing them, giving herself a hard breast massage with a hand in her pants as well. Next she moves to the couch with no pants or underwear, spreading her legs to touch her private parts with her fingertips and fingering herself deeper and deeper until she brings herself to a nice orgasm. A pink vibrating toy is next, which we see her using on her clitoris and wow, that body looks incredible as she plays. After changing into her pink lingerie she slips out of it to touch her breasts again, pulling her nipples and showing how firm those boobs are...and then she reaches for the Vibraking toy! She has a red dress on now and pulls her lacy black panties aside to put the powerful toy on her pussy, buzzing herself to another strong climax, with squirting! To finish off the day we see her outdoors, taking a hike on a public trail and flashing those big breasts again in the sunshine...she loves playing with women so when she sees a random woman riding by on a horse she gets excited! A few final glimpses of that sexy body and then she bids us farewell, an absolute stunner with personality galore and tons of naughty sexual energy here on FTV MILFs.


Jan 8, 2019

79 mins

233 pics

We meet Claudia Valentine outside by the pool in her tight blue jeans and little pink crop top...and soon both of those are sliding off her body as she gets naked in the sunshine enjoying the great outdoors, rubbing and squeezing her large enhanced D-cup breasts! Soon she's completely nude on a towel by the pool, using a toy for deep penetration and then fingering her own butthole to get the party started and heading into the house for more privacy and more comfort. We see her in a blue bra and panty set which stays on for about ten seconds, then she uses a curved pink vibrating toy on her clitoris while fingering her ass at the same time and again we note how much this mature blonde loves anal stimulation! Next is a magic wand vibrator which she uses along with penetration for a nice strong orgasm...and then she finds a buttplug! Soon she has the plug in her ass for anal pleasure but then removes it as she rides on top of a large purple toy, again using the wand vibrator. Anal penetration with a dildo is next and wow she takes that toy deep before using the magic wand for one last orgasm! To round out the day we bid her farewell as she ventures outdoors again, flashing her breasts along the side of the highway in the sunshine...a fitting end to a sexy day with this busty blonde MILF here on FTV!


Jan 1, 2019

84 mins

293 pics

It's been over two years but beautiful Alana Cruise (previously shot as Savannah) is back and she's looking hotter than ever! We're reintroduced to her marvelous body as Alana lifts up her white shirt, revealing her sexy Ccup natural breasts, then slips out of her denim shorts to play with her panties as she pulls them aside and then up between her labia for a cameltoe. She uses her fingertips to 'warm herself up' and then reaches for a curved glass toy, fucking herself with it and wow her hole gets so creamed up from the attention as she orgasms! Next is a spread on the kitchen floor with the magic wand toy, masturbating some more and attempting to squirt but not quite reaching that despite her efforts. Then, she goes for her boobs with a hard breast massage, playing with them and squeezing them together enjoying their firmness and softness and resilience, and we note again how perfectly shaped they are with nice pink nipples. After changing into a cute silver bra and panty set she strips down and spreads on a chair, inserting a buttplug and then moving up to a large black cone for deep anal pleasure! We see her outdoors to finish off the day, sitting in a patio chair and lifting up her legs to penetrate herself for more anal pleasure with a buttplug inserted and the Vibraking on her clitoris for yet another orgasm. Last is a little public nudity fun as she goes for a hike in the park with her sports bra pulled down to reveal her breasts, and her stretchy workout pants tugged off to flash the rest of her body as well...it's a super hot return of a popular model, and she's turning up the heat even more this time here on FTV MILFs!


