Dec 28, 2021

62 mins

195 pics

When we're first introduced to fun, sexy redhead Devyn Lux she's in blue lingerie and a lacy facemask and we immediately note her fun personality and striking good looks. She's coming our way from 'down under' and her accent is evident as she talks a little about herself, and then gets up to dance to the music and wow, that slender body of hers is just incredible! After dancing she spreads on the couch, giving us a good look at all of that amazing body, and we note her fiery red pubic hair that matches her long wavy tresses while she touches herself sensually with her fingertips. We're given a nice closeup view of the action as she reaches for a black vibrating toy, sliding it inside her hole for penetration pleasure as well as vibration and it brings her to a nice strong squirting orgasm or two! She gets back into the groove dancing in a pleated skirt and checkered top with her hair in a ponytail, then gets down on the floor to have fun with a clear dildo sucking and licking it and then riding on top for more squirting climaxes. Outdoors in the golden late afternoon sunshine we see her on top of a table with her top up to reveal her breasts, sucking on a long handled dildo and then getting nude to fuck herself with it, enjoying the open air and glowing light...not to mention the powerful vintage Vibraking toy! Hopping into the shower afterwards we see her getting that body all soaped up and lathered, enjoying the water coursing over her skin and then sitting on a shower bench to fuck herself some more with another toy! She bids us goodbye in the same blue lingerie she began this shoot in as she takes direction from the photographer for still shots, and again we're just amazed by this woman's good looks and fun energy...making her a wonderful addition here on FTV MILFs!


Dec 21, 2021

76 mins

172 pics

This beautiful 49 year old blonde is Lilly James, and WOW is she aging well! We're introduced to her outdoors as she poses in her lacy pink bra and panties set with matching thigh high stockings, garter belt, and high heeled shoes...and those big breasts of hers won't be contained in that bra for long as she takes off her top and rubs and squeezes them together! After a boob massage we see her with a thick clear toy, sliding it between her breasts for some tittyfucking and then spreading her legs to slide it inside for penetration play. She fucks herself with the dildo faster and deeper, then incorporates a magic wand vibrator as well and the combination brings her to a nice strong orgasm! Heading indoors in a thin white dress we see her dancing to the music and then climbing onto the kitchen counter to demonstrate her oral skills on a suction cup toy. Still up on the countertop, she kicks her legs back for some butt play...fingering her ass and then inserting a large dildo for deep anal pleasure! Using the dildo in her ass and holding the vintage Vibraking toy against her clit she enjoys another climax, then changes into some strappy lingerie for a cowgirl finale. She enjoys another strong orgasm, then heads out into the back yard to bid us goodbye...a stunning mature blonde with an absolutely amazing body here on FTV MILFs!


Dec 14, 2021

46 mins

153 pics

The day starts off as it should, with beautiful blonde Pristine sitting on her throne of a chair while wearing lacy blue lingerie that showed off her ample cleavage! She looks stunning in blue with her black high heels, and her braces round out the look nicely. We immediately note how personable and sexual she is as she chats with the photographer, then pulls down her top to reveal those big breasts in all their glory with a nice massage and nipple play! Reaching for a glass dildo she first licks it up and down and then spreads her legs over the arms of the chair to fuck herself with the toy - we note her milky juices flowing as she does so - before grabbing a magic wand vibrator and masturbating to orgasm while fucking her hole with the dildo. Heading outdoors in a yellow bikini top that looks very cute on those boobs, she poses with a wrench in a garage near a classic car and then strips down nude to masturbate with the tool for kinky pleasure! Some naked dancing is next as she climbs around on the couch, moving to the music before masturbating with the powerful vintage Vibraking toy for one last climax. We finish off the day at the airport as we bid her goodbye, admiring this beautiful blonde one last time as she boards her flight...a busty, beautiful, and very sexually charged blonde who we're sure you'll love here on FTV MILFs!