Dec 25, 2018

72 mins

254 pics

When we meet beautiful blonde Candice Dare we're immediately captivated by her big bright brown eyes and dazzling smile...and that's before she lifts up her cute black dress to reveal a perfect butt! She's got the ideal MILF body and loves to show it off, starting out in the kitchen pinching her erect nipples and sliding her fingers down into her vagina before spreading her legs on the couch. She loves fingering herself and we watch as she pentrates with her fingertips, also fingering her butt at the same time for double penetration pleasure! We can see already she's a fan of anal...and we note how cute both her privates and her butthole are. Next we see her playing with her breasts, pulling her eraser-head nipples and squeezing her boobs together for a hard breast massage, then she reaches for a glass dildo to fuck both her holes with! She starts out in her pussy and then moves to her ass for anal penetration, masturbating and fucking herself at the same time until she reaches a nice strong orgasm! Next we watch her using a larger toy for anal gaping fun, a big black cone that spreads her butthole wide open giving us a peek inside. For maximum vibration pleasure she reaches for the Vibraking and we see her using it directly on her clitoris, enjoying the sensations until she has another climax. To finish off her day of shooting we watch as she goes for a hike in a public park, enjoying the warm sunshine as Candice pulls her top down to reveal her breasts and tugs her shorts down to show off that butt and tight vagina one last time...a fitting end to a super hot FTV MILFs shoot!


Dec 18, 2018

64 mins

224 pics

We meet dark haired bespectacled Jay Taylor in a cute red and black striped sweater dress and we soon realize she's not wearing any panties on underneath...it's a great way to introduce herself to FTV MILFs! She's a little on the younger side for a MILF but still fits the bill with that perfect curvy desirable MILF body and loves to show it off, and soon we see her on the couch spreading her legs and touching her privates with her fingertips. Next it's time to get right into playtime with toys as we see her using the powerful Vibraking toy, going right for the strongest vibrator she's tried! It's almost too much for her to handle and she has to go over the fabric of some panties at first to get used to the feelings and we note how swollen her vagina becomes from the vibrations. Next is a pink dildo which she inserts for penetration pleasure as she uses the vibraking on her clitoris, bringing herself to a nice orgasm! It's a bit much though and she switches ovver to the magic wand vibrator, continuing the two-toy play and wow, she loves all this attention on that hairy vagina! Next we see her in super sexy black sheer lingerie which frames that perfect body, and she spends plenty of time with a hard breast massage squeezing those big naturals together. Her 34D breasts are perfectly firm and round and she loves having them played with! To finish off the shoot we see her outdoors in a flannel shirt, which she unbuttons for some flashing of those boobs out in nature enjoying the sunshine...a fun MILF with a spectacular body!


Dec 11, 2018

52 mins

218 pics

Right away when we meet bubbly blonde lovely Elle McRae we notice her excited, energetic attitude...she's in the car talking about an idea for a porn reality show and then doesn't hesitate before taking her soft bouncy all natural 34D breasts out of the top of her dress! She doesn't mind an audience as other cars drive by and we see her spreading her legs open, showing that she has no panties on beneath her dress. At the hiking trail she changes in the car and then we're treated to a view of her very shapely butt as she goes for a hike up the hill in her blue shorts and a black sports bra, and we note that she loves to be daring with her flashes and teases...and she even pees on the side of the trail! Back at the house we see her stripping nude and using a toy on herself, fucking her pink privates with a glass dildo and then using a powerful magic wand vibrator to buzz her clitoris from every angle, bringing herself to a nice strong orgasm. Next we see her riding a large red cone toy, and we note how she enjoys the feeling of fullness as she takes it as far inside as she can. To finish up the day she tries out the Vibraking toy and loves the powerful sensations, and we see her get kinky with some choking play as she masturbates to another orgasm! She's a beautiful and all-natural blonde with a perfect tattoo-free MILF form, and she has a blast sharing the day with us here on FTV!


Dec 4, 2018

54 mins

169 pics

We're introduced to Fallon West as she walks through the door in a bright red flowery dress and as soon as she turns around, wow what a butt! She's a petite MILF with natural and perky small breasts and as we are soon to find out, quite the kinky side to her personality! We see her start off in the hallway, pulling up her dress to show that she has no panties on underneath and touching herself with her fingertips. Next she hops on the comfy chair and bends over, giving us our first view of that amazing mature ass as she spreads her cheeks open, keeping her high heels on! After masturbating she wants to step outside on this warm sunny day, taking a dip in the pool in the nude and posing in the back yard enjoying the sunshine on her skin as she drips, then heading back indoors for more fun. Things take a kinky turn as she slips her fingers into her butthole for anal pleasure, then into her vagina going for more and more fingers until she's going for fisting! Taking some cream she gives herself a hard butt massage next, rubbing it into her cheeks to keep herself soft and spankable, before heading back outdoors for some public fun. It's a perfect day for golfing so she heads to the links, taking a few swings in her tight stretch pants before flashing her breasts in the golfcart, and we see her slip her hands inside her panties not caring whether any other golfers might be watching or not! She loves a little public nudity fun and enjoys herself between holes on the course before bidding us goodbye, a lovely and surprisingly kinky MILF with that desirable butt and fun sexual appetite!


Nov 26, 2018

84 mins

418 pics

Today we've got a special treat as beautiful English MILF Eve has a lovely day of shooting with a guest photographer in Portugal! We're introduced to Eve in a public park in town where we are also treated to some naughty upskirt peeks as she pulls her panties aside while talking with the photographer! Next we see her in a classy white dress shopping for wine, then heading back to the house where she enjoys a glass in the kitchen before slipping out of her clothes and indulging in a little kinky fun with bottle stuffing, fucking herself with the neck of the bottle. Back outdoors we see Eve out and about, giving some more upskirt looks for a little public nudity fun with risky spreads as pedestrians stroll by! In the park she's wearing a dress and heels but no panties as she touches herself on the bench, spreading her legs for more naughty public peeks at her desireable mature form. A relaxing cup of tea in the bedroom is next as we watch her use a vibrator and a dildo at the same time for both penetration and vibration pleasure, bringing herself to orgasm! Next is her sexy lingerie with stockings as she touches herself with her fingertips, then uses a curved glass toy on her privates. To finish off this shoot we watch her in the kitchen doing some cooking, chopping up veggies for the pot and undressing at the same time as she ends up nearly nude on the chair spreading her legs and fingering herself one last time. Eve is a beautiful and elegant blonde with an amazing body, and she loves the excitement of public fun in this exotic locale for FTV MILFs!


Nov 20, 2018

60 mins

203 pics

Two years later, gorgeous leggy dark haired MILF Silvia Saige has returned and this time she's not sharing the spotlight with anyone! Her first shoot here on FTV MILFs was a sexy hardcore scene but today it's all about Silvia...we're reintroduced as she comes through the front door in a cute little black dress, and it's only a matter of moments before she's pulled down the top to reveal those big enhanced breasts! After fingering herself and rubbing her privates with her fingertips right there in the entryway we see her head to the couch, spreading her legs open (still wearing her flirty black dress and wedges) and fucking herself to orgasm with her own small pink vibrating toy! Next she changes into tight sexy blue jeans and a loose white top, then undresses in the kitchen to hop up on the counter for more penetration and vibration fun, this time with a purple thicker toy. Next it's time for some kinky anal pleasure as she starts out with a buttplug, then gets her butthole penetrated by a big thick black cone toy as she uses a magic wand style vibrator on her clitoris! She steps up even more with a larger thicker cone and uses the powerful Vibraking toy next, pleasuring herself two ways until she has another strong orgasm. The rest of the afternoon is spent outdoors as she goes golfing, going topless with those big boobs soaking up the sunshine as she tees off, finishing up a fun and super sexual day of shooting for us here on FTV MILFs!


Nov 13, 2018

39 mins

229 pics

We're introduced to lovely mature Megan Blake as she rides in the car on her way to the shoot, and she takes the opportunity to lower her shirt to show those soft firm 34D breasts of hers! She's a lovely Pacific Islander with a sweet smile and flirtatious attitude, and is excited to be shooting for FTV...after a little flashing we see her at the house in a yoga bodysuit, which clings to every curve of her sexy form. The top slips down and we see her enjoying a nice hard breast massage, then uses a pink vibrator to tease her nipples as well as her cute pink privates! A larger dildo is next, resulting in a strong orgasm before a wardrobe change, into her lacy red lingerie. She plays with her breasts some more, then lifts her legs up and starts to fuck herself with a beaded glass toy and we note how shapely her butt is in this open position...she fucks herself with the glass toy deeper and deeper, ending up with another vaginal climax, this time from pure penetration. She graduates to an even larger pink dildo for one last penetration session, fucking herself to orgasm for us one last time before bidding us goodbye...a beautiful, exotic woman with a very sexy body showing us how she loves to be pleasured right here on FTV MILFs!