Dec 7, 2021

89 mins

201 pics

Beautiful 35 year old Agatha Delicious looks amazing in her silky robe as she introduces herself here today on FTV, and she immediately begins chatting about how much she loves to masturbate (even more so than sex)! Taking a long dildo by the handle, we see her first licking and exploring the toy with her mouth and then spreading her legs on the patio chair to penetrate herself as cars whizzed past nearby. Afterwards she whips off her clothing and grabs a magic wand vibrator, running it up her thighs and then holding it against her sensitive clitoris while fingering her hole...and the strong vibrations make her have a squirting orgasm! Heading indoors she is hoping to satisfy her urges and we see her taking off a denim outfit, first fingering and caressing her privates with her fingertips and then reaching for the vintage Vibraking toy for a fun climax. Heading to the bathroom in her crotchless red panties and sexy white thigh high stockings she talks about how strong and well-trained she is, challenging any and all comers! Hopping into the tub wearing just the thigh highs we get a good look at her toes for some foot fetish fun, then she sticks a suction cup dildo on the side of the tub for penetration - still wearing her crotchless red panties! Outside in a bikini she's relaxing on a patio chair next, lounging around showing off that fit strong form and chatting about her anal she runs off and grabs a large glass bottle! She slides it in her ass for some anal fun, then switches to a glass dildo which she fucks herself with for a pleasurable finish to the day. We see her in the shower for a refreshing end to her shoot, getting that sexy body dripping wet and enjoying herself with the showerhead...a beautiful, elegant, and very fit addition to FTV MILFs!


Nov 30, 2021

67 mins

160 pics

Scarlett, as her name implies, is a redheaded honey with one heck of a body and she introduces herself in a cute black dress with white polka dots, chatting on the piano bench and then losing the dress to spread her legs and pleasure herself with her fingertips! She has a flawless form and huge sexual appetite, fingering herself and then reaching for a long dildo to lick and suck and penetrate herself with. She had changed into sheer purple tights and you can clearly see her hand as she slips it inside the tights to touch her privates before fucking herself with the dildo! She brings herself to a nice orgasm with the dildo and we watch from up close as it slips in and out of her hole...and then she reaches for the vintage Vibraking toy for extra strong vibration pleasure! The powerful toy brings her to a strong climax, and then afterwards we see her outdoors in green slipping off her shorts to finger herself one last time before saying goodbye...a gorgeous redhead addition here on FTV MILFs, enjoy!

Carolina & Payton

Nov 23, 2021

56 mins

298 pics

The beautiful busty pair of Carolina and Payton make one heck of a team as they're welcomed back to FTV MILFs in their matching bikinis, rubbing oil all over each other and enjoying their curves! Seeing those big round juicy butts covered in oil is a real treat and the ladies love playing with each other. They're both curvy, tattooed, beautiful, dark haired hotties and were excited to do a girl-girl shoot together here on FTV...and they certainly get right into the fun, kissing and caressing each other and then Payton takes a water hose stuffed inside her hole to squirt out! Unfortunately Payton was having some health issues so she had to sit out for some of the shoot, but Carolina certainly stepped up and made sure it was still a fun and very sexual day. We see her in a fluffy pink robe and white lingerie, teasing with her sensual form and licking her fingers before pleasuring herself with them...and then using a magic wand toy to masturbate to orgasm! Payton rejoins the fun for a bit and we see the two getting naked together, walking hand in hand down the hallway - giving us a great look at those butts in motion! - to head to the kitchen and play with a couple of bananas. The kitchen counter becomes the bed as one beauty lays back and stretches out while the other licks her way down, enjoying every inch of that incredible form. A big double ended dildo comes into play so both of them can enjoy the deep penetration at the same time, and Carolina takes the opportunity to give some more oral as well, bringing Payton to climax! To finish off the day we enjoy Carolina in a sexy skimpy thong bikini, splashing around in the pool outside to give us a relaxing look at that body one more time. It was unfortunate that Payton was unable to participate for the full shoot, but seeing these two was a real treat and we certainly get quite the show this week on FTV! ;)