Nov 6, 2018

50 mins

226 pics

We meet beautiful Emily Austin in a public park and she's a little shy about showing off those cute perky 34C natural breasts but she does some flirty flashing and then moves to the car for a little more, but it's when we see her back at the house that things start to really heat up. Her top comes off and those beautiful breasts come out again, and we note how erect her nipples become as she plays with them...the bottoms come off too and we're treated to a nice view of her shapely butt, then she spreads her legs to touch herself with her fingertips on a cushion, enjoying the sensation against her clit and pussy lips. Desiring a toy for more penetration she finds a thick and long dildo which she fucks herself with, then we watch as she switches it out for a vibrator which she presses against her love button, masturbating to a nice natural orgasm! Next is more penetration and vibration with a pink toy which she slides inside, then uses it against her privates as she takes the larger toy from earlier deep in her hole. To finish off the day we get one more look at that perfect mature butt in the sunlight as she bends over, giving a sensual tease with her bra and panties...she's a lovely mature blonde with a spectacular body, and we're given a nice tour of it here today on FTV!


Oct 30, 2018

61 mins

267 pics

Right off the bat, this beautiful exotic babe Christy wows with her smile, looking open and friendly and of course super sexy! She's a slender athletic MILF with a tight fit body, and we watch as she slips off her loose yellow top and her tight blue jeans to reveal it. After getting naked we see her spreading on the comfy chair, using her fingertips to penetrate herself - we note how creamy she quickly becomes - bringing herself to her first orgasm of the day, a nice natural climax using only her fingers. The first toy she reaches for is a large two-ended dildo which she licks and then fucks herself with, warming herself up and then trading it in for a mini baseball bat for kinky penetration! Next she changes into a bra and panties set and lays back for vibration pleasure, using the powerful Vibraking to bring herself to a strong natural orgasm. After giving a large red cone toy a try (it was a bit too large to handle) we see her outdoors by the swimming pool, using a vibrator on her clit and blasting a large squirting orgasm! To end the day she goes for a relaxing hike on a public trail, lowering her sports bra to reveal those perky small boobs one last time...a sexy and fun Asian MILF with a super sexual attitude and that desirable fit body on display here for FTV MILFs!


Oct 23, 2018

56 mins

230 pics

We welcome back beautiful voluptuous vixen Veronica Avluv after a couple of years absence and she's gotten even sexier in the meantime from the looks of things! We first see her today riding in the car on the way to the shoot, and she takes the opportunity to pull her dress down to flash those big breasts and to spread her legs wide open for any other drivers to catch a glimpse! At the house she gets to work right away with a magic wand vibrator, buzzing her clit and fingering her ass at the same time until she has a squirting orgasm, her first of the day...but not the last. Next we see her using a large thick black dildo, fucking herself with the toy and then riding on top - note how dripping wet she still is - and then taking it anally as well, getting so turned on she continues squirting and orgasming on top of it! She moves up even further in size and girth for extreme penetration, taking a massive toy in her butt to stretch out to her limits and wow what a kinky MILF! Next in a harness-type bra we see pure vibration pleasure with the powerful Vibraking toy, resulting in even more squirting orgasms all over the wood floor from several different angles. Finally she heads outdoors for a relaxing end to an extreme and very wet day of orgasmic pleasure, and we watch as she strolls along the public hiking trail with those big boobs out for any passersby to enjoy...a satisfying return of a kinky, sensual, and extreme mature babe here on FTV MILFs!


Oct 16, 2018

77 mins

256 pics

We welcome back gorgeous Sheena Ryder as she strolls into the kitchen in a sexy slinky red dress, and it doesn't take long before she's hiking up the hem to show off that incredible butto of hers, clad in blue panties with black nylon thigh high stockings and high heels to accentuate her legs...and of course flashing her new D cup enhanced boobs! She reintroduces us to her beautiful MILF form and then hops onto a nearby chair, pulling her panties aside and stretching her legs up to finger herself and pleasure her clit, and we note how immediately creamy wet she becomes. The first toy is the black cordless magic wand, which she uses on her clit as she fingers herself at the same time - she loves both penetration and vibration - giving herself her first orgasm of the day! Immediately moving up in size, she next reaches for a large red cone which she rides, taking it as deep as possible to stretch out and using the magic wand simultaneously. A quick hard breast and butt massage is next after a lingerie change, after which she goes back on the chair to spread her legs again, this time using a large black cone for deep anal pleasure! We note again how amazing her butt looks as it gets penetrated, and she ends up taking the toy all the way to the base for some truly astounding anal stretching. Heading outside, we see her enjoying a warm sunny day on the public hiking trail as she slides her jogging pants down to flash her booty one last time as well as her large breasts. Sheena is a true beauty with a super sexy mature body, and she's pushing her sexual limits as she makes a wonderful return here on FTV MILFs!


Oct 9, 2018

72 mins

306 pics

Meet Diamond, a beautiful 45 year old MILF with piercing eyes and those amazing big breasts and sultry demeanor...we meet her as she comes through the front door of the house, quickly tugging down her crop top to show off her large attractive chest. We're treated to a nice look at her whole body as she slips out of her clothing, touching herself through the lacy white fabric of her panties and then removing them entirely to rub her clitoris on a chair, and we note how she squeezes her breast as she plays! Next she takes a pink vibrating toy, buzzing her privates with the tip and bringing herself to a nice strong orgasm. Up next is a larger thicker dildo with a vibrator tucked inside it, fucking herself with the tip and enjoying the vibration at the same time as penetration! Continuing the toy parade we see her move to a large glass dildo which she slides in and out before gaping herself open - we note how creamy her pink privates have become - and we watch as she uses a magic wand type vibrator to bring herself to climax once again. The end of the day of shooting comes as we see her by the side of a road out in public, pulling up her blue top to flash those big boobs and massaging them, flashing anyone driving or walking by...Diamond enjoys the sunshine on her nudity as she shows off before bidding us farewell, a gorgeous mature beauty ready to show her sexual side right here on FTV MILFs!


Oct 2, 2018

66 mins

402 pics

Beautiful short haired blonde Ryan Keely was one of our most popular models and she's come back for a second feature here on FTV MILFs! We first see Ryan outside on a bright afternoon in her flowery skirt, and it doesn't take long before she's flashing those big shapely 36DDD breasts of hers and then spreading her legs on a concrete slab, showing that she's not wearing panties as she fingers herself! Public nudity is fun but she was in the mood for more so we next see her indoors, giving a closeup tour of that beautiful mature form and changing into sheer blue lingerie...but then it's time for toys! She loves penetration and we watch as she spread her legs and fucks herself with her own dildo and we note how wet and aroused she becomes. Next she puts on some crotchless fishnet stockings and continues the pleasure with a vibrating pink toy on her clitoris, buzzing herself to orgasm and then using her fingertips to feel her wetness! Another outfit change, this time into a satiny one-piece lingerie, leads to more penetration with the glass toy as she raises her high heels up to her ears, and then revisits the mighty vintage Vibraking toy for one last orgasm! Ryan finishes things off back outside, flashing her boobs on the street and then in the car for other motorists to see, before bidding us goodbye. It's an amazing second shoot for one incredibly beautiful and sexual MILF, and it's all right here on FTV MILFs!


Sep 25, 2018

54 mins

236 pics

Welcome back Kiki D'Aire! We saw her first doing a hardcore shoot some time back and now she's returned to give us a sensual solo shoot as well...we see her first today in a soft pink sheer gown which makes it easy to reveal her large natural breasts, spreading those thick thighs and touching herself with her fingers! Right off the bat she's enjoying her body and is comfortable in front of the cameras, rubbing her clitoris with her fingertips before being given a pink vibrating toy for penetration as well as clit stimulation...and it quickly brings her to orgasm! The magic wand toy is next for more climax pleasure and we note how erect her sensitive nipples become as she masturbates. Desiring more solid penetration she reaches for the textured glass dildo, fucking herself with the toy with her legs spread wide open and we note how creamy she becomes! Moving from toy to toy she enjoys them all, particularly the large black dildo and, of course, the vintage Vibraking toy with its strong action. Heading outdoors after all the playing, we next see her topless in the car showing her big breasts to anyone else on the road as well as at a public hiking spot before bidding us goodbye...Kiki wows us once again here on FTV MILFs as she shows off that amazing voluptuous mature form!