Nov 16, 2021

77 mins

220 pics

Chantelle is a leggy, tanned, beautiful blonde and we're introduced to her at the front door which she opens in a lovely blue dress...she's a first timer but clearly the camera loves her and clearly she's ready for some fun! She drops her dress to reveal her enhanced breasts which she loves, rubbing her hands over them and giving her pair a nice massage. Kicking one leg up - still wearing her classy high heel shoes - she rubs her privates through her panties, enjoying the sensation so much she has her first climax of the day. Next she reaches for a large purple vibrating toy, which she licks and sucks to show her oral technique before slowly sliding it inside and enjoying the penetration. Next she's handed the powerful vintage Vibraking toy to try out, and it immediately impresses her with the ultra-strong vibrations as it brings her to orgasm! Heading outdoors in tight stretchy workout gear next, she puts on some music and exercises to the rhythm as we admire her athletic fit form...and then lying down on the ground and taking off her clothing she takes a glass toy to insert, fucking herself harder and faster to another nice orgasm. Afterwards she heads back indoors, hopping into the bathtub in her black bra and panties and talking about some sexual history before undressing...and then she slides her hands over her breasts, massaging them again (she loves playing with her boobs)! Next it's showertime as she sprays water all over that fit shapely form, enjoying the wet pleasure as she uses the showerhead between her legs spraying directly onto her clit...and it brings her to yet another orgasm. We get to see an alternate angle of the tub and shower shoot to finish things off after that...Chantelle is a gorgeous and very sexual blonde newcomer to the adult scene and is just the right kind of woman to knock us dead here on FTV MILFs!

Gianna II

Nov 9, 2021

43 mins

250 pics

We welcome back lovely busty Gianna as she relaxes in her lacy sheer lavender lingerie with high heels, taking off her bra to show off her large enhanced breasts and then giving them a nice hard massage while we admire them from close up. Spreading her legs as she sits on the floor, we watch as she slides her fingers inside her hole for penetration pleasure before grabbing the strong vintage Vibraking toy to finish the job for a nice hard orgasm with some squirting! Heading to the bathroom in a yellow lacy garment we see her admiring her reflection in the mirror, crawling up onto the countertop and kissing herself. Next she sticks a suction cup dildo to the inside of a tub, getting on her knees to take it in her mouth and simulate oral sex while talking dirty...and then fucking herself with it until she has another squirting climax! Out in the back yard in her tiny denim cutoff shorts she lounges on a reclining chair, talking a little about some of her sexual escapades with a friend...and she gets so turned on from the memories, she takes off her shorts and starts fingering her hole! Reaching for the magic wand vibrator, she slowly works it up her inner thighs and then holds it against her clitoris, pleasuring herself to another squirting orgasm. In her knee high fringed boots she gets on the countertop next, using a long dildo with a handle to fuck herself hard with her legs spread wide, and then her guy friend comes into play as he provides some fingers to slide inside, fingering her hard and making her quickly squirt with another strong orgasm...or two! It's a very fun return visit for this hypersexual beauty, it's always a pleasure to see Gianna in the FTV house.


Nov 2, 2021

78 mins

378 pics

We start things out immediately sultry and sexy as we see the lovely Sarah Vandella lounging on the sofa in her lacy lingerie with purple bra and panties and black thigh high stockings! This shoot was actually from Sarah's first time on the site back in 2017 and she was looking absolutely lovely. We watch as she enjoys the golden light coming through the curtains, sliding her hands over her body and slipping off her panties to touch and penetrate herself with her fingertips, pulling on her long soft labia. Reaching for a large magic wand vibrator, she holds it against her sensitive clitoris as we watch from up close, and the strong sensations bring her to her first orgasms of the day! Heading outdoors in the sunshine we see her at a public park, we see her flashing those perfect breasts before enjoying her morning coffee and talking about some of her sexual history. Next we see her on a covered walkway, taking the opportunity to flash her bush as well as her boobs while the FTV cameraman snapped away. Changing into some stretchy tight pink workout gear, she stretches out her toned fit body and rubs her boobs together, and even when she almost gets caught in the act by a postal worker she rides the adrenaline, fingering herself as she pulls her shorts aside under a public gazebo! Reaching for a pink toy she inserts the tip, turning on the vibration to enjoy the dual pleasure along with deep penetration. She fucks her hole with the toy faster and faster, enjoying the strong pleasure and bringing herself to a nice strong vocal orgasm...and then another! Back at the house we see her relaxing on the couch, using some oil to give herself a nice hard breast massage and then spreading her legs to insert an anal toy. The buttplug slides in and she enjoys the stretching sensation, moving up to larger sizes one by one, using a large one along with the magic wand vibrator to have another climax. Heading outdoors, we see her sticking a suction cup dildo to a window to deepthroat it, showing her blowjob skills...and then backup against it to fuck herself against the building! It's amazing to see this shoot from years back, introducing us to Sarah in an FTV special you're sure to love.


Oct 26, 2021

54 mins

199 pics

We're introduced to gorgeous dark haired hourglass Carolina as she walks towards us in a white dress and high heels, chatting about a little of her sexual history and we note her sultry husky voice...and as she unties the top of her dress she reveals that big juicy pair for us, including her sexy tanlines! Relaxing on the hallway chair we watch as she gives herself a hard breast massage, spreading her legs - we note she has no panties on beneath - and then she starts to rub herself with her fingertips before reaching for a vibrating white toy. We watch as she licks and sucks the toy, then starts penetrating herself with it faster and faster until she enjoys her first orgasm of the day. After changing into an orange dress we see her bent over a bit, treating us to a view of that gorgeous round butt peeking out from under the dress. She sits on the kitchen table, spreading wide and using the powerful vintage Vibraking toy for huge vibration pleasure to enjoy multiple strong orgasms! Next she heads to the shower, doing a little sensual dance as she strips out of her lacy red lingerie and teasing with that incredible figure before turning on the water and getting all soapy and dripping wet with a long luxurious shower. The day finishes with a sexy dance silhouetted in the late afternoon sun coming through the front door, and again we marvel at that amazing curvy figure in motion...Carolina is a gorgeous, voluptuous, and very sultry woman ready to bring your fantasies to life here on FTV!

Ellie II

Oct 19, 2021

68 mins

240 pics

Today marks the return of member favorite Ellie, that world-class beauty who made her FTV debut several months back! We're reintroduced to Ellie as she relaxes on a couch in her lacy red lingerie bodysuit, rubbing and squeezing her large breasts and playing with her outfit before unsnapping the bottom and using her fingertips to pleasure herself. A magic wand vibrator comes out and she sits on the floor, spreading her legs and using the toy against her clitoris until she has a nice climax. Grabbing a suction cup dildo, she shows her blowjob technique before climbing on top to ride the toy...and then getting her legs up in the air to enjoy deep slow penetration as we note how creamy she becomes! Next she heads to the kitchen in a tight white dress, and has the idea to soak the fabric to try and make it see-through...which doesn't work GREAT but it's fun to have a close up look at that pair anyway. Slathering her breasts in cream she starts to play and massage them with her hands, slapping the slick skin and squeezing her boobs together and having fun with the slick texture. She even puts cream all over a very large dildo and tittyfucks it, sliding it up between her breasts for a little messy fun! Grabbing the powerful vintage Vibraking toy she lays back on the kitchen counter, masturbating and enjoying another nice orgasm. Heading out back by the swimming pool in her stretchy workout clothes we see her bouncing right out of her top as she does some jumping jacks, then some squats to give us a good look at that booty before she strips nude and rubs her privates with her fingers. Back indoors in a bikini she uses the magic wand through her bottoms, then takes them off to fuck her hole with a large glass dildo and again we note how incredibly creamy she becomes with her milky juices flowing! She enjoys one last orgasm to finish things off today...a very fun return for a popular and super hot MILF right here on FTV!


Oct 12, 2021

57 mins

204 pics

Payton is a gorgeous dark haired Polish stunner with captivating eyes and a body you'll be dropping your jaw to the ground over! She introduces herself here on FTV in an orange top that quickly comes off to reveal her amazing pair as she grabs a pink toy and licks it like a popsicle, before laying back in an outdoor chair and penetrating herself with it - and we note her creamy natural juices flowing from the pleasure as she orgasms. Next is a fun dancing scene as she moves her body to the rhythm, and wow those curves are incredible...and we get an even better look at them as she hops on the stationary bicycle to have a workout with her big breasts swaying and bouncing! Afterwards she lays on the floor on a yoga mat, spreading her thighs and using the powerful vintage Vibraking toy to bring herself to another strong climax. Heading to the pool table, we see her climbing on top in cutoff denim shorts to get on her knees, sucking a dildo to show her blowjob skills before sticking it to the table with a suction cup and fucking herself with it! After changing into a white dress she heads outside for more penetration play, this time with a long glass dildo which she slides between her boobs before inserting it into her hole, enjoying the deep penetration one last time before saying her goodbyes. Payton is a curvy and incredibly sexy woman who will be in your dreams tonight, that's for sure...and you can check out every inch right here on FTV MILFs!