Sep 18, 2018

51 mins

240 pics

We're introduced to beautiful slender Ashley Lane as she fills out her paperwork while wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white t shirt with high heels, and she can barely wait to finish before she's lifting up her shirt to show those perfect firm C cup breasts, playing with her nipples and giving herself a hard breast massage! Soon she's completely nude and we see her spreading her legs, showing her pink and pretty privates as she touches herself with her fingertips - we note that she has her clitoris pierced for extra pleasure - and she uses her fingers to rub herself to her first orgasm of the day! Desiring a toy, she reaches for the black magic wand type vibrator and we watch as she uses it on her nipples and then her clitoris for another strong eye-rolling climax. After changing into her lacy black bra and panties and putting on her nerdy glasses we see her exploring with a textured glass toy, using it over her panties and then fucking herself with the toy before another hard breast massage, spending plenty of time massaging and squeezing those perfect boobs. The last toy of the day is the strongest of all, the vintage Vibraking toy, which she uses in her own unusual way - note that she holds the toy against her labia, rather than directly on her clit - and has an explosive squirting orgasm! Heading outdoors for some public nudity she is wearing a striped dress and sneakers, and we see her flashing her breasts and her cute smooth butt with spreads on a public walkway...Ashley is a stunningly beautiful woman free of tattoos with tons of sexual energy, and she was happy to show it all off here on FTV MILFs!


Sep 11, 2018

56 mins

375 pics

We first see Rachel Cavalli relaxing outside in the sun wearing her tight ripped-up jeans and a white button-down top, and we immediately note those seductive dark eyes and her beautiful smile! Her top makes it easy to undo some buttons and share those big firm breasts with us, then she slips a hand into her pants before taking them off completely and touching herself with her fingertips to become very aroused, enjoying a quick climax! It's time to head inside where she quickly starts penetrating herself with a black dildo, fucking herself on the couch with the toy and buzzing herself with a vibrator at the same time, having her second, third, and fourth orgasm of the day!s Next we see her getting kinky, inserting the FTV Gape Cage to spread her labia and vagina wide open giving us a look inside her private parts while she fingers herself anally at the same time! Things wouldn't be complete without some vintage Vibraking play and when she starts using the toy she realizes how strong it is, buzzing herself to multiple orgasms with her legs spread open to show the vaginal contractions! A dip in the pool is next to cool off and she takes the opportunity to splash around and brings us right up close to her privates - we note how swollen her clitoris is from her play - before toweling off and heading to a public hiking trail where she flashes those big boobs one more time and pulls her jogging shorts aside to finger her pussy before saying goodbye...Rachel is a gorgeous, seductive and kinky woman here to brighten your day as only FTV MILFs can!


Sep 4, 2018

64 mins

225 pics

The first thing we notice upon meeting this beautiful blonde Mia Vallis is that sexy mature figure...she's tall and athletic with a stunning and natural tattoo-free body! We see her strolling on the sidewalk in a tight dress briefly before heading indoors, spreading and using a pink vibrator through her panties and then slipping out of her dress and her panties to masturbate completely nude, bringing herself to a nice strong orgasm. Next is more vibration, this time with a cordless magic wand type toy which she uses first on her nipples - we notice how perfect and firm those natural breasts are - and then her clitoris for another climax! Blue lingerie looks amazing on her athletic body next, and she lifts up her legs to show she's got a buttplug inserted already for anal pleasure, which she keeps in as she uses the vintage Vibraking toy to buzz herself some more. She continues the anal penetration with a glass toy and then a much larger conical toy which she slides in and out of her ass, stretching out and enjoying the full sensation giving herself a surprise anal orgasm! Mia finishes things off indoors with a nice hard breast massage, squeezing her boobs together with just a tiny bit of lactation and then heading out on the hiking trails in her red top which she pulls down, revealing her chest as she walks around for a little fun flashing. This tall stunning and very sensual blonde goes beyond her shyness and shares her sexual exploration with us, right here on FTV MILFs!


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