Oct 5, 2021

72 mins

268 pics

Right away beautiful blue-haired Eve is a stunner in sexy skimpy lingerie and high heels, dancing sensually to her music and wow, she really knows how to move that body. Her second song is even hotter than the first as she sets a clear suction cup dildo on the floor, crawling towards it on her knees to suck the toy showing her blowjob skills and then doing the splits to lower herself on top for deep flexible penetration! We note the sounds of a huge rainstorm outside as she rides the toy, then fucks her hole hard and fast bringing herself to her first orgasm of the day. The torrential rain certainly doesn't stop this beauty from enjoying herself, stepping outside to get soaking wet in the nude - and we note how erect her pert nipples become! Reaching for a glass dildo, we see her licking and sucking it to simulate oral and then penetrate herself poolside as the water still drips down from above. After another climax she heads indoors to towel off on the couch, taking the opportunity to luxuriate with some body lotion on her legs...and then she grabs her breasts for a nice oil massage, enjoying the feeling of squeezing and caressing them together. Sliding her fingers inside, we see her pleasuring her hole - and we note how creamy she becomes from the play! - before she grabs a long cucumber and lays back to fuck herself with it, enjoying the kinky vegetable penetration. Next is the powerful vintage Vibraking toy, which she presses against her sensitive clitoris and brings herself to another strong orgasm. Afterwards she changes into lacy black lingerie, trying out a VR headset with a horror game and then a little VR porn just to try things out...and she incorporates a magic wand vibrator to go along with the action! Out in the yard we see her swinging topless on the rope swing, chatting about some of her sexual history before slipping off her cutoff denim shorts to reveal her very shapely butt for a little twerking and dancing before bidding us goodbye. Despite the downpour, this gorgeous shapely MILF Eve had an amazing time and she's loved sharing it with us here on FTV!


Sep 28, 2021

63 mins

174 pics

Our very first look at lovely dark haired babe Demi is a closeup of her amazing chest, and it certainly starts things off on the right foot here on FTV! She looks amazing in a soft blue top - barely holding those big breasts in check - with her long hair in pigtails as she introduces herself and then gets topless to enjoy a hard breast massage with oil. A butt massage comes next and we note how amazing her curves are...especially gleaming with oil as she rubs herself! Lying on her side, we see her inserting one...and two...and then four fingers at once as she nearly fists herself. After changing into a yellow dress we watch as she plays with her pink nipples, spreading her thighs to give access to her privates with a big magic wand type toy...which she holds against her clitoris as she fingers herself, enjoying a strong orgasm with squirting! Next she heads indoors to put on her lacy red lingerie, doing some sexy dancing to her music and wow, she can really move those curves...her butt looks incredible as she bends over, spreading her legs open using the pool table! Climbing up onto the table in the nude after the song ends, she uses her fingertips to pleasure herself and then reaching for a vibrating white toy which she slides against herself before enjoying the deep penetration to another orgasm, with her juices flowing freely. A list of questions from the photographer comes next, with Demi relaxing in the nude on a chair answering each one. Heading outdoors in a very skimpy little bikini that keeps falling off of her breasts, Demi poses on the grass and then sits on a large rock in order to comfortably fuck herself with a large glass toy, sliding it in and out of her hole until she has one last orgasm for us...she's a fun, curvy, and very sexy MILF to enjoy here on FTV!


Sep 21, 2021

71 mins

250 pics

Things start off leggy as we get a look at beautiful Vivian in her lingerie, moving slowly to the music and we note those piercing seductive eyes...not to mention her amazing fit athletic body with a tight cute butt and sexy legs! After her dance we watch as she slowly removes her high heel shoes and sheer thigh high nylon stockings, using her fingertips to stuff them inside her hole for kinky fun until they all but disappear. Reaching for the powerful Vibraking toy, we see her holding it against her clit for strong vibrations with her stocking still stuffed inside...and enjoying squirting orgasms before tugging the stocking out! Heading outdoors in a pink swimsuit afterwards, she takes her breasts out as she discusses her nipple piercing as well as some of her early sexual experiences - with both boys and girls. Next she grabs a yellow vibrating toy and gets completely naked while sitting on top of the outdoor couch, spreading her legs and rubbing the toy against herself before sliding it gently in and out of her vagina. Inside on the living room couch in lacy pink thong panties, she talks about some of the fun toys she brought along for the shoot...including a cute pink buttplug which she slides inside for anal pleasure! With the toy in her ass and another penetrating herself, along with the Vibraking for clitoral stimulation, it doesn't take long before she's enjoying another nice orgasm! Out in a park we see her stretching her legs out against a tree while wearing stretchy exercise gear, enjoying the fresh air and letting her pert boobs out to play as well. After a quick jog she heads back to the house, slipping out of her clothing and masturbating with her fingertips on the stairway for a little last look at that amazing body before she heads to the airport. Vivian is the total package; a stunning and charismatic woman with an incredible body and a kinky streak, plus a love of showing off which works out great for us here on FTV!

London II

Sep 14, 2021

60 mins

292 pics

The gorgeous bombshell blonde London is back for an unprecedented FOURTH time here on FTV and we couldn't be happier to see her! We're reacquainted as she relaxes in the nude on an outdoor wicker chair, and again we marvel at those incredible big boobs...and it's a scorchingly hot day in Arizona at 116f, which is almost as hot as the story she's telling regarding triple anal penetration! After blowing some bubbles she uses the bubble wand to satisfy her oral fixation, sucking and deepthroating it before spreading her legs and penetrating herself deep - and using a powerful magic wand vibrator as well, bringing herself to her first orgasm of the day! Back indoors on a cushioned chair she reaches for the ultra-powerful Vibraking vintage toy, and it certainly works its magic as it brings her to multiple strong climaxes from several angles. Next she's presented with a very large dildo, and wastes no time before climbing on top and taking it in her hole as she rides it hard! We know London as an anal champion and sure enough she wants that big thick toy in her butt, so we see her warming up with her fingers and then sliding the toy in doggystyle, taking it all the way inside her backdoor for deep anal pleasure. Heading outside in a cute bikini top, we watch as she cools off using the garden hose, spraying herself from head to toe and wow those breasts look incredible all dripping wet...and then she sprays between her legs for even more fun! Reaching for a large glass plug toy, she slides it into her ass while using her other hand to stimulate her clit to one last outdoor orgasm - a spectacular return for an FTV favorite!


Sep 7, 2021

84 mins

220 pics

It's a great way to start things off at the FTV house here as beautiful dark haired Bala introduces herself with a dance in white lingerie and high heels, shaking her cute butt and then reaching for a long pink toy afterwards to show her deepthroating skills for us. Next we see her totally nude and spreading her legs, using a large black suction cup dildo to penetrate her attractive hole...and then she uses a magic wand type of vibrator to masturbate to orgasm...and she's never felt anything like it! After changing into a cute blue bra and panties set we watch her holding a small vibrating toy against her clitoris, following the coaching of the photographer as she uses a dildo and then works her way up to the super-powerful vintage Vibraking toy. The photographer lends a helping hand, penetrating Bala's hole with the long pink toy while the Vibraking works its magic against her clitoris until she has a nice squirting orgasm! Heading outdoors we see her in a peach colored dress with no panties on, spreading her legs and relaxing in the hammock as she penetrates herself with a large vibrating toy, and then gapes herself to give us a peek at her pretty privates. At sunset we see her and the photographer head to a rooftop parking area and using the remote control vibrator to masturbate, but they were unfortunately interrupted by a bystander! She's able to finish things off indoors for one last orgasm before bidding us goodbye, a beautiful dark haired stunner with a great body to explore during a fun day with FTV!


Aug 31, 2021

69 mins

271 pics

Super fit and sexy blonde Gigi looks amazing in her stretchy workout gear as she's introduced here on FTV, dancing in the living room to her music and hopping on the exercise bike with her big pair hanging out of her sports bra. After her short workout we see her on the yoga mat, showing her flexibility by stretching out while wearing just sneakers and a smile! She goes from stretching to masturbating, using her fingertips and then the powerful vintage Vibraking toy which quickly brings her to a nice shuddering orgasm, along with another one just from her fingertips. Next we see her lounging on the couch in sheer white lingerie, chatting with the photographer about her sexual escapades before grabbing a quite large cucumber to satisfy her oral fixation on, sucking and licking it up and down before slowly inserting it - and we notice how milky she becomes from the kinky veggie penetration! After a quick peeing session into the pool we see her in a cute flirty yellow dress, relaxing on an outdoor sofa and sliding her hands over her toned fit legs, penetrating herself faster and faster until she enjoys another nice natural orgasm. Heading to a more public pool we enjoy a rather voyeuristic view of her sexy red swimsuit body as she tells some more stories from her sexual history and then heads back home to take a long soapy shower. Sticking a suction cup dildo on the shower wall, we see her backing up onto the toy and getting penetrated doggystyle...and the fucking alone brings her to another climax! Turning off the shower we see her sitting in the tub, using the magic wand vibrator for one last climax to finish off a fun day...enjoy this sexy athletic blonde, exclusive to FTV and full of naughty erotic energy!


Aug 24, 2021

79 mins

218 pics

Lauren is ready to rock your world with those incredible MILF curves of hers here today on FTV, and she introduces herself popping through the doorway in a cute dress with high heels and sitting on the windowsill. Spreading her legs, we see she has no panties on underneath her dress as she shows one of her favorite toys and lets those large enhanced breasts out of her dress to rub and squeeze together, then holds the toy against her clitoris for a nice masturbation session. Next we see her in a baby blue top and panties, dancing seductively to some music and stripping down until she's completely naked...and we note how sexy her movements are, she knows just how to dance to heat things up! Afterwards she grabs a glass toy and relaxes on the couch - with another song playing, just to set the mood! - and starts penetrating herself, enjoying the deep sensual experience and using a magic wand vibrator as well to bring herself to another nice orgasm. Heading outdoors to a patriotically decorated chair we see her licking a blue and red popsicle as she talks about some of sexual history...while her breasts very nearly fall out of her tiny bikini top! She rubs a popsicle against her lips and then against her nipples, enjoying the sticky cold juice melting over them on a warm sunny afternoon. She wants some kinky veggie penetration so we see her grabbing a large yellow squash, sliding it inside her hole faster and faster and using a vibrating toy as well. Next it's time to head out and about and we see her at a local carwash, scrubbing down the car with her boob peeking out...and she certainly attracts some eyes! It's a little too busy though, so we see her in the convertible for a little bit more privacy as she slips off her bottoms and starts to finger herself one last time before saying goodbye...a super cute and super busty beauty who loves to play here on FTV!


Aug 17, 2021

60 mins

188 pics

Our first introduction to this lovely dark haired beauty Gianna is in the living room by the couch, where she's dancing to some rock music as the FTV cameras roll. She's quite new to modeling but definitely has the looks and body for it, which we see as she pops off her top to reveal those big firm boobs! She's a very sexual woman who loves to show off so she figured she may as well get naked in front of the camera, and we get close between her legs as she uses her fingertips to pleasure herself. Switching to a large magic wand vibrator, we watch as she holds it against her clitoris, bringing herself to a nice orgasm! After changing into cute denim mini-cutoffs we see her outside, showing how her shorts show just the right amount of butt...and then slipping them down her thighs. Hopping into a hanging swing chair we see her rubbing her pussy with a toy she brought from home, a vibrating pink one with multiple tips. She inserts the toy and uses the prong end to stimulate her sensitive clitoris, and we get to see it all from very close up as she masturbates to squirting orgasm! Next we seeh er in a seductive red dress with high heels, putting on a sexy intimate show for her guy friend...and things get hot when she lets those 32DD's out and spreads her legs with no panties on. The show continues as she takes a large pink toy and shows her blowjob skills while the guy watches, and then she climbs on top to ride it as well. She's in the mood for a fun finish to the day so she asks her friend to finger her hole as she spreads on the kitchen counter, and he slides several fingers in to pleasure her until she has one last squirting orgasm! Gianna is a red hot raven haired MILF who loves open relationships and she's having a blast (literally!) here this week on FTV!


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